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Google Optimize Multi-Page Personalized Experiences: What Do Consumers Want? What Do Marketers Need?

July 30, 2019 Kathy Bryan

google optimize

Google recently launched multi-page personalized experiences within their Google Optimize suite. Offering audience-driven customizations, these personalized experiences can help boost conversion rates when used properly. But what personalizations do consumers really want? And what personalizations do marketers need to maximize results?

What Is Google Optimize?

Google Optimize is a Google product that allows marketers to A/B test web experiences and determine which experiences best encourage website visitors to take specific actions.

What Are The Personalization Features In Google Optimize?

Google Optimize lets marketers personalize website experiences for specific audiences based on criteria, including geography, intent signals and device type. Personalized experiences within Google Optimize can be included within or launched separately from A/B tests.

What Are The Multi-Page Personalization Experiences Recently Launched By Google Optimize?

Prior to the June launch of multi-page personalization experiences, Google Optimize personalization was restricted to individual pages. Now, Google Optimize users can “create coordinated experiences across multiple web pages.” This means Google Optimize personalization can now begin at the landing page and continue through to the conversion page.

Do Consumers Really Want Personalization?

Yes… and no.

In a Periscope By McKinsey study earlier this year, personalization of “products related to interest” was most appealing to consumers. But even that type of personalization was desirable to only half of the survey respondents. Other popular personalized content included product recommendations based on purchase and/or search (wanted by 43% of respondents) and updates on availability or price (also 43%).

In terms of who consumers want to receive personalized messages from, restaurants and bars were at the top of the list (desired by 52% of respondents). No other business category ranked well.

Do Consumers Notice Personalization?

Yes… and no.


When it comes to obvious personalization, like the inclusion of a name, consumers are likely to take note. (And not necessarily be impressed. Only 17% of respondents want that type of personalization.) But many conversion-driven personalizations are harder for consumers to identify.

“Marketers, especially digital marketers, love data and the promise of optimization it holds,” noted Nicole Perrin, Principal Analyst at eMarketer. “And many report a lift in engagement, conversions or other behaviors they’re trying to drive based on tailoring relevant messages. But while a one-point lift for a marketer may be a result worth celebrating, it doesn’t necessarily mean consumers are perceiving these messages as personalized and highly relevant.”

When Should Marketers Personalize Websites And Other Consumer-Facing Messages?

It depends.

When it comes to impressing consumers, less personalization may be more. Especially as consumers continue to question the value of sharing their personal data with brands.

But when personalization is being used as a means to boost conversion rates, the personalization decision should be made based on performance. A/B testing can help marketers discover which messages and which designs work for which audiences, and personalization should be used whenever and wherever possible to drive the maximum results.

Reimagining Your People-Based Marketing?

Successful customer acquisition is the result of smart relationship building. At Digital Media SolutionsTM (DMS), we leverage people-based marketing strategies to help Fortune 1000 brands connect with, engage, convert and retain high-intent consumers. Utilizing first-party data and our proprietary marketing technology, DMS deploys personalized messages to efficiently engage, re-engage and acquire customers. Contact the DMS team today.

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Kathy Bryan is the Chief Marketing Officer at Digital Media Solutions (DMS). In this role, Kathy is responsible for all aspects of marketing and communications for DMS, the leading global martech company leveraging innovative, performance-driven brand and marketplace solutions to connect consumers and advertisers.

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