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4 Health & Wellness Predictions For Digital Advertisers To Consider In 2021

December 21, 2020 Melissa Ledesma

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Even before COVID-19 radically reshaped many consumer behaviors, health and wellness was already a dominant resolution category. According to data from global research firm Ipsos, 50% of the most common New Year’s resolutions in 2019 were related to health and wellness, including: eating healthier, being more active, losing weight and improving mental well-being.

To activate New Year’s resolutions, consumers typically seek brands that offer products and services to help them achieve their goals. From health insurance and nutrition to beauty and mental wellness, the beginning of the year is always a hot time for resolution related consumer shopping. 

Digital Media Solutions (DMS) recently published the Health & Wellness Check-Up: Consumer Values In 2020 ebook, highlighting trends digital advertisers can use to better understand the booming health, fitness and wellness industries alongside evolving consumer priorities and expectations. Going into 2021, it is essential that brands and advertisers understand the influence COVID-19 has had on consumer attitudes towards health and wellness, and leverage digital strategies to better reach consumers where they are with messages based on evolving consumer sentiments and needs.

Based on the insights covered in the DMS Health & Wellness Check-Up: Consumer Values In 2020 ebook, here are four predictions on consumer behaviors and trends expected to persist in 2021.

#1. Consumers Will Migrate Toward Fitness Brands That Create Engaging In-Home Virtual Experiences

As a result of COVID-19, many gyms and fitness centers across the U.S. were closed for extended periods of time. As a result, many consumers sought new ways to exercise, welcoming at-home physical activity as both a distraction and a healthy behavior. Brands like Peloton, Beach Body and Barre3 capitalized on the opportunity to grow their subscriber bases as consumers sought safe fitness solutions. 

Moving into 2021, consumers who adopted virtual fitness solutions will likely continue to migrate to brands that create engaging in-home experiences for them. In 2021, consumers are expected to seek a combination of the flexibility and optionality provided by brands that can maintain high-touch experiences through both in-person and virtual activations.  

#2. Consumers Will Value Food Brands That Make Healthy Eating Seamless

In 2020, the pandemic helped change the way consumers shop for groceries and obtain meals. More consumers embraced online shopping for contactless delivery and pick-up services for their daily grocery needs. Additionally, subscription-based meal kits that provided a combination of healthy ingredients, seamless ordering and affordable costs thrived. Brands like BlueApron, Sun Basket and EveryPlate experienced growth by successfully positioning their services as convenient options during a difficult time. Many meal kits let consumers avoid in-store shopping and obtain nutritious ingredients and guides to create healthy meals easily. In 2021, consumers will continue to value the food brands that help them practice healthy behaviors while seeking seamless online shopping experiences for their grocery needs. 

#3. Telehealth & Contactless Pharmacy Services Will Become More Popular Among Consumers

In 2020, the way consumers interacted with their doctors and medical professionals shifted to match the growing need for safe, virtual experiences. The days of waiting an hour or more in a doctor’s office may be a distant memory as we enter 2021 and consumers increasingly embrace virtual health consultations. Consumers want access to healthcare, but they want it from the safety and convenience of their homes. Even once the pandemic subsides, it is still likely consumers will continue to rely on technology to participate in telehealth visits. Similarly, retailers and pharmacies will likely continue to promote options for contactless prescription delivery and related services. In all matters of their lives, it is clear more and more consumers have renewed values for safety, convenience, care and connectivity. In 2021, consumers from all segments, including seniors, will continue to use telehealth services for their medical needs. 

#4. Consumers Will Seek More Products And Services Related To Mental Wellness & Wellbeing While Seeking Feelings Of Connectedness

According to the American Psychology Association, 78% of Americans surveyed agreed that COVID-19 was a major cause of stress in their life. Working professionals left offices for remote alternatives and schools shifted to distance learning, causing both parents and children to experience new levels of anxiety while trying to be productive from home. Unemployment, a general feeling of uncertainty and isolation and an empathy for those who suffered from COVID-19 added to the stress of 2020. In 2021, activities and behaviors that support mental wellbeing will continue to grow in popularity as consumers seek connections. Brands that offer services related to mental health will attract a broader base of consumers in the new year.

Explore Insights From The DMS Health & Wellness Check-Up: Consumer Values In 2020 Ebook 

2020 came with many major events which triggered changes in consumer behaviors and values. Economic and societal shifts that resulted from the global pandemic and its subsequent effects caused many consumers to alter their beliefs, priorities and approaches towards health, wellness and fitness. These new behaviors, values and beliefs will continue to be of high importance to consumers post-pandemic. The collection of articles presented in the DMS Health & Wellness Check-Up: Consumer Values In 2020 ebook provides digital advertisers and brand representatives with insights on the most relevant consumer trends related to health and wellness.

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