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Evolving Quarantine Demands: Home Hair Care Product Sales Surge

May 8, 2020 Sarah Cavill

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Grey hair stops for no one. And, while hair salons are closed during quarantine, many people are seeing this fact come to life. As roots and boredom creep in, and dye jobs fade and grow out, people are taking matters into their own hands and buying home hair-care products to color and style their own hair.

According to Doug McMillon, Walmart CEO, the needs of consumers self-isolating are changing. “You can definitely see that as people have stayed home, their focus shifted.” Adding, “People are starting to need a haircut. You see more beard trimmers and hair color and things like that. It's interesting to watch the dynamic play out."

Hair Dye Sales Soared In Mid-April

By mid-April, many people across the U.S. had settled into their quarantine routines and knew which products and services they regularly needed and how to get them. However, the best of intentions can’t stop two-tone hair from appearing as color grows out, and the panic-buying for hair coloring products is reflected in the 23% YOY sales jump for the week of April 11. L’Oreal, which has overall reported a downturn in sales, indicated that “home-use hair color” sales were accelerating. Other items like hair clippers, up 160%, were big sellers in April. 

As spring turns to summer, more haircuts and hair experiments may be likely as people want fresh summer looks, and brands should engage accordingly. Offering advice and dos and don’ts via content marketing and subscriber emails can give consumers the confidence to try something new. 

Celebrities Get In On The Home Hair-Care Trend With Instagram Realness

Magazines have been saying stars were “just like us” for years, and during quarantine it might actually be a little true. Many celebrities have popped up on Instagram showing off their grey roots  and their solutions. Eva Longoria, who is a L’Oreal spokesperson, took to Instagram for a full step-by-step, how-to of her covering her gray roots with the L’Oreal Excellence Creme haircolor. Longoria shot the spot like a commercial, using her iPhone, and even admits to wanting to roll with it and see how she liked her grays, but chickening out. Brands that can leverage their celebrity endorsements, especially in a real and approachable way during difficult circumstances may elicit consumer appreciation and loyalty.


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YouTube Helps People Do Their Hair In Quarantine With Popular Tutorials

As DIY beauty gets more popular, so are the tutorials. Since the beginning of self-isolation, people have turned to YouTube for help learning how to do lots of things, from making banana bread to giving haircuts. From an article in USA Today, “As non-essential stores in many states remained closed, people have taken it upon themselves to ensure their hair remains well-kept. Between March 10 and April 15, videos with ‘haircut’ and ‘home’ or ‘how to’ in the title saw more than 56 million views on YouTube, an increase from the 34 million views from Jan. 1 through March 9.” 

Consumer behaviors are shifting all the time during this crisis and are often reflected in what people search for online and sales spikes in certain products and services. These movements in consumer engagement and preferences can be a helpful consideration for marketers before launching new campaigns or spending ad dollars. 

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