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Pet Insurance Marketing Campaigns: Protecting Pets One Penny At A Time

February 6, 2020 Digital Media Solutions

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There is no denying Americans love their pets. Many pet owners say their pet is a part of the family, and much like human family members, pets need health care too. Trips to the vet can be painful — not just emotionally, but also financially. Petplan, Trupanion and Embrace Pet Insurance present their pet coverage plans in compelling ways to assure pet owners that their pets are fully protected and cared for.

Petplan Invites Pet Owners And Vets To Share Their Pet Stories

Petplan demonstrates the importance of having pet insurance by focusing on the relationships shared between pets and their owners, while highlighting the crucial role veterinarians play. In a recent Petplan commercial, a man talks about his eight-year old Irish Terrier, Murphy. He states that Murphy was diagnosed with a congenital lung condition at only nine months old, and with Petplan’s Cover For Life policy, Murphy was able to continue receiving the ongoing required treatments he needed. James Barnes, Head of Sales and Partnerships at Petplan, said, “We are excited to give our customers another opportunity to do the talking and share their stories, which really highlight the breadth of cover Petplan provides.” Petplan encourages veterinary staff and pet owners to share their own #PethoodStories on social media.

Trupanion Emphasizes The Importance Of Companionship

Photo from Trupanion’s #SoICan campaign

Trupanion’s #SoICan campaign treats pets as family. Trupanion highlights the benefits of being able to explore and travel with pets, while having the peace of mind that everything will be okay. In a series of ads, Trupanion explores different versions of the fun future pet owners can have with their furry companions growing old by their side. Some statements include, “So I can conquer more mountains with you,” “So I can sleep easy tonight,” and “So I can have more lazy Sundays with you.”

Embrace Pet Insurance Makes Submitting Claims Easier With Their Mobile App

Photo from Embrace Pet Insurance

In 2019, Embrace Pet Insurance launched a user-friendly mobile app available for Android and iOS that allows policyholders to easily access their accounts from anywhere and upload invoices and documents to the app by snapping photos. Through the Embrace Pet Insurance app, policyholders can do a multitude of things from adding pets and changing coverage to accessing Embrace Pet Insurance’s 24/7 Pet Help Line.

Whether it’s getting necessary medicines, addressing health problems or keeping vaccines up to date, pet care can get very costly, and having pet insurance can help mitigate some major expenses. Pet insurance brands that leverage compelling marketing strategies and mobile experiences can better engage their target audiences and create interest in their brands.

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