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Pokemon Go… To Sleep: Just The Facts

June 10, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

pokemon sleep

The Pokemon Company announced its plans to expand the Pokemon game to track users’ sleeping patterns.

Why Is The Pokemon Company Tracking Users’ Sleep?

The Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara said the Pokemon Sleep game aims to “turn sleep into entertainment” and encourage healthy lifestyles. Pokemon Sleep will leverage users’ sleep patterns to train Pokemon.

The Pokemon Company is working with SELECT BUTTON, a video game developer, to create Pokemon Sleep, which is set to launch in 2020.

What Is The Pokemon Company Using To Track Sleep?

pokemon sleep

The Pokemon Company also announced their Pokemon Go+ Plus device, which allows users to play Pokemon Go without touching their phones. The GO+ Plus is a small, circular device that users can carry in pockets, hold or lay on their pillows.

The Pokemon Go+ Plus allows users to tap a button to spin Pokestops, locations where users can receive free items and catch Pokemon, TechCrunch noted, but it also houses a built-in accelerometer, which tracks sleep habits that can be sent to users’ phones via Bluetooth. Users can place the Pokemon Go+ Plus on their pillows to use their own sleep habits to collect and train new Pokemon.

As Pokemon Go expands to health and wellness, the game secures its position in users’ lives.

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