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Seventh Generation Marketing Campaign Spotlights Climate Crisis In An Effort To Protect Future Generations

February 17, 2020 Carolyn Harding

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Seventh Generation, a pioneer in the environmentally conscious products space, launched its latest campaign to raise awareness about climate change. Asking others to consider their legacy in the face of the climate crisis, the campaign begs the question: “What if we were meant to be the next greatest generation? Climate change is our problem to solve. The solution will be our legacy.”

Seventh Generation Draws Inspiration From The Past

Highlighting their strong belief that the ongoing climate change crisis is the most prominent threat to future generations, Seventh Generation’s “Believe in a Seventh Generation” campaign celebrates individuals stepping up to lead the charge on climate action to ensure there is a healthy planet for years to come. Featuring youth activists and everyday people through 30- and 60-second videos, the Seventh Generation campaign honors the past with a concept inspired by the “Greatest Generation” — referring to those who grew up during the Great Depression with a belief that the only way to achieve success was through determination and a united call to service. Seventh Generation highlights the similarities between the Greatest Generation and today’s climate activists and introduces the idea that climate change is this generation’s problem to solve and finding the solution to climate change will be this generation’s legacy.

“As a company with a mission that prioritizes the health of the next seven generations, we keep climate top of mind in every business decision we make as we work to transform the world into a healthy, sustainable and equitable place for our children, and our children’s children,” said Hanneke Willenborg, CMO of Seventh Generation.

Seventh Generation Supports Today’s Youth And Their Meaningful Environmental Efforts

“Believe in a Seventh Generation” shines a light on the efforts of young conservationists who have gained widespread attention in recent years, including Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who received extensive praise and organized the first Global Climate Strike, a movement in which Seventh Generation participated. In addition to the Seventh Generation campaign launch, the eco-friendly brand also vowed to donate $75,000 to the Youth Climate Action Fund to help raise money for youth activists preparing to rally during the upcoming Global Climate Strike on April 22nd.

Willenborg believes businesses and adults need to help the next generation when it comes to talking about the environment and taking action. "We really want to hero the climate activists of today,” she stated. “And obviously most of these leaders are youth leaders that are really taking the forefront, and we want to hero and salute them for the efforts in this movement, and we want to make the parallel of the Greatest Generation and this generation and what are the issues that we need to stop.”

More Businesses Integrate Eco-Friendly Products And Purpose-Based Messaging Into Their Brand Identities

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This latest cause-driven campaign from Seventh Generation is reflective of the brand’s consistency in creating eco-friendly products for consumers, as sales of environmentally conscious products continue to grow faster than many other consumer packaged goods (CPG) categories. According to MarketingDive, “50% of CPG sales growth came from sustainability marketed products, while only making up 17% of the market from 2013 to 2018.” Additionally, when measured by gross merchandise value, sales for sustainability marketed products increased more than five times faster than conventionally marketed products.

A recent report from Kantar showed that purpose-driven brands grow twice as fast as other brands and resonate more with Millennials and Generation Z — giving some insight into why more and more brands are beginning to publicly support causes through their marketing initiatives:

  • Unilever created a website dedicated solely to its sustainability programs, and, this year, has pledged to funnel more of its marketing spend to support purpose-based messaging.
  • Unilever's personal care brand, Love Beauty and Planet, rounded out 2019 with an advertisement in The New York Times which could be reused as holiday wrapping paper and encouraged consumers to reuse as many items as possible during the holiday season.
  • Mars Inc. provided $1 billion to take on several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals that include combatting climate change.
  • Microsoft recently vowed to become 100% carbon-negative by 2025.
  • Several big name brands, including Adidas, Michelob Ultra Pure Gold and Saucony, featured a sustainability aspect in their Super Bowl ad spots.

As the discussion surrounding climate change and the environment continues and Millennials and Gen Z gravitate more and more toward cause-driven brands, marketers must establish meaningful brand identities and messages in order to effectively resonate with consumers, specifically the growing and influential younger demographic.

Is Your Business Looking For New Ways To Make An Impact?

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