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WHM Feature: Women-Owned Brands That Deploy Modern, Digital Advertising Strategies

March 9, 2021 Sarah Cavill

Although it’s important to celebrate the accomplishments of women everyday, Women’s History Month offers an opportunity to highlight women-owned brands and businesses that are thriving, innovating and creating new opportunities across industries. Like so many businesses, for many women-owned businesses, digital strategies, including email campaigns and sophisticated ecommerce platforms, have been integral to brand awareness, customer acquisition and sales success. 

And, while it’s true that getting a seat at the table is a rewarding step in many women’s career paths, Phyllis Newhouse, founder and CEO of Xtreme Solutions, Inc., sees it differently. Instead of getting a seat at someone else’s table, Newhouse said, “I challenge you to consider building your own table — your own opportunities to be a leader and a person of influence in your industry.”

The women that own the three highlighted businesses below built their own tables and forged their own paths, adapting and innovating along the way.

Orangetheory Fitness Launches Live Classes On In-House Streaming Platform

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness (OTF), which describes itself as “a heart-rate based HIIT total-body group workout that combines science, coaching and technology to guarantee maximum results from the inside out,” was founded by exercise physiologist Ellen Latham along with Jerome Kern and David Long. Latham, a respected exercise and pilates instructor, launched Orangetheory with her partners in 2010, combining their knowledge of fitness with proprietary exercise technology, namely the OTF heart-rate monitors. In 2018, the fitness brand exceeded $1 billion in system-side sales. “You find great happiness when you find your purpose in life,” said Latham. 

Members of the gym can use the Orangetheory mobile app to monitor their workouts, set goals and see progress over time. During the pandemic, Orangetheory offered classes on YouTube, and the company recently launched Orangetheory Live classes on its own in-house streaming platform which syncs with the OTF heart-rate monitor. The fitness brand plans to continue evolving Orangetheory Live to incorporate more types of exercise options and offerings.

The Sip Connects Consumers With Monthly Deliveries Of Bubbly

The Sip

Founded by two best friends from Oakland, Erica Davis and Catherine Carter, The Sip is a subscription service and gifting brand that offers monthly and bi-monthly deliveries of high-end champagne in sample sizes. The Sip members earn credits toward full bottles of luxury and high-end bubbly varietals. The Sip also sells individual bottles, curated boxes and hosts virtual events, which have been popular with companies hosting Zoom happy hours. “We knew two things for sure 1. We wanted there to be a seamless discovery process that didn’t currently exist in the [champagne] market and 2. We wanted it to be an online and offline experience where women could connect and celebrate in a judgement free zone,” explained Davis and Carter.

The Sip uses social media channels, including Instagram, to share promotions, reviews and new products. In celebration of Women’s History Month, The Sip is offering $5 off the first Sip box for people who sign up for bi-monthly memberships. 

S’well Water Bottles Combines Social Responsibility And Ecommerce

swell water bottle

Launched in 2010, at the height of water bottles becoming fashionable accessories, S’well water bottles has gone on to sell more than 20 million bottles worldwide. S’well founder and CEO Sarah Kauss, launched S’well because she wanted a nicer looking water bottle, proving that sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. “When I found myself working in NYC and upgrading my fashion, my handbag, my shoes, my apparel, I didn’t necessarily find a water bottle that was keeping up with that,” said Kauss, a former accountant. 

S’well has increasingly cultivated its brand purpose, working with conservation group Lonely Whale to help reduce single-use plastics and with UNICEF to promote safe, clean drinking water. Throughout the pandemic, S’well has been active on social media, with the brand and S’well customers using #swellathome and #swelladventures on Instagram to show how they use their S’well products. S’well also promotes deals across social media and on its website, offering free shipping and discounts for signing up to receive S’well news about limited-edition collections and exclusive products. 

The digital strategies and optimizations these women-owned businesses use to grow brand awareness, get consumers excited and drive sales often include innovative digital advertising strategies. Combined with content that shares personal stories of success, many women founders are able to create trusted relationships with their customers.

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