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Air Conditioner And Evaporative Cooler Brands Attract Consumers Stuck At Home

May 27, 2020 Sarah Cavill

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Summer is nearly here, and as quickly as everyone complained about the cold, they will lament the heat. This year, air conditioned homes will feel essential, especially for people without pools or backyards, as more people are working from home and not enjoying the cool temperatures of office buildings. However, full HVAC units aren’t always feasible because of space, cost or other considerations. Evaporative coolers, sometimes called swamp coolers, are gaining in popularity, while window units have become less cumbersome and more user-friendly. For air conditioning and evaporative cooler brands that want to get the attention of overheated consumers, explaining the benefits and differences of their brands’ cooling units will help consumers make the best choices for their needs.

Evaporative Coolers Are An Eco-Friendly Choice For Caring Consumers

Unlike traditional air conditioners, evaporative coolers evaporate the moisture in the air and require no chemicals or ventilation systems, making them eco-friendly. Evaporative coolers are generally small and portable and also function as air purifiers and/or fans. Many consumers are increasingly concerned about their carbon footprints, and evaporative cooler brands should make clear how their products appeal to this audience. Strong content marketing that explains the different benefits, uses and qualities of products can help consumers make the decision to buy. Leveraging the green side of evaporative coolers, brands may also want to consider purpose-driven marketing, tying their eco-friendly products to environmental causes. Cause-based marketing has proven to be especially appealing to Gen Z audiences.

Small Appliance Brand Newair Effectively Leveraged The Needs Of Remote Workers With Discounts And Promotions

Newair instagram

Newair, a small appliance company with an active social media presence and content marketing strategy, saw an uptick in sales during the early weeks of self-isolation as people were creating comfortable work from home (WFH) environments. Seeing an opportunity, Newair offered discounts to remote workers on small, plug-and-play appliances, like evaporative coolers and portable air conditioners, that make life a touch more comfortable. "As we enter a new seasonal category, we’ve shifted focus to mainly supply products that help remote workers adjust comfortably to their new work conditions,” said Scott Eberstein, Ecommerce Manager at Newair. “Not only will these workers spend their full 9-5 office hours at home, but most of their 24-hour days will be experienced indoors, which is why we want to make sure they are supplied with products that make them more comfortable, safe and productive.” 

Coupons and promotions can help build customer lists for future engagement strategies and, if timed correctly, can lead to good feelings from consumers, which encourages brand loyalty in the long run. 

Seamless Integration With Smartphones Sets Some Air Conditioners Apart

More and more people are connecting their lights, security, music and heating/cooling to their smartphones. Seamless, easy access to an air conditioning unit can be energy efficient and appeal to younger, more tech-integrated consumers. 


Kapsul, a direct-to-consumer (DTC) start-up, offers slim, stylish air conditioning units that work with Google Home, Alexa and Nest straight out of the box. And, at only seven-inches tall and quickly installed, Kapsul appeals to busy, connected consumers who want their homes cooled but don’t want a behemoth in the window that might be questionable for the environment. With an active presence on Instagram, a focus on the look and innovation of their product, and campaigns clearly geared at young professionals and families, Kapsul is distinguishing their product from what has always been available on the market. In a crowded air conditioning and evaporative coolers market, this differentiation gives Kapsul’s target audience a clear reason to buy.

For home service products, differentiation is integral to success and multichannel campaigns should alert consumers to what makes their products unique and indispensable. Content marketing, connection through promotions, list building and strong social media can provide the engagement necessary to scale brand awareness and customer acquisition.

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