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Ecommerce Brands Deploy Digital Advertising Strategies To Offer Consumers The Right Messages At The Right Time

November 27, 2020 Sarah Cavill

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Throughout the pandemic, from panic buying to stocking up on games and puzzles, consumers have done what they needed to do to meet changing circumstances and stay safe. Similarly, brands and retailers needed to quickly pivot to strategies that made sense for the evolving situation around the world. Enter ecommerce. Shopping online wasn’t new, but the degree to which consumers embraced the trend of buying everything online, from alcohol to exercise bikes, whether delivered or picked up curbside, accelerated ecommerce two years ahead of previous insider expectations. Ecommerce is more than a trend, it’s changed the way consumers shop and brands reach their customers.

Brands Deployed Timely Messages With Effective Digital Advertising Strategies

Authentic and timely messaging is key, as is being honest about supply and demand and offering the needed products and services at the right time. Brands that stayed ahead of shifting consumer behaviors gained loyal customers. Whether it’s beauty products, virtual gym memberships or groceries, ecommerce brands that deploy effective digital advertising and messaging strategies are more likely to create lasting customer relationships.

Here is a roundup of DMS Insights articles that report on recent ecommerce news in digital advertising.

Ecommerce Continues Rapid Growth For Home, Fitness & Lifestyle Brands 

As consumers continue to stay close to home, many are focused on honey-do lists and home improvements that weren’t getting done prior to quarantines. Similarly, staying active, both for physical and mental health reasons, has been a top priority for many people in 2020, and has been reflected in ecommerce sales for health, beauty and wellness products.

Kids And Families Are The Right Audience At The Right Time For Certain Brands

Many brands are reaching kids and families with advertising campaigns that offer solutions and compassion, using content strategies and purpose driven marketing. In a year with so much family togetherness and without the usual outlets for fun, brands like LEGO, that thoughtfully connected with families while still offering valuable products and services, found success in 2020.

CPG Brands Are Finding New Audiences With Ecommerce Sales

Today’s consumer is looking online for CPG products historically bought in person, especially as ecommerce continues to grow and CPG brands innovate with new digital advertising strategies like self-contained ecommerce platforms, influencer marketing and AI tools. In 2020, Pepsi launched two new direct-to-consumer (DTC) storefronts online in order to capitalize on increased ecommerce shopping. 

Ecommerce Growth Leads Many Brands To Adopt Subscription Strategies

As ecommerce surges in 2020, many brands are leveraging subscription options as part of their customer acquisition strategies. From streaming to meal kits, subscription services offered options to consumers stuck at home. Increasingly, companies are launching subscriptions in an effort to gain an additional revenue channel and expand consumer reach.

Amazon, Kohls And Peloton Rely On Digital Channels This Holiday Season

Amazon, Kohls and Peloton are leaning heavily on their digital channels this holiday season to connect with consumers emotionally and to alert them to sales events throughout the season. ‘Tis the season for commercials that make people cry a little and buy a lot. Brands and retailers have incorporated the realities of COVID-19 into their digital advertising strategies, while still creating touching and relatable commercials. 

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