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Wallpaper & Paint Brands Reach Consumers With Digital Strategies

February 4, 2021 Sarah Cavill

With people spending less on travel and entertainment, time and money has been funneled into home improvements. According to a recent study, “the average household spending on home services rose to $13,138 [in 2020], an increase over last year’s survey results, where homeowners spent $9,081 on average in 2019.” 

The top three renovation projects in 2020 were bathroom remodels, interior painting, and installing new flooring. Interior upgrades have led painting and wallpaper brands to see upticks in sales, especially as wallpaper has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Jennifer Ebert of Homes & Gardens noted last month, “Wallpaper is a key trend for 2021, and the insatiable appetite from consumers doesn’t look like [it’s] abating any time soon.” Capitalizing on home improvement trends, digital strategies and ecommerce solutions are being deployed by paint and wallpaper brands, reaching consumers eager to spruce up their homes. 

Popular Gifting Brand Rifle Paper Co. Launches Wallpaper Line, Upping The Quality Of Home Improvements Everywhere

Rifle Paper Co. wallpaper on instagram

Last June, the design world was excited by the announcement that Rifle Paper Co., known for its gorgeous prints, was releasing a wallpaper line after realizing that “wallpaper” was among the most searched keywords on the company’s website. (Consumer search data is an indispensable tool for brands and retailers looking to introduce or enhance products and add additional revenue streams.) “We worked together to create a collection that offers designs for customers who love our bold florals, but we’ve also brought our signature aesthetic to new takes on classic designs that will work in a wide variety of homes,” said Anna Bond, Rifle Paper Co. founder and chief creative officer. The high-quality paper is made in partnership with York Wallcoverings, “the oldest and largest wallpaper producer” in the U.S., and it’s sold online through the Rifle Paper Co. website and through retail partners like Anthropologie.

Rifle Paper Co. offers a 10% discount to shoppers who sign up for promotional emails, and the brand has a robust social media presence. And, while Rifle Paper Co. may focus more on its gifting options, the addition of wallpaper meets a consumer desire, which could lead to higher cart values moving forward. 

Farrow & Ball Sees Growth Via Ecommerce And Uses AI To Help Consumers Match Home Improvement Visions

“At the start of the pandemic, trade was very erratic, because people didn’t understand what was going on — we had some big orders cancelled. Since then it has been phenomenally busy: we’re at record highs for revenue performance. Our UK business is growing by in excess of 40% in the year to date,” said Anthony Davey, chief executive at high end paint brand Farrow & Ball. Davey added that ecommerce has been essential to the brand’s recent business boom. “We’d normally do 1 tonne of internet parcels a day, at its peak [this year] it went to 13 tonnes a day.” 

Farrow & Ball has seen tremendous popularity growth in the U.S. also — even becoming the punchline of a skit on SNL. The brand’s high-end reputation appeals to consumers looking for something that stands apart from the brands popular at big box stores. Prioritizing innovation over traditional industry practices, Farrow & Ball has shied away from sampling, which Davey doesn’t feel offers enough of a visual experience. Instead, Farrow & Ball hopes that artificial intelligence (AI), via partnerships with “visualization startups,” can offer more satisfying experiences for shoppers. AI and visual commerce, as part of ecommerce solutions, have grown increasingly popular during the pandemic, as brands look for ways to connect with consumers shopping online who can’t see things in person. 

Peel & Stick Wallpaper Brands Appeal To DIYers With Video Content & Online Discounts

Shutterstock_1101030047 Couple decorating putting up a wallpaper

In the early days of the pandemic, an article in Vox looked at the rise of DIYers stuck at home and looking for a way to add a little love to their four walls. At that time, peel-and-stick wallpaper was trending, with Google searches for the product at an all time high and removable wallpaper brand Chasing Paper noting significantly increased web traffic and online revenue. 

The DIY trend continues in 2021, with a recent spike in January, likely attributed to the cold weather and ongoing stay-at-home orders. Many people turn to YouTube when they are looking for help with DIY projects, and peel-and-stick wallpaper brand Wallpops has created a channel to help people put up their peel-and-stick paper and craft with the product in different ways. Wallpops also offers a variety of promotions that can boost engagement and sales, including free shipping and discounts. 

Brands able to quickly adapt to new consumer behaviors are more likely to benefit from fast-moving trends. Especially for home decor and home improvement brands, leveraging ecommerce in new ways should contribute to growth while people are focused on their homes. Additionally, brands that can help people find joy and satisfaction will build loyalty.

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