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Alaska Airlines Leverages Real-Time Data In New Promotion: Just The Facts

November 6, 2019 Charlene Sterphone

On November 4, Alaska Airlines launched its innovative “Swell Deals” promotion, providing discounts on flights to Hawaii from the U.S. and Canada based on the size of ocean wave swells around the islands.

How Does The Alaska Airlines “Swell Deals” Promotion Work?

Alaska Airlines partnered with global surf forecasting website Surfline to offer dynamic discounts based on the heights of forecasted waves in 14 different locations around the Hawaiian islands. From November 4th through November 8th, Alaska Airlines will discount flight fares for travel through November 20th as follows:

  • ≤10 ft. swells: 10% off
  • 11-15 ft. swells: 15% off
  • 16-20 ft. swells: 20% off
  • 21+ ft. swells: 30% off

Chart from Alaska Airlines Swell Height Based On Surfline Hawaii Forecast

Discounts will change each day around noon and 5pm PT based on Surfline’s forecasted wave swells. According to Alaska Airlines Managing Director of Brand and Marketing Communications Natalie Bowman, "Flyers today have access to so much more information and in turn, are making decisions based on that data…With the start of surf season in Hawaii, we saw an opportunity to further support our flyers' passions by using the power of data to offer better deals as surf conditions improve."

How Is Alaska Airlines Promoting The “Swell Deals” Sale?

Alaska Airlines is promoting the “Swell Deals” sale on its social media channels and running dynamically-updated digital ads featuring current discounts to build awareness and generate interest. The Alaska Airlines landing pages will be updated throughout the promotion to display the live Surfline forecast and corresponding discount.

Chart from Alaska Airlines Based On Surfline Hawaii Regional Forecast, November 4 at 12AM PT Alaska Airlines Promoting The “Swell Deals” Sale

How Does The Alaska Airlines “Swell Deals” Promotion Impact Marketers?

The Alaska Airlines “Swell Deals” promotion provides a good example of an innovative marketing strategy that can serve as a lesson for marketers. By incorporating real-time data into their promotion, Alaska Airlines has successfully generated buzz and created excitement among their target audience. Alaska Airlines hinted in its press release that it plans to continue using data and experiences in upcoming promotions, “Today it's catching a wave, tomorrow it may be getting out on the slopes when the powder is fresh.”  

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