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Carnival Cruise Line Debuts Mobile Comedy Series With Thrillist

June 19, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

Thrillist, Carnival Cruise Line Island Hoppers

With partner Thrillist, Carnival Cruise Line is producing a comedy competition series, called Island Hoppers, which will stream on Thrillist’s social media platforms.

Comedy Sets Sail In The Caribbean

Island Hoppers, the collaboration between Thrillist and Carnival, will challenge three comedians as they sail along the Caribbean for the winning prize of performing at Carnival’s on-ship Punchliner Comedy Clubs. The show, which is set upon the Carnival Horizon ship, highlights the “fun and adventure” of cruising while sporting brand-safe content.

The seven-episode series will be hosted by actor James Van Der Beek. Van Der Beek said, “…This show is so unique I feel like that worked in our favor. As a writer and actor, I have a huge appreciation for what it takes to get up in front of a room full of strangers and make people laugh, so it was a joy to jump in and play with a group this talented and hilarious.”

Promoting Carnival Through Comedy

The Island Hoppers comedy series allows Carnival to adequately convey the excitement and entertainment onboard their ships. The objective of this mobile campaign is to reach and engage “cruise rookies,” or consumers who have never before taken a cruise.

“This is a way for us to really lean in and tell the story of our brand,” said Melissa Anido-Lopez, Senior Director of Media Strategy, Planning and Marketing Optimization for Carnival. She commented that traditional video ads don’t allow for the same understanding of the business as these more inclusive episodes do.

Along the way, Carnival and Thrillist are making sure the content stays authentic. Jody Rones, Chief Revenue Officer at Thrillist, said, “This is so natural to the environment  that it doesn’t feel so overtly like branded content.”

This campaign coincides with Carnival’s launch of the OceanView mobile app, which offers branded video content.

As the public eagerly consumes media through mobile devices and streaming apps, Carnival and Thrillist’s collaboration to produce branded video entertainment for viewing on handheld devices is a spot-on way to reach and interest their ideal audiences.

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