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Uber and Lyft: Two Sides to Emotional Marketing

December 25, 2018 Victoria Pallien

While one spreads cheer, the other leverages despair. This December, Uber and Lyft each rolled out clever marketing campaigns to connect with consumers.

Uber Spreads Holiday Cheer and Brings Christmas to Consumers

In their latest TV spot, Uber partners with Coke to bring Christmas to their consumers — whether that’s at work, home or elsewhere. Uber Eats, the food delivery portion of the ride share business, encourages consumers to give special dinners and personalized bottles of Coca-Cola to family and friends working during the holiday.

A service only available in France, French Uber users were able to register for this holiday service between December 7 and 15. On Christmas Eve, Uber drivers will pick up meals and deliver them to users’ families and friends.

This campaign links both Uber and Coke to the holiday season, inspiring consumers to spread holiday cheer and positivity.

Lyft Harnesses Brooklyn Commuters’ Rage and Drops the L

In just a few short months, Brooklyn commuters will have one fewer train at their disposal. The L train, which will be out of service this coming April, is heavily relied on by many. To commiserate with affected and disappointed commuters, Lyft dropped the letter L from their latest advertising campaign.

lyft uber marketing

Directing consumers to ( without the Ls), Lyft gives New Yorkers other transportation options for getting to Manhattan, among which are of course, ordering a Lyft. The “Something’s Missing” campaign hones in on consumers’ anger while providing solutions, positioning Lyft as the easy answer to an annoying dilemma.

Whether it’s through positive, family-oriented messaging or resolving an irritating situation, Uber and Lyft have each launched innovative marketing campaigns, offering their services as convenient solutions to imperfect predicaments.

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