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Ultra-Personalized Travel: What Luxe Consumers Look For In 2019

July 2, 2019 Victoria Pallien

Travel is becoming more personalized, less touristy and more adventurous. According to the Virtuoso Luxe Report, travel this year will be “inspired by a desire to experience new destinations in unusual ways.”

Virtuoso, the agency that connects travelers with luxury travel agents, conducted their report by surveying its travel agencies and advisors in more than 50 countries about upcoming trends. The report revealed that luxury clients crave a deep level of one-of-a-kind experiences from specific car rentals to pre-ordered wine at restaurants. Here are the findings and suggestions for marketers.

Top Luxe Travel Destinations For 2019

Virtuoso found the top destinations for different types of travel and different audiences.

Top Luxe Travel Trends For 2019

Social motivation, convenient transportation, unique accommodations, adventurous recreation and ethical conservation are the top five luxury travel trends for 2019, according to Virtuoso.

Travel Motivation

Social media has directly affected consumer motivation to travel, according to Virtuoso. It’s common for clients to book photography sessions, getting their own Instagrammable pictures to replace the ones they saw online, Virtuoso reported. Many travelers book sessions that emulate the culture of the location they’ve traveled to.

How Travel Marketers Can Motivate Prospective Travelers

If you’re marketing travel to affluent consumers, be sure to get on social media to influence travel decisions. Posts should include popular destinations and activities that your firm can turn into a reality for interested consumers.

Convenient Transportation

First-class seats on commercial planes are a favorite for luxe travelers as are the speedy VIP airport services that minimize stress during layovers or customs processes. Many high-end travelers splurge for private helicopter transfers to and from airports, cities and islands.

How Travel Marketers Can Make Transportation Convenient

Can your travel agency help consumers find VIP travel? Promote your different transportation options to give consumers comfortable travel.

Unique Accommodations

Non-traditional lodgings are growing in popularity for luxury travelers. From treehouse homes to igloos, travelers are interested in seeing the world from unique perspectives.

How Travel Marketers Can Leverage Unique Accommodations

Travel Marketers

If your travel agency has connections with unique accommodations, share the news. Be sure consumers are well educated on the types of immersive experiences you can help them book.

Adventurous Recreation

Luxe travelers are accumulating adventurous bucket-list experiences, looking for tickets to major sporting events like the Olympics, private tours to the Vatican or appointments to buy status apparel and bags.

How Travel Marketers Can Promote Recreation Travel

Learn about the types of activities high-end travelers can partake in in top locations. Educate your firm on “bucket list” items, so you can give your travelers the experience of a lifetime.

Ethical Conservation

This year, luxury travelers are also portraying interest in animal-focused experiences, like visiting animal protection facilities. Plus, these high-end travelers express interest in animal welfare.

How Travel Marketers Can Appeal With Conservation Travel

Keep ethical companies in mind for consumers who express interest in fair trade experiences.

As luxe travel plans change, marketing strategies need to adapt. Keep up to date with the type of activities and luxuries travelers are interested in, in addition to their values.

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