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2 2019 LeadsCouncil Benchmarking Report MEDIA CHANNEL ASSESSMENT • LEAD BUYERS AND SELLERS Media Channels For Lead Generation Email marketing is the top media channel used for lead generation, followed by display advertising, paid search and social media. Media Channel Quality Paid search, SEO and email received the highest "excellent quality" and "very good quality" designations. Display advertising ranked highest for "poor quality" and "fair quality." What media channels do you use for lead generation? Rank these media channels in terms of quality: 76.3% 84.2% 73.7% 36.8% 73.7% 55.3% 63.2% 26.3% 5.2% Display Advertising Email Marketing Paid Search SMS Social Media SEO Third-Party Lead Vendors Traditional Media (RADIO, PRINT, TV, OUTDOOR) Other Media Channel Assessment Eight channels [display advertising, email marketing, paid search, SMS, social media, SEO, third-party lead vendors (data, calls) and traditional media (radio, print, TV, outdoor)] were included as options for all media channel assessment questions.

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