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H1 2019 Higher Education Inquiry Generation Review 29 • QOQ: Quarter over quarter • SOC: Share of conversions. Unless otherwise noted, this is calculated as a percent of all conversions generated for the period. • SOV: Share of volume. Unless otherwise noted, this is calculated as a percent of all leads generated for the period. • Third-party inquiry: An inquiry generated by a third-party advertiser. Pay-per-inquiry vendors/affiliates fall within this definition. Third-party inquiries come from a variety of channels, including paid and organic search, email, display and social media. The main difference between third-party and first-party inquiries is that, for third-party inquiries, vendors are controlling the media spread and message. • YOY: Year over year About DMS Education Since 2002, DMS Education has been supporting the higher education industry, including traditional and for-profit colleges, trade schools, community colleges, boot camps, continuing education providers, OPMs and agencies. We understand the education consumer and their journey, and we use robust targeting and routing logic to deliver predictable volumes of inquiries at scale to our school partners. Digital Media Solutions ™ (DMS) is the fastest-growing independent digital performance marketing company. We help our clients accelerate growth by deploying diversified and data-driven customer acquisition solutions that deliver scalable, sustainable and measurable marketing results. Our precision performance marketing solutions connect the right consumers with the right offers at the right time to achieve the marketing objectives of our clients. At DMS, we are continually innovating to provide new and emerging media and technology solutions that minimize waste and maximize results across the most competitive industries. For more reports and thought leadership content from DMS, go to Data Disclosure: The data in this report is comprised of a set of inquiries processed by Sparkroom ® performance marketing technology during the period of January 1, 2017 through June 30, 2019, utilizing aggregated data normalized to remove all school-specific information and trending. Ideal for marketers focused on driving results through online channels, Sparkroom is the campaign management technology used by the DMS managed services team, but it was built for self-service campaign management and is designed to help marketers grow while controlling their cost of acquisition. The dataset used for this report includes more than 350 campus locations and nearly 1500 programs. Data was aggregated into standard categories/subjects using the CIP classification system. Inquiries processed by Sparkroom performance marketing technology are derived from a variety of sources, with approximately one-half coming from third-party channels and one-half from branded marketing efforts, such as school websites, paid search campaigns and social media campaigns. Because school demand plays a factor in inquiry generation, there is the potential for related bias within the report findings. Data was pulled on July 8, 2019. Although lead cohorts continue to mature indefinitely, we assume cohorts to be mature after a period of 90 days. Therefore, the Q1 2019 lead cohort was considered mature at the time of the data pull. This data is provided for informational purposes only. While every attempt is made to ensure accuracy, errors may arise. © 2019 Digital Media Solutions, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Digital Media Solutions and its logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Digital Media Solutions, LLC. All other company and product names referenced herein are the property of their respective owners.

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