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2020 Report On The State Of Online Vs. Campus-Based Higher Education Demand 2 About The Data In This Report The data used for this report is derived from aggregated higher education industry inquiries processed through and stored within Sparkroom ® performance marketing technology. Sparkroom is owned by Digital Media Solutions ® , and is used by the DMS Education managed services team and licensed by a long list of higher education marketers to centralize marketing and lead data. All conversion data is based on last-click attribution. The data has been normalized to account for changes that do not reflect inquiry generation trends, altering previously published statistics in some cases. For additional details, see the disclosure at the end of this report. Overview The 2020 Report On The State Of Online Vs. Campus-Based Higher Education Demand, published by Digital Media Solutions (DMS), covers trends in the inquiry generation and student acquisition activities of higher education institutions for the period of January 2017-December 2019. The objective of this report is to provide a snapshot of higher education-specific marketing evolution and highlight trends to help marketers better understand and adapt to the continually changing landscape, with a focus on 2019 volume, distribution and conversion trends by program format. Note that the data from this report is all exclusively from before COVID-19 hit American shores. We anticipate a significant increase in online education demand in the period during and immediately after coronavirus restricts the movement of Americans. This increased demand for online education may become the long-term norm. Report Highlights Higher education inquiry volume increased 5.7% from 2018 to 2019, with the year-over-year increase for the online program format 39.4% higher than the increase for campus-based programs. As more and more higher education programs shift toward online education, especially amidst recent public health-related closures, the shift toward the online format is likely to continue to grow significantly. Here are some additional statistics about higher education online program interest in 2019: • Online programs drove the most higher education interest and resulted in the most conversions in 2019, representing 61.5% of all inquiries and 59.4% of all conversions. • While bachelor's programs drove the most interest for online programs (34.9%), graduate program volume skewed heavily toward the online format, with master's and doctorate inquiries representing 35.9% of online interest, but only 7.9% of campus-based program interest. • Health and business programs continued to dominate for the online format, representing nearly 55% of online program interest, while the education category experienced the most significant year-over- year growth in interest for the online format.

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