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DMS Marketing Madness – Round 2: Farmers vs. Twitter vs. Lacoste vs. Nike

March 8, 2018 Kathy Bryan

The first week of March is behind us, and so is Hoops Madness, a LeadsCon event during which attendees were given the chance to prove their free throw prowess. But the fun has just begun. March Madness is right around the corner, and we’re in the throes of DMS Marketing Madness ― already entering Round 2.

Every week of March, we are highlighting four innovative campaigns and asking you to vote for your favorite. The winner each week moves on to the DMS Marketing Madness Final Four, announced on March 30. The winner of the final four will be crowned DMS Marketing Madness Champion the following week.

Round 1 Winner ― Tide

The votes are in and Tide, the winner of the Super Clio for the best ad in Super Bowl LII, takes home the glory of winning the first round of Marketing Madness!

Click here to read about the contestants from the first round of DMS Marketing Madness.


Click here to vote for your favorite DMS Marketing Madness Round 2 campaign.


Marketing Madness ― Round 2

Farmers Insurance ― Poking Fun at Life

March isn’t just big for basketball, it’s also the culmination of the Hollywood award season. Extending its “We Know from Experience” campaign, Farmers Insurance repurposed footage to launch a low-budget, high-attention effort that is perfect for this time of year. The Burkies are “a fake-movie-award-show that proves once and for all that truth is stranger than fiction.” Named after Professor Burke (actor J.K. Simmons), the Burkies includes trailers for six real-life claim nominees, each in a different movie gender (horror, romance, etc.). You can see them all here.

Farmers Insurance - Burkies

Twitter ― Amplifying Movements

From an advertiser’s perspective, the Academy Awards are increasingly becoming a coveted commercial slot similar to the Super Bowl. This year, during the Oscars, Twitter ran a 60-second spot focused on the women’s movement. Leveraging #HereWeAre, the hashtag first used to highlight male-dominated panels at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Twitter declared itself the platform of the underserved. Featuring women of all ages, the black and white Twitter spot was narrated by award-winning poet Denice Frohman reciting her original work #SheInspiresMe.

Lacoste ― Branding the Endangered

Beginning March 1, Lacoste replaced its iconic crocodile logo with embroideries of ten endangered species. The 1,775 shirts produced were in quantities matching the quantity of each endangered animal remaining in the wild. With proceeds going to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the limited-edition Lacoste polo shirts sold out within days. In addition to raising funds, the “Save Our Species” campaign garnered tremendous buzz.

What endangered animals did the Lacoste “Save Our Species” polo shirts feature?

  • 450 Anegada Ground IguanasLacoste Save Our Species Shirts
  • 350 Sumatran Tigers
  • 250 Saolas
  • 231 Califonia Condors
  • 157 Kakapos
  • 150 Cao-Vit Gibbons
  • 67 Javan Rhinos
  • 50 Northern Sportive Lemurs
  • 40 Burmese Roofed Turtles
  • 30 Vaquitas

Nike ― Propelling the Earth

Nike’s newest campaign – promoting the Nike Run Club app and the Epic React Flyknit shoe – imagines a “stopocalypse” in which the Earth has stopped spinning. Drawing inspiration from a hamster, athletes around the world encourage each other and the general population to run the Earth back into motion. The Nike #ChooseGo campaign, starring comedian Kevin Hart and world-class athletes Kylian Mbappe, Ge Manqi, Kobe Bryant and Simon Biles, also includes narrated audio guided runs (on the Nike app) and running events around the world.

Nike Choose Go


Voting for DMS Marketing Madness Round 2 has closed with Lacoste as the winner. Click here to vote in DMS Marketing Madness Final Four.


We’ll be featuring four innovative campaigns each week this month. On March 30th, we’ll announce the contestants for our DMS Marketing Madness Final Four. A final vote will let us crown the DMS Marketing Madness Champion.


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