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Creative Insurance Marketing: Best Campaigns from 2018

January 11, 2019 Victoria Pallien

They make us laugh and they make us cry. More importantly, they help us determine what insurance company we’ll purchase from. Insurance commercials can be a helpful ploy for both the consumer and the business, as insurance companies that spend more on marketing initiatives often see bigger revenue increases, American Marketing Association (AMA) reported.

Now that we’ve welcomed in the new year, let’s take a look back at the best insurance campaigns from 2018.

Progressive: Excited

In a creative and playful 30 seconds, Progressive uses the age-old fate of turning into your parents to engage viewers. Matt, the star of this commercial, becomes more and more like his father after buying a home with his partner. It’s all because he learned how easy it is to bundle home and auto insurance from Progressive. From unwrapping butterscotch candies to shoveling mulch, Progressive’s policies encouraged Matt to be his true self, or his dad’s true self.

Esurance: Insurance That’s Surprisingly Painless

With a brilliant voiceover from Dennis Quaid, Esurance leverages consumer skepticism of the advertising industry. Esurance recognizes many consumers don’t trust TV ads, so they aim to be as transparent as possible, showing consumers the back end of the set. Actors call each other “Man in Kitchen” and “Child Actor” as they portray Esurance’s simplicity and affordability.

Allstate: Park Road America

America has some similarities in every state. Allstate mentions there are nearly 10,000 roads in the U.S. named “Park,” but not all Park roads, streets and avenues are the same, so not all coverage can be the same. Their spokesperson Dennis Haysbert walks through the streets of America and Allstate proclaims understanding that every unique street and consumer deserves a plan that works for them.

State Farm: She Shed

A beloved commercial from 2018, State Farm’s “She Shed” TV spot proves the reliability of State Farm coverage. In a half a minute ad, State Farm highlights a woman’s “she shed,” like a man cave but feminine, in flames. As the woman calls to make sure her burning she shed is covered by insurance, her husband seems defeated, adding humor to the already over-the-top ad.

Geico: Massage Chairs Reduce Home Buying Stress

Bringing humor and the coveted idea of relaxation into play, Geico released a light-hearted TV spot last year that left consumers in tears (happy tears, of course). As a family dinner is turned in chaos thanks to violent massage chairs, this family relaxes when they learn about Geico’s coverage for their new home purchase.

From breaking the fourth wall to spilling soup on actors in massage chairs, insurance companies put effort into their marketing, in hopes of winning over consumers and creating memorable messages.

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