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3 Creative And Innovative Insurance Marketing Campaigns From Around The World

June 15, 2020 Sarah Cavill

There are nearly 7,000 insurance companies in Europe and the UK. And, despite the fact that insurance is a need-based industry, the competitive insurance marketplace makes it critical that brands get out in front of consumers with memorable campaigns that resonate with insurance shoppers. Three insurance companies across the pond recently modernized and differentiated their brands with humorous, informative and relatable marketing campaigns.

Swedish Insurance Brand Hedvig Tells It Like It Is In Funny Commercials

Swedish home insurance brand Hedvig released a series of commercials that encourage people to take an unsentimental approach to their things, and instead embrace the intangibles in life, like a great vacation or night at the beach. The Hedvig spots show various items (a dress, a suitcase, a bike) meeting untimely ends, with a voiceover reminding viewers that “It’s just stuff.” It’s an usual marketing approach for an insurance company, which are often empathetic to lost or destroyed items, but Hedvig can garner attention and respect for flipping the script. 

“Hedvig is a new approach to insurance,” said Rebecca Lundin, Marketing Director at Hedvig. “It’s about freedom and being ok with your life, no matter what happens to you. Everyone should be able to afford to say ‘it’s just stuff’ when the TV breaks or your bag gets stolen. Just because we’re an insurance company doesn’t mean that we have to worship at the altar of materialism.” 

Churchill Revamps Cute Mascot To Relaunch Insurance Brand Identity

Churchill, a direct-to-consumer (DTC) insurance company based in the UK, revamped their mascot and messaging in fall 2019 to reflect an edgier, less stuffy brand image. Churchie, their bulldog mascot, is a big part of Churchill’s brand identity, but he needed a glow-up. In the campaign’s commercials Churchie effortlessly rides a skateboard through the streets, clearly living his best life  Churchill wants its customers to feel as relaxed. By rethinking their old image and taking a new, fresher approach Churchill aimed to set themselves apart in a crowded marketplace and allow consumers to develop an affinity with the insurance brand.

“The [Churchill] brand is seen as dependable and reliable but lacked any real distinctiveness. The [insurance] market is cluttered and commoditised, so we need a modern and culturally relevant brand to ensure that we stand out from the crowd and gain that valuable click on a price comparison site,” said Lucy Brooksbank, Churchill’s Head of Marketing. According to Marketing Week, “the campaign will run for eight weeks, including on radio, cinema, blipverts, sponsorship, social media and a Spotify tie-up.”

Admiral Insurance Turns To Animation To Create Memorable TV Spots

Last summer, Admiral Insurance, an English insurance brand, with more than 15% of the UK market share, introduced a new animated Admiral and her trusty canine sidekick. Previously, the Admiral commercials were live action and “The Admiral” was played by an actor. The new Admiral Insurance spots take place in the quaint seaside town of Admouth and serve to explain the multicover (or bundled) services that Admiral Insurance offers. The spots have a light touch and are reminiscent of older animation styles that may feel nostalgic and relatable to consumers. 

“Moving to animation is a big change for us, and we’re delighted with the result. We think this campaign will help us build a meaningful connection between our brand and consumers. The aim is to be distinctive and show that Admiral products make consumers' lives easier by offering a simple solution in a complex world. This advert encapsulates it perfectly. I’m already excited about our new Admiral’s future adventures,” said Alex Murphy, Marketing Director at Admiral.

The Hedvig, Churchill and Admiral insurance marketing campaigns are each distinct, and they all effectively explain what each brand offers. Insurance feels confusing to many people, so insurance brands that use their marketing to tell their stories memorably and efficiently may be more likely to resonate with consumers.

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