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Pemco Insurance Goes Local: How Hyper-Focused Marketing Can Amp Up Business

April 5, 2019 Victoria Pallien

For its first campaign in nearly a decade, Pemco Insurance is targeting local consumers. This Seattle-based insurance company, which covers everything from home and auto to renters and specialty, is focusing entirely on their Pacific Northwest (PNW) audience.


Pemco’s Prideful Campaign For Local Consumers

Pemco’s new campaign labels the company as the “Defender of Your Northwest” and emphasizes how crucial it is for consumers to have policies with companies who understand their specific needs.

In Pemco’s campaign videos, the brand highlights activities typical of PNW consumers, like hiking, biking and axe throwing. Pemco also portrays PNW weather conditions, including windshield-breaking hail, basement-flooding rains and accident-inducing winter roads, proving they know and understand their consumers’ needs. “This is our promise to you,” Pemco notes in their ads, “Worry less, live more.”

The Benefit Of Local Marketing


Because Pemco is already best known in the PNW, their strategy to reach only PNW consumers is smart, as they can leverage existing brand awareness and be hyper-focused on answering PNW consumers’ needs. Geotargeted marketing, like this, gives brands the opportunity to connect with prospective consumers by using their language and scenes they can relate to.

Here are some tips for executing locally targeted campaigns:

Define Your Target Audience & What Makes Them Truly Unique

While you know your audience all lives in one region, you’ll want to identify other characteristics. What makes your local audience unique? What makes them different from consumers in San Diego or Washington, D.C.?

Think about behavioral attributes, like hobbies and interests, and make sure to cater to these details when crafting your messaging.

Create Your Brand’s Local Personality

For any brand, marketing locally can prove beneficial on multiple fronts. Regionally-targeted campaigns can give you the opportunity to create your brand’s local personality through targeted messaging, designed to build relationships with consumers. Your brand can use local messaging to prove you understand the lifestyle and mindset of your region.

Local messaging can help create engagement while marketing specific products or services for your local audience.

Keep An Eye On Your Local & National Competition

Keep An Eye On Your Local & National Competition

You can use your local marketing messaging to set your brand apart from the competition. Keep in mind that just because your brand is marketing locally, doesn’t mean that you only have local competition.

Monitor all competitors who market in your industry – whether they’re advertising locally or nationally. By monitoring your competition via their social media, websites and consumer reviews, you can make sure your brand’s messaging is both different from competitors’ and compelling to consumers.

Marketing to a local audience allows for the use of hyper-targeted messaging to build relationships with consumers, strengthening your brand and its presence.

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