Alcoholic Beverage Market For Digital Marketers

The alcoholic beverage market continues to introduce flavors and variety, capitalizing on the growth of the beer, wine and spirits industry overall. Spirits, benefiting from the current cocktail culture, have grown steadily at a CAGR of 3.3% over the last 10 years in revenue and 1.8% in volume, with wine experiencing similar numbers. In 2018, the beer industry shipped 202.2 million barrels of beer, which is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the U.S. Beer, wine and spirit brands are also innovators in marketing and advertising, creating interesting strategic partnerships and iconic, memorable campaigns.

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about the alcoholic beverage market:

Hard Seltzer Brands Get Creative With Digital Product Launch Promotions. Beer brands are launching hard seltzer varieties with digital campaigns as the weather gets warmer.

Alcohol Advertising: Spirits Brands Leverage Latest Celebrations To Connect With Target Audiences. Spirits brands are connecting with consumers during times of celebration through strategic digital initiatives that resonate with today’s audiences.

WHM Feature: Women-Owned Brands That Deploy Modern, Digital Advertising Strategies. These women-owned businesses offer inclusive, digital-forward advertising strategies that drive engagement and sales.

2021 Beer Wars: Brands Are Gearing Up For Spring Holidays. Major beer brands are launching innovative campaigns, and partnerships in order to reach consumers ahead of St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

Major Brands Poke Fun At 2020 In Social Media Campaigns. In an effort to create relevant and fun content, several brands are bashing 2020 in new digital advertising campaigns.

Major Brands Are Skipping The Super Bowl To Invest In Purpose-Driven Digital Campaigns. This year, many brands long known for advertising at the Super Bowl are sitting it out and turning their attention elsewhere.

Making Spirits Bright: Digital Advertising Strategies Connect Alcohol Brands With Consumers This Holiday Season. Top alcohol brands are leveraging digital advertising strategies to reinvent the ways they connect with consumers this holiday season.

Brands Resonate With Consumers By Promoting Social Responsibility In Latest Digital Advertising Campaigns. Top brands are responding to consumers’ increased desire for businesses that support relevant social causes and prioritize purpose-driven marketing.

Canned Cocktails And Wine Are Having A Moment Thanks To Creative Digital Strategies. Ready to drink cocktails are growing exponentially by focusing digital marketing strategies on convenience and fresh options.

Alcohol Brands Embrace The Next Wave Of Pandemic-Friendly Marketing Campaigns. As the pandemic continues, many major alcohol brands have debuted new marketing initiatives that reflect the current lifestyles consumers are experiencing.

Big Brands Launch Marketing Activations Inspired By The “New Normal.” As consumers still feel the effects of the pandemic, brands are transitioning from their initial convenience offers to implementing proactive marketing efforts that resonate with consumers long-term.

A Roundup Of Brands Making Consumers Happy During A Time Of Uncertainty. Due to shifting consumer behaviors that developed during quarantines, some brands are seeing their popularity soar.

Burgers, Beers & BnBs: Innovative Brand Partnerships For Summer 2020. As the warmer weather and desire to travel heats up, marketers are strategically teaming up with fellow brands to launch innovative summer campaigns despite the ongoing pandemic and coinciding shift in consumer trends.

5 Standout Independence Day Campaigns To Spark Inspiration For Today’s Marketers. With Fourth of July celebrations potentially looking a bit different this year due to the effects of the ongoing pandemic, marketers must shift their strategies to launch innovative, yet relevant, campaigns and offerings to engage consumers - potentially pulling inspiration from the winners of years past. 

Father’s Day Marketing Sees Shift In Focus From Years Past. As the effects from the pandemic linger and consumers' ideas of what the “dad” role looks like evolves, brands have altered their marketing strategies for this year’s Father’s Day marketing campaigns.

Consumers Are Stocking Up On Wine And Brands Need To Find Their Niche To Stay Competitive. Many consumers are stocking up on wine during coronavirus self-isolation, and wine clubs are responding to demand with promotions and proactive delivery options.

Brands Find New Ways To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Fresh margaritas and delicious Mexican food can still be found this Cinco de Mayo as brands create fun activations for stay-at-home celebrations.

Beer Brands Kick Off Social Media Activations To Offer COVID-19 Support. Beer brands around the country are leveraging social media to launch activations and strategic partnerships with the goal of helping people struggling because of coronavirus.

Alcohol Brands Pivot During Difficult Circumstances. Alcohol brands are among the many businesses that have had to pivot during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Most Memorable Brand Wars Of 2019. In 2019, many brands have duked it out to captivate their audiences in exciting ways.

Alcohol Brands Promote Healthy Drinking Habits Through Social Campaigns. Alcohol brands are taking note of consumers’ desire for companies who integrate wellness-related products and social responsibility into their marketing goals.

The Evolution Of Marketing In The Vodka Industry. The vodka market continues to see steady growth, with brands recognizing the importance of strategic partnerships, revamped images and worthy causes.

5 Fun CPG Campaigns That Celebrate Summer. Americans spend more in the summer, and CPG brands often capitalize on those relaxed summer vibes with marketing campaigns that capture the fun, frivolous nature of the warm summer months.

Cheez-It X Boxed Wine: A Partnership The Internet Was Begging For. Cheez-It X House Wine have created a partnership perfect for summer snacking, capitalizing on social media excitement and the benefits of both brands.

Bud Light Brings Back Genius Campaign, Poking Fun At Digital Careers. Bud Light has launched a new iteration of their iconic Genius campaign, and this time it pokes fun at the digital age and is airing across multiple digital platforms.

International Beer Day: Beer Companies Compete for the Most Sales. When it comes to marketing beer, these top five brewers have it down pat, raking in over $128 billion combined worldwide in just this year alone. Did your favorite brewer make the top five list?

Courvoisier X Def Jam Recordings: A Partnership That Reaches Niche Audiences And Beyond. A strategic partnership between Courvoisier and Def Jam Recordings can grow loyalty with their fans and expand their reach with effective activations and user generated content.

Heineken Leverages Humor and Heartbreak. To promote their sponsorship of soccer’s UEFA Champions League, Heineken released a painful, yet funny, TV spot that showcases just how many distractions there are when fans try to watch a game.

Beer Wars Update: The Corn Wars Continue And Peroni Makes Moves With A New Ad Campaign. Miller Lite and Bud Lite accelerate the corn wars while Kona and Peroni launch new ad campaigns capitalizing on market gains for craft beers and imports.

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