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Amazon News For Digital Marketers

Amazon is the bookstore that became the everything store. Founded in 1994 in Seattle as an online book seller, Amazon survived the internet bubble burst to become one of the largest online retailers worldwide. Recent years have seen Amazon embrace video streaming, music and audiobook content, available through their proprietary services Prime Video, Amazon Music and Audible. Amazon delivers billions of products per year and has over 100 million Amazon Prime subscribers.

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about Amazon :

CNN Readies Digital News Service Platform: Just The Facts. In an effort to compete with the tech giants that are making moves in the news business, CNN prepares to launch a digital news service platform.

Shopping For Groceries Is Easier Than Ever With Digital And Brand Innovations. Target and Walmart announce their latest innovations in the grocery store wars, capitalizing on branding, partnerships and seamless delivery.

Voice Search Use Declines Due To Inconsistent Performance. In a recent study among Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby and Google Assistant for search accuracy, Google Assistant dominated.

Amazon Pledges To Invest More Than $700 Million On Employee Training: Just The Facts. Amazon recently announced a massive investment in employee training, pledging to spend more than $700 million over the next six years to support its Upskilling 2025 initiative.

Amazon Customer Tracking Exchange: Just The Facts. With Amazon’s latest promotion, users received a $10 gift card when they downloaded the Amazon Assistant comparison shopping tool and allowed Amazon to track their web browsing habits.

Retailers Innovating To Strip Market Share From Google, Facebook, Amazon. There are significant signs of retailers fighting to get a piece of the digital ad pie with promises of tight audience targeting and ultimate trackability.

Amazon Small Sellers Shift: Just The Facts. Amazon is moving its smaller vendors to a third-party marketplace, which will require more vendor involvement and less of Amazon’s budget.

Amazon Moments Rewards Program: Just The Facts. Amazon launched Amazon Moments, a marketing rewards program, to build relationships with publishers and earn a piece of the app marketing industry.

Anti-Trust Investigation Into The Big 4: Just the Facts. The current inquiry into the antitrust violations by big tech has been taken up by the House Judiciary committee, but the investigation is unlikely to yield conclusions anytime soon.

Make Your Own Amazon Alexa Skills: Just The Facts. Amazon has opened their Alexa Skills Store, empowering everyone to publish skills and reach their audiences using voice assistant.

Amazon Launches Home Shopping Channel, Amazon Live: Just The Facts. Amazon has launched Amazon Live, the latest addition to their brand.

Amazon Begins Data-Based CPG Sampling: Just The Facts. Amazon introduces a data-backed, product sampling program which could increase the profile of participating CPG brands while scaling subscribers for Amazon. But brands should proceed cautiously.

Amazon New-To-Brand Metrics: Just The Facts. Amazon introduced new-to-brand metrics, a new measurement option for marketers looking to study their conversion and retention rates.

Snapchat and Amazon: A New Mobile Commerce Pairing. In another move to monetize, Snapchat has partnered with Amazon to send users directly to Amazon’s e-commerce platform.

The Great Disruptor: Is Amazon On Track to Break Up the Google/Facebook Duopoly? Advertisers and industry experts are starting to wonder if Amazon can break up the Google/Facebook duopoly after Amazon advertising revenue racked up $2.2 billion in just one quarter.

Amazon and Yext: What to Know about Alexa’s Expansion. Amazon doesn’t stop when it comes to business growth. To expand the Amazon Alexa’s knowledge, the brand partnered with Yext, rising Yext’s stock price and potentially threatening Google.

Amazon Prime Day: How They Turned a One-Day Sale into a Worldwide Event. Amazon has marketed their Prime Day like the intelligent and tech-savvy company they are. Learn about the best marketing tactics from their Prime Day sales.

Amazon Alexa vs. Google Assistant: Differences in AI Marketing. As Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant gain even more popularity, your brand should be considering marketing on at least one of these technologies.

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