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Once a game-changer that helped create the first home computers, Apple is now a multinational technology company considered among the most innovative and strategic creators of consumer electronics in the world, with a market capitalization hovering just below a trillion dollars. In addition to the Mac computer, iPhone, and other indispensable technology, Apple now boasts a portfolio that includes computer software, online services and a brand presence with few rivals. Apple’s marketing campaigns are known for their celebrity partnerships and tendency to go viral.

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about Apple:

At-Home Fitness Brands Focus On Opportunities To Grow Subscriber Bases In 2021. Fitness brands have been able to grow by leveraging app usage, partnerships and a new zeal for at-home workouts.

Facebook Introduces Pop-Up To Combat IDFA Updates: Just The Facts. Facebook is testing pop-ups that explain why consumers should opt in to tracking, in an effort to push back on Apple’s new IDFA updates.

Apple In 2020: Innovative, Yet Focused On Privacy. Apple continued to release new products and evocative commercial spots, while also moving forward with strategies focused on privacy.

Digital Advertisers Create Stronger Engagement, Personalization & Transparency By Leveraging First-Party Data. Brands are adjusting their digital advertising strategies to prioritize first-party data in order to connect with and convert audiences.

Brands Launch New Subscriptions, Reflecting Consumer Behaviors Influenced By COVID-19. Apple, Colgate and Huggies are among the latest brands to spotlight subscription services that reflect consumers’ evolving pandemic-related lifestyles.

Apple Nutrition Labels: Just The Facts. After announcing the roll-out of privacy labels (AKA nutrition labels) this summer, Apple is now requiring them for all apps.

Shopping By Voice Still Presents A Growing Opportunity For Marketers To Reach Consumers. The number of consumers shopping via voice is expected to slowly increase through 2022, and marketers must prepare for the possible spike in demand.

The Best Holiday Commercials For 2020. This year’s holiday advertisements will probably look a little different, but we found six classic and innovative commercials that still resonate in 2020.

Apple Marketing Continues To Capture The Imagination Of Consumers Worldwide As The iPhone 12 Launches. With the release of the iPhone 12, a look back at the marketing campaigns that made Apple one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Apple Search Engine: What Will It Be? There is speculation in the tech industry that Apple is considering launching a search engine, but will it be a Google competitor or a part of the Apple ecosystem?

Apple iOS 14 Operating System Targeting Changes: Just The Facts. Although delayed until 2021, the privacy changes that come with Apple’s new iOS 14 Operating System could impact campaign targeting for mobile marketers.

Luxury Brands Develop Digital & Personalized Experiences To Scale. The state of luxury experiences, services and products has seen ebbs and flows as consumers’ shopping – and saving – habits continue to evolve throughout pandemic.

Apple’s SKAdNetwork: Just The Facts. Apple’s latest bid to protect the privacy of users could impact how mobile advertisers attribute app downloads moving forward.

Apple And Disney Now Major Players In The Streaming Wars As The Competition Heats Up. As the popularity of Netflix slows and major competitors enter the streaming space, the streaming wars get serious.

Apple Lets Apps Send Ads As Push Notifications: Just The Facts. Apple has recently changed its guidelines allowing apps to send ads as push notifications, a move that could help digital marketers better engage consumers.

As Payment Solutions Diversify, Consumers Want Frictionless Options. For ecommerce brands, offering the right payment solutions can decrease abandoned carts and build brand trust.

What Is An Interactive Voice Ad? Interactive voice ads are a new advertising format that allows users to have conversations with ad content.

CNN Readies Digital News Service Platform: Just The Facts. In an effort to compete with the tech giants that are making moves in the news business, CNN prepares to launch a digital news service platform.

Apple App Store Algorithm Tweak: Just The Facts. Apple tries to deflect the heat from an antitrust investigation into their app store practices with an algorithm tweak that could benefit other app developers.

The Mobile App Install Marketplace Matures As Brands Use Data For Effective Targeting. The mobile app install marketplace, and in-app marketing, offer opportunities for brands to target consumers, scale revenues and learn more about their users.

Voice Search Use Declines Due To Inconsistent Performance. In a recent study among Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby and Google Assistant for search accuracy, Google Assistant dominated.

Apple’s Announcement: Entertainment, News And Finances Reimagined. Apple’s latest announcement is here with four new services, positioning the brand as the one-stop shop for all things entertainment, news and communication.

Brands with Cult Followings: Perfect Products or Perfect Marketing? Apple, Coca-Cola and Starbucks each have extremely loyal followings, but how did the brands build these cult-like consumer bases? With expert marketing.

Anti-Trust Investigation Into The Big 4: Just the Facts. The current inquiry into the antitrust violations by big tech has been taken up by the House Judiciary committee, but the investigation is unlikely to yield conclusions anytime soon.

Mapping App Wars: Competition for In-Map Searching. When it comes to mapping, which app do you use? From Google Maps to Apple Maps to Uber, mapping services seem to be advancing rapidly, possibly competing for in-app sales.

What Is Intelligent Tracking Prevention, And How Is It Evolving? Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) is a privacy feature to protect users against third-party tracking. Firefox has a similar feature, and Chrome is developing one in their Privacy Sandbox. 

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