Coronavirus News For Digital Marketers

DMS Insights is providing coverage and reporting on the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the digital marketing industry. Click below to read these stories and learn more about how brands and businesses are responding during this difficult time.

Makeup & Beauty Industry Booms As Mask Mandates Decline. Beauty brands celebrate online growth with partnerships, new product launches, strategic partnerships and digital advertising strategies that appeal to consumers.

Social Responsibility Takes Center Stage In Latest Alcohol Marketing Campaigns. Heineken, Hennessy and Anheuser-Busch have launched CSR initiatives to connect with audiences with summer fun on their minds.

Dating Apps In A Post-Pandemic World: New Players & What To Expect. Major dating apps are expanding their platforms to promote vaccine signups and reflect the latest trends among users.

Brands Encourage COVID Vaccine With Digital Promotions & Giveaways. In an effort to educate, raise awareness and stop the spread of COVID-19, major brands are running digital giveaways and promotions for vaccinated consumers.

Travel Insurance Brands Innovate To Support Today’s Travel Concerns. As many consumers resume traveling, travel insurance brands offer plans sensitive to pandemic-related concerns.

Bringing Members Back: How 3 Gyms Are Taking On The Challenge. As gyms reopen, many franchises are deploying digital strategies to build back customer loyalty and enrollments.

2019 Vs. 2020: Latest OEP Insurance Trends Give Health Insurance Advertisers An Inside Look At Today’s Consumers. The OEP Insurance Trends infographic from DMS allows health insurance advertisers to more effectively target audiences and scale their customer bases.

Travel Returns Thanks To Vaccine Rollouts. As more and more people get vaccinated, many consumers are planning trips and booking travel.

WHM Feature: Women Consumers & The Impact Of The Pandemic. Female consumers are not monolithic, and brands need to be aware of changes in behaviors, values and habits because of the pandemic.

Ecommerce Grocery Shopping Continues To Grow As Brands Deploy Digital Strategies To Reach Consumers. The need and preference of many consumers to shop online for groceries has led supermarkets to adopt digital strategies.

Easter Candy Advertising: Brands Promote Sweet Treats Through Innovative Campaigns & Partnerships. Targeting consumers seeking sweet treats this Easter, major candy brands are leveraging digital initiatives, strategic partnerships and popular social platforms to connect with their audiences.

‘Normal’ Is & Needs To Be A Term Of The Past. Many brands are pushing ahead with new ideas and innovations, introducing inclusive products and services and leaving ‘normal’ in the past.

Alcohol Advertising: Spirits Brands Leverage Latest Celebrations To Connect With Target Audiences. Spirits brands are connecting with consumers during times of celebration through strategic digital initiatives that resonate with today’s audiences.

2021 Beer Wars: Brands Are Gearing Up For Spring Holidays. Major beer brands are launching innovative campaigns, and partnerships in order to reach consumers ahead of St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

Telehealth Services Offer A Range Of Care. Telehealth brands are increasingly offering digital support with online and in-home solutions to support the needs of patients more comfortable at home.

Brands And Nonprofits Show Support For AAPI Community. The Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community has found support from brands and advertisers in the wake of racist attacks.

Nonprofits Shift To Digital To Raise Funds Safely. Just as brands and retailers have embraced ecommerce to meet consumer needs, nonprofits must increasingly optimize multichannel digital strategies.

Savings & Service Top List Of Priorities For Auto Insurance Shoppers. The DMS 2021 Auto Insurance Motivation Trends online survey shares consumer feedback into the factors influencing their decision to stay with, research and purchase a specific auto insurance provider.

Gen X Spending Habits Include Bargain Shopping Online. Gen X shoppers adapted their buying habits in 2020, and bargain shopping online became more popular.

Black-Owned Businesses Stay Strong During Challenging Times. Many Black-owned businesses have pivoted to create meaningful content and digital solutions – and share their expertise – during unprecedented circumstances.

Major Brands Poke Fun At 2020 In Social Media Campaigns. In an effort to create relevant and fun content, several brands are bashing 2020 in new digital advertising campaigns.

5 QSRs & Fast Food Restaurants That Rolled Out Romantic Delivery & Pick Up Options For Valentine's Day. In an effort to provide pandemic-friendly dining options this Valentine’s Day, QSRs and fast food restaurants are leveraging their safe and convenient delivery and pick-up options for consumers.

From Thongs To Pajamas: Consumers Head Online For Lingerie & Loungewear In 2021. As Valentine’s Day approaches, lingerie and loungewear brands, like Adore Me, Pajamagram and ThirdLove, have an opportunity to connect and engage with audiences seeking sexy, cozy and comforting gifts.

Jewelry Advertising Should Engage Consumers Early & Often Ahead Of Valentine’s Day. By launching strategic digital advertising initiatives ahead of Valentine’s Day, jewelry brands are tapping into a reliable audience looking to make meaningful purchases.

Top News For Consumer Finance Advertisers. COVID-19 accelerated major shifts in consumer finance behaviors, needs and preferences. Here are the articles related to trends in consumer finance advertising published by DMS Insights in 2020.

DTC & Subscription Brands Matched Consumer Needs In 2020. Consumers relied on the ease and predictability that DTC and subscription brands provided as they sought out safe and seamless buying options throughout 2020.

Millennials & Gen Z: A Profile Of Auto Insurance Customers. While homeowners have been a key demographic among auto insurance advertisers for many years, it's vital that car insurance brands develop a keener understanding of the growing non-homeowner audience.

Best Of DMS Insights: Top Social Media News Of 2020. This year, many brands leveraged accelerated consumer reliance on social channels to reach, engage and convert new audiences. Meanwhile, top social platforms launched new tools for advertisers.

Consumers Seek Out Brands Displaying Corporate Social Responsibility. 2020 demanded action from major brands as consumers sought out impactful CSR initiatives to address the ongoing racial injustice movement, environmental concerns and global health crisis.

4 Predictions On Health & Wellness & Consumer Behavior In 2021. The events of 2020 dramatically affected consumer values for health and wellness. Here are the top predictions for consumer behaviors, beliefs and habits related to health and wellness in 2021.

What Is Walmart Cookshop? Walmart Cookshop will feature a shoppable video hub, allowing Walmart to connect with consumers and leverage its ecommerce offerings.

3 Timeless Marketing Lessons Inspired By Nintendo. Nintendo’s monumental success and impactful strategies can provide inspiration to marketers and advertisers. Here are three marketing lessons inspired by Nintendo.

This Giving Tuesday, Nonprofits Turn To Online Donations. Ahead of Giving Tuesday, brands turn to digital strategies to reach donors and increase engagement.

Console Wars: Video Game Brands Get Creative & Compete For Audience Engagement. Experiencing accelerated growth as a result of the global pandemic, major video game brands are launching creative efforts to engage audiences and capture market share.

Making Spirits Bright: Digital Advertising Strategies Connect Alcohol Brands With Consumers This Holiday Season. Top alcohol brands are leveraging digital advertising strategies to reinvent the ways they connect with consumers this holiday season.

The Gadget Boom Of 2020 Poses A New Opportunity For Advertisers To Reach Consumers During Peak Holiday Season. Due to increased time spent at home and evolving consumer interests, gadgets - both traditional and relevant to today’s climate - are in high demand.

Consumers’ Shopping Priorities Have Changed Once Again, Shifting Toward Home Goods, Electronics & More. The pandemic has caused several waves of new shopping trends among audiences, with the latest shift showing increased interest in categories like toys, furniture, electronics and more.

Advanced Technologies Connect Consumers & Drive Ecommerce Sales. As consumers continue to rely on ecommerce amidst the ongoing pandemic, brands and retailers are incorporating new social activations and advanced technology in order to reach shoppers.

Kids And Families Are The Right Audience At The Right Time For Certain Brands. Many brands are reaching kids and families with advertising campaigns that offer solutions and compassion using content strategies and purpose driven marketing.

Dietary Supplement Demand Rises, Increasing Opportunities For Health & Wellness Advertisers Ahead Of Resolution Season. Consumer interest in health and wellness products continues to benefit dietary supplement brands, with studies showing that more people are investing in their physical and mental wellbeing.

Ecommerce Sales To Hit New Highs Throughout The 2020 Holiday Shopping Season. The consumer shift toward online offerings has continued to hasten, leading many industry professionals to predict a spike in ecommerce transactions during the holiday season.

Healthcare & Pharma See Big Uptick In Digital Advertising Spend. After relying on traditional advertising in the past, digital ad spend by the health and pharma sector has seen an increase due to coronavirus.

3 Innovative Digital Advertising Campaigns From Nonprofit Organizations. By using innovative digital advertising strategies, nonprofit organizations are able to attract the interest of donors.

Brands Eye Homeschooling Families As Growing Consumer Segment. Homeschooling is growing as a result of the pandemic, and learning platform brands are providing services that align with the values and needs of diverse homeschooling families.

Lowe’s Rides The Ecommerce Wave To Reach Consumers During Early Holiday Season. The holiday shopping season is gearing up to be an online-heavy event, causing many traditional brick-and-mortar retailers to invest in their ecommerce offerings and overall presence.

Baby Boomers Are Online, And Brands Are Following. The pandemic has accelerated the interest of brands in the buying power and influence of Baby Boomers.

Big Brands Increase Digital Ad Spend To Drive Results & Transparency. Digital ad spend continues to prove its worth as consumers’ expectations surrounding the media and brands shift during the pandemic.

Blackrock CMO Shares Formula For Being A Successful Purpose-Driven Brand. The pandemic has synthesized the path forward for many brands that want to amplify their purposes and lead from the front.

Ecommerce Is On Top Of The World As Consumers Embrace Online Shopping Like Never Before. The story of the year for retail has been the growth of ecommerce, which has made it safer and more convenient for consumers to get what they need during difficult times.

Alternative Halloween Experiences Connect Brands & Parents. Brands are connecting with parents this Halloween to provide tools, resources and activities for safe but spooky alternative celebrations.

Toy Wars: Big Retailers Push New Products & Strategic Partnerships Ahead Of Holiday Season. Major retailers like Target, Walmart and Amazon are strengthening their presence in the toy industry with innovative launches and partnerships, just in time for the holiday shopping rush.

The Future Of Travel And Hospitality Is Likely To Change, And Marketers Will Need To Adapt. Travel and hospitality will bounce back, and it’s likely to be more Earth-friendly, meaningful and across the open road.

Genre-Specific Food Apps & Platforms Increase In Popularity. Mobile app Slice and website Taco Tuesday provide collaborative spaces for restaurants to connect with consumers, share content and encourage social responsibility efforts.

4 Auto Insurance Shopping Predictions. Based on consumer lifestyle changes and new behaviors, DMS is predicting four trends for car insurance shopping in Q4 2020 and 2021.

Brands Resurrect Halloween With Product Launches & Digital Campaigns. Brands like ColourPop, Hostess and Reese’s are connecting to consumers this Halloween with engaging content campaigns and nostalgic product launches.

Radio And Digital Audio Listenerships Undergo Pandemic-Related Shifts. Although digital audio has seen a dip during the pandemic, it’s expected to bounce back while terrestrial radio continues to struggle.

Car Sales Climb After Initial Pandemic Slump. Latest automotive industry reports and predictions indicate a positive Q4 for automakers as sales begin to rise amidst widespread re-openings.

COVID-19 Has Changed Grocery Shopping Preferences, And Digital Marketers Are Adapting. Grocery shopping preferences evolved during COVID-19, and some new behaviors are likely to stick around, offering opportunities for digital marketers.

Consumers Demand Variety, Don’t Want All COVID-Focused Ads. The pandemic continues, but consumers are weary of the same crisis-themed ads. Innovative campaigns are driving engagement by taking a lighter tone and supporting communities and causes.

2020 Sees Emergence Of New Trends In Higher Education Demand As A Result Of COVID-19. The latest report from DMS reveals an increased interest from prospective students in online programs, advanced degrees and higher education programs in psychology and education.

Marketing Meets Health & Wellness In Latest Brand Partnerships. The latest strategic marketing partnerships launched by Walmart, CVS, Amazon, Starbucks and Target align rising consumer demands for health and wellness with brand values.

Digital Advertising Spend Predicted To Grow 6% In 2020. The outlook for digital advertising is positive in 2020, with growth anticipated in several key categories.

The Future Of Printed Catalogs In A Digital Retail World. Neiman Marcus has replaced their fall book with a digital magazine. Major brands leverage print catalogs in new ways while others shift to embrace more virtual consumer experiences.

Catch & Keep: New Audiences Get Hooked On Fishing During COVID-19. Outdoor and fishing brands reel in new and diverse audiences as interest in the activity soars during COVID-19.

2020 Holiday Season Predictions For Digital Marketers. This holiday season promises to be unusual, but past year trends and studied consumer behaviors could offer some clues leading to 2020 holiday success for digital marketers.

The Return Of Non-Essential In-Store Shopping. As consumers begin venturing into physical stores, new shopping patterns have emerged.

Loyalty Programs Evolve During COVID-19. In order to keep up with the growing impact COVID-19 has had on consumers’ spending habits, many brands are launching, updating or expanding their loyalty programs.

3 Digital Strategies Brands Can Use To Overcome Shipping Challenges This Holiday Season. The recent surge in ecommerce shopping has led to increased volume for couriers, and digital marketers need to be ready with thoughtful, effective strategies to manage the holiday rush.

Retailers Must Adapt To Ecommerce Sales Rush And Delivery Woes This Holiday Season. This holiday season brands will need to adapt to increased online shopping and shipping demands.

Wedding Industry Brands Commit To Innovating, With Eyes On The Future. From dress shopping to wedding registries, major wedding brands are pivoting their marketing strategies to continue to connect with couples during the global pandemic.

Avatars Becoming Ubiquitous in Digital Marketing Strategies. Once just for gaming, avatars are increasingly being used on social media and in advertising campaigns.

3 Ways Digital Marketers And Brands Can Prepare For ‘The Decade Of The Home’. The last year has led many consumers to stay close to home, and marketers can meet this shifting behavior with digital strategies.

Positive Marketing Messages From Higher Education Institutions Help Reassure Parents And Students During The Pandemic. During the uncertainty of COVID-19, positive marketing campaigns from colleges and universities can help students and parents feel informed.

Book Publishers Fight Off Retailer Woes With Strong Digital Push Across Channels. Although retail sales have impacted book sales, the adoption of digital strategies by publishers could mean a bright future.

Keebler And Other Heritage Brands Turn To Digital For Modern Marketing Campaigns. During the rise of digital, many heritage CPG brands have transitioned large portions of their marketing spend to digital media, creating fun, relevant campaigns.

Big Brands Shift To DTC Strategies As Consumer Behaviors Evolve. Evolving consumer behaviors during the pandemic and the value of first-party data has driven several big brands to launch DTC ventures.

Purpose-Driven Social Media Campaigns Help Brands Connect With Target Audiences. Brands like Hershey’s, Staples and Hellmann’s are furthering their social impact with the launch of their latest social media campaigns featuring charitable contests and non-profit partnerships.

Shifts In Consumer Habits & Values Emerge As Pandemic Persists. Recent studies show that consumers are prioritizing digital experiences, availability, essential items and convenience in regards to their shopping habits and overall values.

As Live Sports Return To TV Screens, Digital Marketers Rev Up Campaign Efforts To Reach Fans. Despite the uncertainty surrounding in-person events during the pandemic, marketers have found unique ways to get their brands in front of consumers through partnerships, creative ad spots and more.

Brands Replace Live Experiential Activations With Virtual Social Engagement. Capitalizing on connecting with consumers where they are, brands like Dunkin’ and Stella Artois are trading experiential activations for virtual engagement, leveraging the power of social media.

Kroger Ship Expands Delivery Service To Digital Marketplace: Just The Facts. The Kroger Co. is expanding its Kroger Ship delivery service with an online interface that will provide consumers more product options.

Quick-Serve Restaurants Encourage Surge In Digital Ordering. As consumers increasingly rely on delivery and pick-up options for food delivery, QSRs are responding with innovations that meet new habits.

Colleges Encourage Enrollment With Innovative Recruitment Strategies.  As students head back  or back online  to college this fall, higher education institutions need to be thinking proactively about strategies to boost enrollments moving forward.

Credit Card Wars & The Battle For Long-Term Loyalty.  Changes in consumer behaviors have reignited the credit wars. To retain customer loyalty, credit card brands are pivoting their campaigns with shifting consumer values.

‘Feel Good’ Ad Campaigns Give Consumers Comfort In A Time Of Uncertainty. Amidst a time of emotional and economic distress, brands are pivoting their marketing campaigns to focus on the well-being of their customers and promote positive and hopeful sentiments.

Big Brands Launch Marketing Activations Inspired By The “New Normal.” As consumers still feel the effects of the pandemic, brands are transitioning from their initial convenience offers to implementing proactive marketing efforts that resonate with consumers long-term.

Consumers Want Comfort & DTC Brands Evolve To Offer It. With so many people working from home, DTC brands that sell comfy clothes are finding an enthusiastic audience.

Car Dealerships Speed Up Adoption Of Digital Marketing & Sales Solutions. As the pandemic continues, auto dealers have heavily on digital tools and processes to acquire new customers and adapt to evolving consumer habits in order to remain prosperous in the long-term.

Ecommerce Opportunities Abound For Brands As Brick-And-Mortar Retailers Limit Holiday Hours. The need for safety over in-person sales is driving some big brick-and-mortar retailers to alter their Thanksgiving hours, creating ecommerce opportunities for brands.

Halloween Candy In July, Because It’s 2020. Candy brands introduce new options this year, way ahead of schedule, in the hopes of spurring sales with Halloween plans still unknown.

Buy One Gift One Marketing Strategies Evolve As Needs Shift. Buy one gift one marketing strategies are popular with consumers and continue to evolve as brands implement new ways to help.

A Roundup Of Brands Making Consumers Happy During A Time Of Uncertainty. Due to shifting consumer behaviors that developed during quarantines, some brands are seeing their popularity soar.

Making Health And Safety Claims: Lysol Demonstrates The Correct Path. Two different Lysol surface cleaners were recently approved as effective against the virus that causes Covid-19, but brands need to tread carefully when making health claims.

The Stalling Podcast Industry Deploys New Subscription And Brand Growth Strategies. Podcast use was humming along as a favorite commuter activity, then the pandemic hit and podcast services adapted to the new normal.

Mobile-First Marketing Strategies Remain A Priority For Brands. Despite a recent surge in desktop use, mobile engagement remains a priority for businesses, as several brands release mobile-friendly activations.

Ecommerce Round Up: How Social Media Platforms And Tech Brands Are Implementing Online Shopping. Ecommerce options are evolving across platforms as shoppers increasingly move their buying online.

CVB Marketing Accentuates Positives For Travelers. The travel industry has been one of the most impacted industries during COVID-19, and now that summer is here, CVBs are amplifying their efforts to make travel safe.

Who’s Winning The Streaming Wars? The streaming industry continues to evolve with subscriber growth impacted both by Covid-19 and new players in the over-the-top market.

Cereal, Soup & Condiment Marketing: CPG Products Build Loyalty From Turmoil. Legacy brands representing common pantry staples are experiencing heightened popularity and relevance turning a time of turmoil into opportunity to acquire new customers and build brand loyalty.

Brands Level Up With Animal Crossing: New Horizons Partnerships. The re-launch of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a solution for brands looking for new marketing platforms amidst COVID-19.

Ready Player One: The Booming Global Video Game Market. Social distancing catapulted the $165 billion video gaming industry into record growth in 2020, and brands are taking note of growing gamer audiences and marketing opportunities via in-game advertising.

Disposable Urinals Are The Latest Trend To Emerge From The Pandemic. The pandemic has created some strange trends, the latest of which may be necessary as people avoid public restrooms.

Cornhole & Other Non-Traditional Sports Get Off The Bench & Reach New Audiences. The COVID-19 related national sports hiatus may be the catalyst for accelerated popularity of non-traditional sports among consumers.

Rural Destinations Position Themselves As Ideal Post-Pandemic Vacations. As the country begins to reopen, the travel industry begins its road to recovery and rural destinations market themselves as ideal respites for vacationers.

4 Car Buying Trends In 2020 That Will Impact The Automotive Industry. Quarantines have created new consumer behaviors across industries including automotive, which will need to consider multichannel strategies moving forward.

Giving Back To The LGBTQ Community Is Focus Of 2020 Pride Marketing Campaigns. Pride celebrations across the country were canceled this year, but many brands have carried on with campaigns that highlight LGBTQ causes.

Garden Marketing Blooms Across The Country While People Stay Close To Home. As more people have hunkered down at home, gardening has taken off, leading to growth in the seed and gardening industry.

Golf Marketing Tees Up For Success & Draws In New Audiences During Social Distancing. Marketing efforts to reach new golfers hit an upswing, as the $84 billion golf industry attracts new audiences.

DTC Contacts & Glasses Brands Survive & Thrive Amidst Increased WFH. Through a variety of digital marketing strategies, DTC contacts and glasses brands have managed to navigate these uncertain times, effectively connecting with consumers and scaling revenue.

Big Box Stores See Uptick In Ecommerce Sales. As consumers' spending habits evolve in the wake of COVID-19, big box stores are experiencing rapid rises in ecommerce sales and increased demand for seamless transaction and delivery options.

Dating Apps: The Latest Trends Digital Marketers Should Know. Following a slew of virtual initiatives, dating apps have continued to experience increased usage while launching new marketing initiatives and closely monitoring users’ changing habits across different demographics.  

Mada Fashion Styling App Pairs Style With Data Science. Style meets science in one of the latest mobile shopping apps to hit the market.

Digital Banks Use AI, Personalization And Sophisticated Apps To Appeal To Younger Generations. The digital banks industry, a growing challenger, amplifyies personalization, machine learning and innovation to scale growth.

Online Grocery Ordering Trends Evolve During Quarantine. While online shopping has spiked during the pandemic, the surge of online grocery shopping has been unprecedented, leaving many to wonder whether the boon will become part of the “new normal.”

Consumers Are Ready For Brands To Move On From COVID-19 Advertisements. A recent study indicated that consumers appreciated proactive brands during the early period of COVID-19, but now they want to hear about something else.

Marketing To Moms During Coronavirus Requires Understanding And Authenticity. Brands that want to connect with moms during coronavirus should deliver authentic, solution-oriented campaigns to this active and engaged demographic.

Surging Skincare Sales And Ecommerce Growth Reshape The Beauty Industry. The rise of the global skincare market, coupled with the societal and economic shifts resulting from COVID-19, could dramatically change the future of the $6 billion cosmetics industry.

QSRs Shift Marketing Strategies To Adapt To Changing Consumer Behaviors. Through convenient mobile ordering and food delivery, creative campaigns, the launch of new products and more, QSR chains have evolved their marketing strategies to adapt to socially distant consumers

The Life Experience Of Gen Xers Is Reflected In Their Superior Self-Isolation Behaviors. Gen Xers grew up fending for themselves and making the best of boring situations, which may have uniquely prepared them for life in a pandemic.

From Crisis Comes Opportunity: 3 Coronavirus-Related Evolutions Higher Ed Enrollment Marketers Must Know. Higher education industry leaders Cliff Libby and Michael Tolmie spoke with webinar moderator Rustam Irani about the impact COVID-19 has had on the higher education industry. In this article, we’ll dive into the webinar’s top three takeaways for higher education marketers.

Pools And Outdoor Toy Sales Are Gaining Popularity During Quarantine. As quarantines continue and temperatures heat up, many parents are buying outdoor toys to keep kids entertained.

Sales For Pet Products Are Up, But Brands Will Need To Innovate To Stay Relevant. Sales for pet food and supplies are up, and brands are capturing consumer attention with creative campaigns focused on pet companions during isolation.

Evolving Quarantine Demands: Home Hair Care Product Sales Surge. The sale of at-home hair care products has surged in recent weeks as self-isolation continues and people get creative with their hair.

Discounts And Downturns: The Power Of Digital Coupons On Consumer Spending. 31 billion digital coupons were redeemed by consumers in 2019. Economic turmoil, high unemployment rates and the motivation to save could propel motivations for accelerated coupon use.

As Face Mask Sales Skyrocket, Leading Brands Step In To Help. Major brands like Disney, J. Crew and Etsy have hopped on the face mask production bandwagon in an effort to connect with consumers, increase sales and provide one of the highest in-demand items today.

Colleges Considering Multiple Scenarios For Fall 2020 Semester. With the spring semester quickly wrapping up, plans for the fall semester are a major focus for higher education employees, incoming students and parents. As state-specific social distancing regulations change day by day, higher education institutions are actively considering multiple scenarios for what the fall semester may look like.

Flower Delivery Businesses Prepare For Mother’s Day With Promotions And Partnerships. Consumers celebrate mom this Mother’s Day with flowers from innovative and forward-thinking flower delivery businesses.

Cancellations And Return Policies Are More Important Than Ever During & After COVID-19. From travel to Target, brands are refining and revising cancellation and refund policies which could have lasting implications.

Consumers Are Stocking Up On Wine And Brands Need To Find Their Niche To Stay Competitive. Many consumers are stocking up on wine during coronavirus self-isolation, and wine clubs are responding to demand with promotions and proactive delivery options.

Brands Find New Ways To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Fresh margaritas and delicious Mexican food can still be found this Cinco de Mayo as brands create fun activations for stay-at-home celebrations.

Corporate Innovation For Hiring During Coronavirus. Like most things, the traditional hiring process has been impacted by social distancing. In this article, we dive into innovative ways companies have evolved their hiring practices in the wake of the pandemic.

Coffee (At Home) Wars: Battle Of The Quarantine-Friendly Brews. At-home coffee brands continue to compete and pivot their marketing strategies, as many companies are experiencing a rise in sales with consumers spending more time at home.

NBC Universal Checkout Platform: JTF. NBC Universal pushes up the launch of their shopping platform “Checkout,” in a bid to help out retailers and possibly reach consumers taking in content while self-isolating.

App Use Increase Offers Opportunities For Brand Engagement While Consumers Self Isolate. App use is up while people are in self-isolation, which could impact internet usage moving forward.

Doubling Down: P&G’s Plans During Coronavirus. “The best response to what we are challenged with today is to push forward, not to pull back,” according to Jon Moeller.

From Puzzles To Arts & Crafts, Demand For Toys That Educate & Entertain Grows. During the coronavirus crisis, toys sales have seen increased sales as parents homeschool and entertain their kids for hours on end.

ESPN — And Bored Athletes — Try To Stay Busy During Quarantine. ESPN, athletes and sports fans are finding ways to stay busy since all professional sporting events were canceled.

Subscription Boxes Experience Growth Amidst Coronavirus. Despite many consumers tightening their spending habits in the wake of COVID-19, subscription boxes have managed to adjust to the new norms and expand their customer bases in the process.

At-Home Learning Market Experiences Rapid Growth, But Brands Will Need To Evolve Message For Long-Term Success. As school districts remain closed for the foreseeable future, at-home learning materials are experiencing unprecedented growth at a rapid pace.

3 Strategies For Higher Education Institutions To Boost Fall 2020 Yield. In this article, we dive into three strategies for boosting fall 2020 yield and highlight colleges and universities that have found ways to effectively innovate amidst uncertainty.

Brick-And-Mortar Businesses Going All In With Digital Will Drive Long-Term Success. Many retailers around the world are moving their brick-and-mortar businesses online because of the coronavirus pandemic, and it could help them survive and thrive.

Consumer Spending Habits Shift In Response To New Norms. Radical changes in daily life that have resulted from COVID-19 have shifted consumer spending and could transform future buying habits.

The State Of Influencer Marketing During Coronavirus. Now that actors and musicians are using their influence to inspire and raise money, is there a role for influencers during the coronavirus pandemic?

Companies Update Websites To Tackle Today’s Realities. Incorporating new digital tools and relevant information, several companies have updated their websites to keep up with consumers’ increased online usage.

3 Ways To Make Sure Purpose-Driven Marketing Campaigns Are Authentic And Effective. Brands that lead with purpose-driven strategies during coronavirus are more likely to be successful with consumers today and in the future.

Beer Brands Kick Off Social Media Activations To Offer COVID-19 Support. Beer brands around the country are leveraging social media to launch activations and strategic partnerships with the goal of helping people struggling because of coronavirus.

Strong Anticipated Home Loan Amounts In 2019 Powered By Limited Housing Stock & Low Interest Rates. In 2019, declining interest rates combined with limited housing inventory drove strong anticipated mortgage loan purchase amounts.

Hardware Stores Reach Out To Consumers Proactively During Coronavirus. Although many stores shuttered during coronavirus, hardware stores were deemed essential and are providing consumers with valuable services.

Online And Big Box Pharmacies Expand Options To Meet Consumer Demand. Online and retail pharmacies are offering helpful content and delivery options to consumers self-isolating during coronavirus.

Auto Brands Find New Ways To Engage Consumers. Through online sales, special financing options, uplifting campaigns and more, major auto brands are pivoting their marketing strategy to effectively engage their audience.

Desktop Search Surge: The Result Of Everyone Working From Home. Among many shifting consumer behaviors during coronavirus is the increased use of desktop search, but this may not be a long-term trend.

Language Apps Evolve Marketing To Engage Quarantined Learners. Many language-learning brands are offering their services for free to students during the COVID-19 crisis, helping parents and teachers.

Credit Card Companies Shift Rewards To Recognize Consumer Desires During COVID-19. Societal shifts resulting from COVID-19 spur credit card companies to alter their rewards programs to incentivize spending on groceries, food delivery, work collaboration and streaming services.

Virtual Concerts, Sporting Events, Playdates & More: New, Innovative Ways To Connect With Consumers. Industries from music to alcohol to sports have recognized the need for virtual initiatives in order to connect consumers and spread meaningful messages during an uncertain time.

Proven Again: Increased Marketing Drives Increased Sales. Although America is only at the beginning of the 2020 economic crisis, the fashion industry has already given us another advertising case study.

Processed Foods Appeal To Anxious Shoppers Looking For Comfort During Quarantine. After years of healthy eating, some consumers find themselves drawn to the processed foods of their youth.

We’ve Come To This: NBA HORSE. With all professional sports on hold indefinitely, the NBA is putting on a HORSE competition with stars of basketball shooting from home.

Predictions Amidst Uncertainty: Fall 2020 Higher Education Outlook. With uncertainty abounding regarding when the pandemic will subside, many look ahead to fall 2020 as the soonest the higher education landscape may return to some semblance of normalcy. In this article we dive into what the “new normal” may look like for American higher education. 

Restaurants Engage Consumers With Meal Kits And Recipes During COVID-19 Closures. Although many restaurants are closed to in-store customers because of coronavirus, some are offering their culinary specialties as meal kits and recipes for consumers.

Chipotle Turns Video Gaming Tournament Into Virtual Event. Chipotle’s “Challenger Series” video gaming tournament has transitioned into a virtual event, as most of the population continues to practice social distancing.

From Boomers To Gen Z, Credit Cards Reign As Preferred Method Of Payment. As consumers preferences shift, marketers must understand what motivates different audiences to use credit cards.

Leading Consumer Brands Do Their Part To Help Healthcare Workers. Major brands have begun creating, manufacturing and distributing essential items to healthcare workers around the globe.

In-Home Fitness Brands See Opportunities To Grow Subscriber Bases During Quarantine. The quarantine is bound to make people antsy, and with gyms closed many fitness brands have stepped up and are offering virtual fitness classes.

The Coronavirus-Related Amplification Of Specialty Meat And Seafood Deliveries. During isolation many consumers are turning to bulk meat and seafood deliveries to stock up their freezers.

Nonprofit Marketing Must Transition To Digital In Advance Of May’s #GivingTuesdayNow. #GivingTuesdayNow is a “global day of giving and unity” and a moment for nonprofits and the giving community to address the COVID-19 crisis with communities and individuals.

Alcohol Brands Pivot During Difficult Circumstances. Alcohol brands are among the many businesses that have had to pivot during the coronavirus pandemic.

Consumers Expect Brands To Be Helpful, Not Go Dark, During Coronavirus Crisis. A majority of consumers expect brands to use their platforms and resources to promote helpful messages and produce necessary items during the coronavirus crisis.

5 Slack Hacks To Be More Productive WFH. In response to COVID-19, there has been a rapid global shift to working remotely. The messaging platform Slack has features that can help boost productivity and lessen WFH struggles.

Telehealth Subscriptions Offer Support During Coronavirus. Telehealth and meditation subscriptions may be ideal options during the coronavirus pandemic, relieving some of the burden of an exhausted healthcare system.

Pinterest Adds ‘Today’ Tab For The Latest Trends: Just The Facts. Pinterest added a new tab called Today, highlighting trending ideas from across the pinning platform.

Ecommerce Ad Spend Doubles As Consumers Self-Isolate. As consumers move their shopping online due to self-isolation during the coronavirus crisis, ecommerce ad spend doubles.

Instagram Co-Watching: Just The Facts. With the goal of connecting users during a time of isolation, Instagram has created a new media sharing feature via in-app video chat.

Influencers Use Social Media Platforms To Encourage Social Distancing. Kylie Jenner, NBA players and popular brands remind young people how important it is to self isolate and maintain social distance during the coronavirus crisis.

Brands Take Social Responsibility Seriously During Coronavirus Crisis. As masks and hand sanitizer becomes more difficult to find, businesses big and small step up to make these essential supplies or offer support where needed.

Meal Kits Gain Popularity As Food Delivery Options During Coronavirus. While consumers’ shopping and dining habits adjust during self-isolation, meal kits are having a resurgence.

Toilet Paper Is Having A Moment But Which Brand Will Win The War? Toilet paper brands use cute mascots and cheeky campaigns to promote the better qualities of their products -- more relevant than ever as consumers stockpile because of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

How Are Streaming Services Adapting During Coronavirus? As coronavirus concerns force more people to isolate at home, streaming services will be in the hot seat.

Coronavirus May Shift Older Generations To Online Shopping. While most Baby Boomers are online, they still lag behind younger generations when it comes to online shopping. But that may be about to change.

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