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Rolling up at a bar and meeting your soulmate may still be possible, but the rise of online dating apps indicates it’s an increasingly less likely avenue to find love — particularly for Generation Z, with 18-25 year olds making up half of Tinder’s user base. Online dating apps including Tinder, OKCupid, Match, Hinge and Bumble are predicted to reach revenues of more than $649 million by 2023, and more than half of the public knows someone who has used a dating app. The launch of Facebook Dating shows that social media is getting in on the dating app game, and marketers can capitalize on the comfort audiences feel with dating apps through partnerships and celebrity endorsements.

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about online dating:

Major Brands Poke Fun At 2020 In Social Media Campaigns. In an effort to create relevant and fun content, several brands are bashing 2020 in new digital advertising campaigns.

5 QSRs & Fast Food Restaurants That Rolled Out Romantic Delivery & Pick Up Options For Valentine's Day. In an effort to provide pandemic-friendly dining options this Valentine’s Day, QSRs and fast food restaurants are leveraging their safe and convenient delivery and pick-up options for consumers.

Big Brands Launch Marketing Activations Inspired By The “New Normal.” As consumers still feel the effects of the pandemic, brands are transitioning from their initial convenience offers to implementing proactive marketing efforts that resonate with consumers long-term.

Brands Fight For Diversity & Inclusion By Giving Back In Big Ways. Brands across a multitude of industries have created impactful initiatives in an effort to support the Black community and give back to organizations fighting against racial inequality.

Dating Apps: The Latest Trends Digital Marketers Should Know. Following a slew of virtual initiatives, dating apps have continued to experience increased usage while launching new marketing initiatives and closely monitoring users’ changing habits across different demographics. 

S’More Dating App Focuses On Conversations, Not Selfies. In today’s crowded and competitive dating app industry, S’More enters the space with a unique and meaningful approach to finding your match.

Colonel Sanders Gets Hunky In A New KFC Game. KFC debuts a new “dating simulator” with a hunky Colonel in another marketing move from the innovative Yum! Brands.

The Launch Of Facebook Dating: Just The Facts. Facebook Dating is now available in the U.S., appearing as a new tab within the Facebook mobile app.

Dating Apps: On The Outs Or A Digital Marketer's Dream? While the growth of dating apps slowly declines, marketers must still recognize the opportunities these platforms offer to promote their brands.

The Trojan Man Creates a New Image for Safe Sex. By reimagining their mascot, Trojan incorporates inclusive marketing, accessible to all in the age of dating apps and openly fluid sexuality.

Facebook in 2018: 6 Growth Signs that Indicate Facebook Is Too Big to Fail. From formally connecting brands and influencers to launching a new dating feature, Facebook is moving forward with their scaling user and advertiser bases in tow.

Why Your Keywords & Ad Copy Should Get Married ― And 9 Other Romantic Paid Search Tips. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we compiled a list of romantic paid search tips. From dating to marriage, we aim to help keep your focus on performance.

The Right Dashboard Can Boost Your Dating Efficiency This Valentine’s Day. The right dashboard can boost your dating efficiency. We brainstormed a list of ways a dashboard could assess return on time and financial investment, to boost dating performance as a result.

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