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The Walt Disney Company, known for its theme parks and entertainment, comprises a growing roster of brands, including 20th Century Fox, A&E Networks, Blue Sky Studios, Disney Channel, Disney Cruise Line, ESPN, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Freeform, FX, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, National Geographic Network, Pixar, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Studios. In 2018, more than 20 million people attended Disney’s U.S. parks and Disney’s North American box office revenue topped $3 billion. A true powerhouse, Disney’s success is thanks in part to their aggressive advertising, with annual ad spend in the $2 billion range for the past decade.

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about The Walt Disney Company and its brands:

Brands Are Using Freemiums To Engage Consumers And Boost Customer Acquisition. When scaling customer acquisitions, brands often offer freemium deals that can include free items, services or memberships.

Hulu Launches Direct Response Ad Format: Just The Facts. Hulu has developed an interactive way for consumers to connect with brands through its streaming service.

Who’s Winning The Streaming Wars? The streaming industry continues to evolve with subscriber growth impacted both by Covid-19 and new players in the over-the-top market.

As Face Mask Sales Skyrocket, Leading Brands Step In To Help. Major brands like Disney, J. Crew and Etsy have hopped on the face mask production bandwagon in an effort to connect with consumers, increase sales and provide one of the highest in-demand items today.

How Are Streaming Services Adapting During Coronavirus? As coronavirus concerns force more people to isolate at home, streaming services will be in the hot seat.

Apple And Disney Now Major Players In The Streaming Wars As The Competition Heats Up. As the popularity of Netflix slows and major competitors enter the streaming space, the streaming wars get serious.

Streaming Subscriptions Offer Bundling To Meet Consumer Demand. With more and more consumers subscribed to multiple streaming subscriptions and other services, bundling is becoming increasingly popular.

Star Wars Rise Of The Skywalker Promotions Are Galactic This Holiday Season. The highly anticipated Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker opening in theaters on December 20 with multiple global promotions.

Frozen 2 Anticipated To Dominate Marketing This Holiday Season. Frozen 2, the movie with the most-viewed animated trailer of all timelaunches in theaters on November 22. The marketing and merchandising tie-ins of this global phenomenon span across all industries this holiday season.

Disney Partnership Inspires Girls. Sport England initiative “This Girl Can” partners with Disney to inspire girls and promote health and wellness.

By Effectively Using Data, Movie Studios Are Creating Successful And Shorter Marketing Campaigns. Avengers: Endgame, other franchise films and big data have led to successful condensed movie marketing campaigns.

Disney X Star Wars And How The Play Disney Parks App Engages Fans: With new interactive Star Wars experiences, Disney is strategically targeting their intergalactic consumers across a variety of channels, including the new Play Disney Parks app.

Disney’s New Streaming Service: Just The Facts: Disney has bid the Vault adieu and is introducing Disney+, the brand’s first streaming service. Disney+ will host more than 500 movies and 7,000 episodes of iconic TV shows.

From Fashion To Funko Pop! Captain Marvel Merchandise Offers Something For Every Fan And Collector: As usual, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has partnered with a variety of different outlets to create fun, collectible merchandise aligned with the release of their latest film Captain Marvel.

Tech-Based Toys, Outdoor Fun, Unboxing And Captain Marvel Revealed As Trends For Toys In 2019: The toy trends for 2019 are anticipated to incorporate a fun mix of licensed merchandise, tech-based creator toys and another year of new innovations in slime and unboxing.

Ralph Breaks the Internet, Offering Valuable Marketing Strategies Along the Way: Ralph storms through a chaotic internet, wreaking havoc and learning valuable lessons about friendship and self-worth, but marketers can also gain useful insights from Ralph’s adventure.

The Walt Disney Company + Google Ad Manager: What to Know: Disney has dropped Comcast’s FreeWheel and switched to Google Ad Manager in hopes of providing a streamlined advertising option.

Rose Gold Minnie Ears: Using the Drop Model to Create Demand: Disney promoted a fascinating product to an insatiable crowd. Learn how Disney sold out of their limited edition rose gold Minnie ears and had to add the product to their staple collection.

Star Wars: How the Force Identifies SEO Tactics: Star Wars teaches more than the power of the Force. See how Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader teach marketers about SEO.

3 Memorable Lunar New Year Marketing Campaigns Of 2020:  Various brands branch out and celebrate the Chinese New Year with memorable marketing campaigns. 

Brands Debut New Advertising Sports During Oscars Broadcast: This year’s Oscars made history, and several brands were there for the excitement with commercials debuting on the star-studded night.

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