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Dunkin, formerly known as Dunkin Donuts, has 12,000 locations worldwide with a global annual revenue of more than $660 million. The first store was opened in Quincy, Massachusetts, and Dunkin retains a loyal following in New England. Founder William Rosenberg successfully franchised the brand in the 1960s, creating a model for other restaurants to follow. In 2006, the slogan “America Runs on Dunkin” took off, and espresso drinks were added to the menu, leading to a sales increase of 66% and many new locations. The revitalization of the brand has seen Dunkin create fun and viral marketing campaigns and strategic partnerships.

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about Dunkin:

Restaurants Engage Consumers With Meal Kits And Recipes During COVID-19 Closures. Although many restaurants are closed to in-store customers because of coronavirus, some are offering their culinary specialties as meal kits and recipes for consumers.

Kicking Off The NFL’s 100th Season With New And Old Partnerships. Various brands have partnered up with the NFL in celebration of its 100th season.

Loyalty Programs Are Effective For Brands And Popular With Audiences. By effectively deploying loyalty programs, brands can generate customer engagement and increase sales.

Strategic Partnerships: The Saucony x Dunkin’ Running Shoe Is A Fun, Targeted Product For Runners And New Englanders. With the Boston Marathon just weeks away, Saucony and Dunkin have renewed their partnership and released another Dunkin’ branded running shoe.

#DoveXDunkin: How Dove and Dunkin’ Partnered for Morning Necessities. Dunkin’ and Dove paired up to create morning essentials for American women. By offering coffee and dry shampoo, the duo have generated insurmountable buzz.

Dunkin’ Drops The Donuts In Their Name And Other Rebrands. Brands often go through a name change or rebrand to appeal to their newer, bigger business objectives. As Dunkin’ drops the donuts from their name, we took a look back at some memorable name changes.

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