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Entertainment has grown in the 21st century to include over-the-top (OTT) streaming, multichannel experiences across the web and an ever-evolving number of new digital sources for content. Netflix, Hulu, Roku, Spotify and Pandora are among the many outlets consumers are using to experience entertainment on a daily basis.

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about entertainment:

Netflix Ecommerce Shop: Just The Facts. Netflix recently announced that it is opening an online store, Netflix.shop. The new store allows Netflix to take advantage of the popularity of its offerings and the rise in ecommerce.

What Is AVOD? Streaming services continue to evolve, and ad-based video on demand (AVOD) is gaining in popularity.

The Latest News From The Streaming Wars Could Mean New Opportunities For Advertisers. The streaming wars continue with new platforms finding success and new opportunities for advertisers.

What Is XR? The popularity of extended reality (XR) has grown, with many brands and technology platforms seeing opportunities across verticals.

Who’s Winning The Streaming Wars? The streaming industry continues to evolve with subscriber growth impacted both by Covid-19 and new players in the over-the-top market.

What Is Tubi? Tubi offers advertisers opportunities to reach cord-cutters with its ad-supported streaming service. 

Major Brands Are Skipping The Super Bowl To Invest In Purpose-Driven Digital Campaigns. This year, many brands long known for advertising at the Super Bowl are sitting it out and turning their attention elsewhere.

What Is Struum? A new streaming service, Struum promises to bundle on the streaming services consumers aren’t yet watching.

Long-Form Content: From Fast Food To Fashion And Beyond. A KFC mini-movie shocked Twitter, but the QSR is just the latest brand to try long-form branded content.

New Online Shopping Trend: At-Home Medical Testing. At-home medical testing companies Let’sGetChecked and Everlywell are seeing explosive growth in online sales, using digital platforms and marketing to scale up revenue.

Apple And Disney Now Major Players In The Streaming Wars As The Competition Heats Up. As the popularity of Netflix slows and major competitors enter the streaming space, the streaming wars get serious.

Radio And Digital Audio Listenerships Undergo Pandemic-Related Shifts. Although digital audio has seen a dip during the pandemic, it’s expected to bounce back while terrestrial radio continues to struggle.

What’s Gen Z Watching, And How Does It Impact The Future Of TV. Roku predicts half of homes will have dropped cable by 2024, which could be strongly influenced by the viewing habits of Gen Z.

Catch & Keep: New Audiences Get Hooked On Fishing During COVID-19. Outdoor and fishing brands reel in new and diverse audiences as interest in the activity soars during COVID-19.

Voice-Powered Digital Marketing Strategies Becoming Another Important  Part Of Multichannel Strategies. Several brands have launched voice-powered ads, as advertisers look for innovative ways to create seamless engagement with consumers.

Avatars Becoming Ubiquitous in Digital Marketing Strategies. Once just for gaming, avatars are increasingly being used on social media and in advertising campaigns.

Book Publishers Fight Off Retailer Woes With Strong Digital Push Across Channels. Although retail sales have impacted book sales, the adoption of digital strategies by publishers could mean a bright future.

Rappers And Hip-Hop Artists Partner With Brands. Many hip-hop stars and rappers have appeared in commercials and partnered with brands to promote a wide range of products.

As Live Sports Return To TV Screens, Digital Marketers Rev Up Campaign Efforts To Reach Fans. Despite the uncertainty surrounding in-person events during the pandemic, marketers have found unique ways to get their brands in front of consumers through partnerships, creative ad spots and more.

ViacomCBS EyeQ Ad Platform: Just The Facts. Similar to other media conglomerates, Viacom is streamlining their ad buying across assets with a new ad platform.

Alcohol Brands Embrace The Next Wave Of Pandemic-Friendly Marketing Campaigns. As the pandemic continues, many major alcohol brands have debuted new marketing initiatives that reflect the current lifestyles consumers are experiencing.

Credit Card Wars & The Battle For Long-Term Loyalty.  Changes in consumer behaviors have reignited the credit wars. To retain customer loyalty, credit card brands are pivoting their campaigns with shifting consumer values.

Effective UGC Campaigns Hint At A New Wave Of Digital Marketing. UGC has grown significantly in recent years, positioning itself as a beneficial approach to marketing, due to its authentic and real-life appeal for consumers.

Hulu Launches Direct Response Ad Format: Just The Facts. Hulu has developed an interactive way for consumers to connect with brands through its streaming service.

Wonder Woman 1984 Promotions Continue Despite Delayed Opening. Although now scheduled for a fall release, Wonder Woman 1984 promotional partnerships continue to move forward.

A Roundup Of Brands Making Consumers Happy During A Time Of Uncertainty. Due to shifting consumer behaviors that developed during quarantines, some brands are seeing their popularity soar.

The Stalling Podcast Industry Deploys New Subscription And Brand Growth Strategies. Podcast use was humming along as a favorite commuter activity, then the pandemic hit and podcast services adapted to the new normal.

Mobile-First Marketing Strategies Remain A Priority For Brands. Despite a recent surge in desktop use, mobile engagement remains a priority for businesses, as several brands release mobile-friendly activations.

Brands Level Up With Animal Crossing: New Horizons Partnerships. The re-launch of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a solution for brands looking for new marketing platforms amidst COVID-19.

Ready Player One: The Booming Global Video Game Market. Social distancing catapulted the $165 billion video gaming industry into record growth in 2020, and brands are taking note of growing gamer audiences and marketing opportunities via in-game advertising.

Cornhole & Other Non-Traditional Sports Get Off The Bench & Reach New Audiences. The COVID-19 related national sports hiatus may be the catalyst for accelerated popularity of non-traditional sports among consumers.

Golf Marketing Tees Up For Success & Draws In New Audiences During Social Distancing. Marketing efforts to reach new golfers hit an upswing, as the $84 billion golf industry attracts new audiences.

The Year’s NewFronts Will Reflect Recent Changes In Consumer Behavior. This year’s virtual NewFronts will address changes in consumer behaviors, as many advertisers move away from traditional TV ad buys.

Roku OneView Ad Platform: Just The Facts. Roku introduces OneView Ad Platform, which meets the needs of advertisers optimizing campaigns across OTT.

NBC Universal Checkout Platform: JTF. NBC Universal pushes up the launch of their shopping platform “Checkout,” in a bid to help out retailers and possibly reach consumers taking in content while self-isolating.

App Use Increase Offers Opportunities For Brand Engagement While Consumers Self Isolate. App use is up while people are in self-isolation, which could impact internet usage moving forward.

ESPN — And Bored Athletes — Try To Stay Busy During Quarantine. ESPN, athletes and sports fans are finding ways to stay busy since all professional sporting events were canceled.

The State Of Influencer Marketing During Coronavirus. Now that actors and musicians are using their influence to inspire and raise money, is there a role for influencers during the coronavirus pandemic?

Virtual Concerts, Sporting Events, Playdates & More: New, Innovative Ways To Connect With Consumers. Industries from music to alcohol to sports have recognized the need for virtual initiatives in order to connect consumers and spread meaningful messages during an uncertain time.

We’ve Come To This: NBA HORSE. With all professional sports on hold indefinitely, the NBA is putting on a HORSE competition with stars of basketball shooting from home.

Influencers Use Social Media Platforms To Encourage Social Distancing. Kylie Jenner, NBA players and popular brands remind young people how important it is to self isolate and maintain social distance during the coronavirus crisis.

How Are Streaming Services Adapting During Coronavirus? As coronavirus concerns force more people to isolate at home, streaming services will be in the hot seat.

Apple And Disney Now Major Players In The Streaming Wars As The Competition Heats Up. As the popularity of Netflix slows and major competitors enter the streaming space, the streaming wars get serious.

Movie Subscription Wars: Who’s Winning After The Demise Of MoviePass? MoviePass was a great idea that didn’t work, and other movie subscriptions are now battling it out having learned from the past.

3 Slam Dunk March Madness Campaigns. The excitement surrounding the March Madness tournament offers marketers the opportunity to increase consumer engagement and expand their audience reach.

Famous Women And Brands Team Up For Fun Marketing Campaigns. To kick off Women’s History Month, here are three marketing campaigns that feature famous women creatives.

Streaming Subscriptions Offer Bundling To Meet Consumer Demand. With more and more consumers subscribed to multiple streaming subscriptions and other services, bundling is becoming increasingly popular.

BBC Promotes New ‘Doctor Who’ Season With AR Activation. The new season of BBC’s Doctor Who kicked off with a fun AR activation using QR codes.

Digital Advertising Spending Will Reach New Heights In 2020. In 2020, predictions suggest that digital advertising will account for more than half of the U.S. and global ad spend.

What Is An Interactive Voice Ad? Interactive voice ads are a new advertising format that allows users to have conversations with ad content.

Shoppable Videos May Be The Next Evolution In Television. Shoppable videos, already popular on digital platforms, may be coming to TV in the near future.

Classic Holiday Commercials Bring Joy And Nostalgia To The Season. Many classic holiday commercials have become an integral part of the holiday season.

Star Wars Rise Of The Skywalker Promotions Are Galactic This Holiday Season. The highly anticipated Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker opening in theaters on December 20 with multiple global promotions.

Just The Facts: YouTube Shopping Ads. YouTube's latest shopping ads further consumer engagement just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Frozen 2 Anticipated To Dominate Marketing This Holiday Season. Frozen 2, the movie with the most-viewed animated trailer of all time, launches in theaters on November 22. The marketing and merchandising tie-ins of this global phenomenon span across all industries this holiday season.

HBO Launches Quirky AR Campaign To Promote ‘Watchmen’. HBO launches AR activation to promote “Watchmen” in latest digital out-of-home campaign.

Spotify Ad Studio Expands Targeting Options: Just The Facts. Last month, Spotify introduced enhancements to its Ad Studio, enabling marketers to more precisely target their ads.

This Year’s Emmy Campaigns Are Hotter And Pricier Than Ever — Reflecting Changes To The TV Landscape. The Emmys are coming up and networks are sparing no expense to promote their programming, looking for top-of-mind brand awareness.

Music Industry’s Growth And Revenue Soars Thanks To Streaming Subscription Services. Americans are spending more and more on music through subscription and streaming, making both services a main factor for driving growth within the music industry.

By Effectively Using Data, Movie Studios Are Creating Successful And Shorter Marketing Campaigns. Avengers: Endgame, other franchise films and big data have led to successful condensed movie marketing campaigns.

Woodstock Turns 50! 3 Lessons Marketers Can Take From That Moment In Music History  The 50th anniversary of Woodstock offers an ideal time to appreciate the lessons learned during those three days of rain and rock ‘n’ roll and how marketers can apply those lessons today.

Beyond Booksellers: The Expansion Of Unique Summer Reading Activations. Local libraries and booksellers have historically offered summer reading challenges to keep young readers engaged, but this year’s unique digital summer reading activations have expanded.

#Thankunextgen! Ariana Grande Encourages Voter Registration. Ariana Grande partners with HeadCount to encourage voter registration, using social media and mobile to spread the word.

Broadway Audiences Grow As Options And Activations Increase. Broadway had a record breaking year for ticket sales, which can be attributed to several break-out hits, diversity among the offerings and creating brand awareness among eager audiences.

Angry Birds Takes On AR. Months before its second movie release, Angry Birds is back with a new augmented reality game to add to the franchise.

Pokemon Go… To Sleep: Just The Facts. Pokemon Go turned walking into entertainment, and now it’s tackling sleep. Pokemon Sleep, which tracks users’ sleep cycles, will encourage healthy lifestyles by promoting adequate rest.

ICYMI: Denny’s Won Father’s Day Advertising With Viral Father-Son Duo. Denny's won Father's Day marketing with a reverse influencer strategy that took a viral father and son duo from the couch to the diner booth.

Courvoisier X Def Jam Recordings: A Partnership That Reaches Niche Audiences And Beyond. A strategic partnership between Courvoisier and Def Jam Recordings can grow loyalty with their fans and expand their reach with effective activations and user generated content.

Stranger Things X New Coke Targets The Streaming Generation. New Coke is back as a part of a strategic integration with Netflix and Stranger Things to capture the fast growing commercial-averse TV watcher — and capture a little nostalgic fun.

Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries Capture Gold: A Cinematic Commercial And Song. Taco Bell uses cinematic spin in their nacho fries advertising. The release of the latest commercial, “Chasing Gold,” embraces a delectable combination of parody and music in video marketing.

Roku Ads: Just The Facts. Roku, the streaming platform, has introduced a new measurement tool to encourage advertisers to spend on OTT advertising instead of traditional TV ads.

Carnival Cruise Line Debuts Mobile Comedy Series With Thrillist. Carnival is partnering with Thrillist to produce a seven-episode content series to find the best comedian for on-ship entertainment.

Walmart’s TV And Video Media Agency, Vudu: Just The Facts. Walmart’s TV and video streaming platform, Vudu, launched new advertising options, backed by Walmart’s first-party retail data.

Beats: The Clout Behind A Star-Studded Multi-Media Campaign. In Beats’ new star-studded TV spot, featuring Serena Williams, LeBron James and Simone Biles, the brand manages to expertly showcase their new product while generating buzz and hype.

The Criterion Channel: A Movie Streaming Service For Arthouse Movie Buffs. Criterion and WarnerMedia partnered to create a movie streaming service for niche audiences, capitalizing on the growing popularity of entertainment streaming options.

Disney’s New Streaming Service: Just The Facts. Disney has bid the Vault adieu and is introducing Disney+, the brand’s first streaming service. Disney+ will host more than 500 movies and 7,000 episodes of iconic TV shows.

Game Of Thrones Returns To TV And Aligns With Several Brands For Engaging Promotions. Game of Thrones fans are gearing up for the final season of the huge HBO hit, and strategic branding partnerships are generating excitement.

Vans X Harry Potter Partnership Promoted On Instagram Offers Something For Every Fan. Vans continues their strategic partnerships with a Harry Potter collaboration that taps into the whole Potter universe for a unique fashion line.

The Power Of Music In Film: Jordan Peele’s Us Takes Over Spotify’s TV & Movies Hub. Jordan Peele’s new thriller, Us, took a unique approach to marketing, which included a Spotify takeover, the first of its kind.

Innovative Movie Marketing: Action-Packed Digital Campaigns Take The Lead. Marketing teams, directors and casted actors spread the word through social media, TV interviews and other innovative methods, all used to reach their target audiences.

Super Bowl-Inspired Marketing: What Brands Launch Around The Event, Not Air During It. Not every brand can cough up $5 million for a 30-second spot that airs during the Super Bowl. See how these marketing campaigns leveraged the Super Bowl’s popularity without buying expensive TV spots.

From Carrie Bradshaw To Ridley Scott, Super Bowl LIII Commercials Are Innovative, Funny And Bold. Super Bowl LIII is shaping up to be another great year of fun and funny commercials featuring celebrities from the TV and sports world.

#BestofGeico: Asking For Consumer Opinions On Marketing. The #BestofGeico contest asks fans to vote for the best Geico commercial. From green geckos to loud camels, Geico is known for over-the-top and hilarious TV spots.

Hulu’s Programmatic Marketplace: What to Know. Hulu plans to make TV advertising more efficient with their introduction of a new programmatic marketplace starting January 1. Here’s what you need to know.

Heineken Leverages Humor and Heartbreak. To promote their sponsorship of soccer’s UEFA Champions League, Heineken released a painful, yet funny, TV spot that showcases just how many distractions there are when fans try to watch a game.

Lil Yachty and Donny Osmond: Has Chef Boyardee Created the Perfect Jingle? With the help of Lil Yachty and Donny Osmand, Chef Boyardee crafted a unique TV spot to make a lasting impression on consumers.

Push It: Pampers Puts Salt N Pepa in New Context. With a new understanding of “push it,” Pampers uses Salt N Pepa’s top hit in a new 40-second TV spot.

Apple’s Announcement: Entertainment, News And Finances Reimagined. Apple’s latest announcement is here with four new services, positioning the brand as the one-stop shop for all things entertainment, news and communication.

Are You Ready for Some Football… Marketing Lessons? Now that there’s a chill in the air and football on every station, it’s fun to look back at great football movies and the quirky and useful marketing value they can offer.

Love & Basketball & Marketing: Lessons from Our Favorite Movies. Basketball movies can teach marketing lessons. From overcoming Goliath to avoiding gimmicks, our favorite films remind us to be our best all the time.

Modern Marketing Tips from Classic Holiday Movies. In December, we are barraged with a stream of holiday movies on repeat. Don't watch numbly, take notes. Classic holiday movies can provide lessons for modern marketers.

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