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Facebook is influential in the world of social media, shaping how many individuals consume news and content. Facebook, founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, is now the owner of both Instagram  and WhatsApp, and has grown to be a substantial platform for online advertising. As of January 2019, Facebook has 2.38 billion users worldwide.

Here’s the recent news we’ve covered about Facebook:

Best Times To Post On Social Media. As consumers continue to utilize social media for news, product discovery and connectivity, brands and advertisers must adjust their strategies to increase user engagement and activity across platforms.

Facebook Develops New Smartwatch & Plans To Broaden AR Capabilities: Just The Facts. Facebook is looking to become a contender in the growing wearables space with the launch of its new smartwatch and plans for broader AR push.

What Is Social Commerce? Social commerce is an increasingly popular way for brands to drive engagement and encourage seamless on-platform sales.

Facebook Ad Review Process: Just The Facts. Facebook recently published an overview of the social media platform’s ad review process.

Facebook & Instagram Will Let Posters Hide Likes: Just The Facts. Facebook and Instagram will offer posters the ability to hide likes, offering users and advertisers more control of their experiences.

Facebook Live Shopping Fridays: Just The Facts. Facebook launched a new shoppable video format for brands looking to promote products and connect with audiences on a larger scale.

Facebook Says Data Needed For Platform To Stay Free: Just The Facts. Facebook added a contextual message in response to Apple’s IDFA changes that says data may be needed to keep service free.

Short-Form Video Strategies Are Becoming Essential For Advertisers. Short-form video has become more popular, and brands are increasingly deploying video strategies designed to engage younger consumers across social media platforms.

Facebook Social Audio Tools: Just The Facts. Facebook jumps into the audio feature fray with a variety of new formats that capitalize on audio trends growing among social media platforms.

Facebook Brand Safety: Just The Facts. Facebook is rolling out brand safety measures as advertisers increasingly want control over where ads are placed.

Journalism Competition And Preservation Act Of 2021: Just The Facts. A new bipartisan bill, called the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act, will give news organizations more bargaining power with Google and Facebook if passed.

Facebook Ends Ban On Political Ads: Just The Facts. Facebook has lifted its ban on political ads, reversing a policy introduced after the November 6 election.

Facebook Launching Newsletter Platform: Just The Facts. Facebook’s pending self-publishing platform will give writers the opportunity to monetize their work, build out email lists and collect revenue.

Facebook Introduces Pop-Up To Combat IDFA Updates: Just The Facts. Facebook is testing pop-ups that explain why consumers should opt in to tracking, in an effort to push back on Apple’s new IDFA updates.

Google Ad Market Antitrust Lawsuit: Just The Facts. Google faces another antitrust lawsuit, this time related to their role in ad market pricing.

Facebook Antitrust Lawsuit: Just The Facts. The FTC and 47 states sued Facebook in a case that could lead to Instagram and WhatsApp spinning off on their own.

Ecommerce Reach Broadened With Strategic Partnerships & Collaborations. This holiday season, strategic partnerships are helping brands gain consumers, increasing engagement and ecommerce sales across a wider audience.

Why Are Facebook Advertising Prices Spiking — And What Can Digital Marketers Do About It? A variety of circumstances have led Facebook advertising prices to increase, but advertisers can leverage diversification and data to stay on top.

Instagram Expands Social Commerce To IGTV & Reels: Just The Facts. As consumers continue gravitating toward online and mobile options for their shopping needs, Instagram has broadened its shopping features to IGTV and Reels.

Apple iOS 14 Operating System Targeting Changes: Just The Facts. Although delayed until 2021, the privacy changes that come with Apple’s new iOS 14 Operating System could impact campaign targeting for mobile marketers.

Facebook Tests Link Between User Accounts And News Subscriptions: Just The Facts. Facebook tests linking news subscriptions to Facebook accounts, in the social media platforms’ latest bid to make nice with publishers.

Facebook’s Paid Online Events: Just The Facts. Facebook’s Paid Online Events channel offers an all-in-one marketing platform within Facebook where business owners, creators, educators create online events for a revenue stream during the pandemic.

Facebook Removes More Than 1,000 Ad Targeting Options: Just The Facts. Facebook is doing away with more than 1,000 targeting options because of replication and low use by advertisers.

Brands Replace Live Experiential Activations With Virtual Social Engagement. Capitalizing on connecting with consumers where they are, brands like Dunkin’ and Stella Artois are trading experiential activations for virtual engagement, leveraging the power of social media.

Facebook Forecast: Just The Facts.  Facebook launches Forecast, a Q&A app designed to help users engage in meaningful conversations around tricky subjects.

The Facebook Advertising Boycott: 5 Questions Answered. The advertiser boycott campaign of Facebook includes more than 400 advertisers. 

Ecommerce Round Up: How Social Media Platforms And Tech Brands Are Implementing Online Shopping. Ecommerce options are evolving across platforms as shoppers increasingly move their buying online.

Brands Fight For Diversity & Inclusion By Giving Back In Big Ways. Brands across a multitude of industries have created impactful initiatives in an effort to support the Black community and give back to organizations fighting against racial inequality.

Facebook Allows People To Opt Out Of Political Ads: Just The Facts. Facebook recently announced a major voting information effort that includes the ability to opt out of political ads.

Facebook Knowledge Panels: Just The Facts. Facebook has introduced knowledge panels that pull content from Wikipedia, which could help with the social platform’s trust issues.

Facebook’s Customized Marketing Emails: Just The Facts. Facebook is introducing a CRM-like system to help marketers form connections with their target audience and expand their reach.

Facebook And Instagram Open Shops: Just The Facts. In a move that leverages recent jumps in ecommerce sales, Facebook and Instagram open “storefronts” called Shops.

Improved Targeting For Facebook Watch: Just The Facts. Facebook makes upgrades to ad platform targeting, promising advertisers more customized options for Facebook Watch.

Beer Brands Kick Off Social Media Activations To Offer COVID-19 Support. Beer brands around the country are leveraging social media to launch activations and strategic partnerships with the goal of helping people struggling because of coronavirus.

Facebook And Google Go Granular With Recent Ad Revenue Reporting. For the first time, Facebook and Google are sharing the revenues from Instagram and YouTube.

Facebook Halts Web-Based Ads On Mobile Audience Network: Just The Facts. Facebook announces changes to Audience Network, its digital platform for advertisers, including halting mobile web ad placements.

Facebook Connects Brand Loyalty And In-App Activity: Just The Facts. Facebook has introduced a pilot program that allows users to see rewards and points in their Facebook app.

Digital Advertising Spending Will Reach New Heights In 2020. In 2020, predictions suggest that digital advertising will account for more than half of the U.S. and global ad spend.

Determining The Importance And Effects Of Consumer Reviews. Marketers have watched as consumers rely more and more on review platforms as a way to discover new businesses, form opinions on brands and share feedback based on personal experiences.

Super Bowl Advertising Ramps Up As Brands Reveal Plans. With Super Bowl LIV right around the corner, brands are revealing details of their commercials for the big game.

Audiences Continue To Flock To Social Media Platforms. In the age of constant phone-checking, social media platforms continue to grow or remain steady with audiences.

2019: The Year Of Social Advancements. 2019 went out with a bang, as marketers effectively capitalized on the constant stream of innovation within the digital marketing industry.

Facebook Machine Learning Offers Tailored Ads: Just The Facts. Facebook has introduced new advertising features that use machine learning to dynamically tailor ads for Facebook users.

L’Oreal’s Data-Driven Marketing & Digital Focus Continues To Boost Sales. L’Oréal is leading the way in e-commerce sales due to investment in its customer data platform.

Whale By Facebook: Just The Facts. In early November, Facebook launched their experimental app, Whale, which allows users to edit photos to make their own memes.

Amid Political Advertising Shifts, First Party Data Reaches Audiences. Social media platforms and tech companies amend political ad policies to combat veracity issues.

Facebook Ad Volume Limits: Just The Facts. Facebook may limit the amount of ads some advertisers can display at once.

Facebook Expands Search Ad Placements: Just The Facts. After close to a year of testing ads in Marketplace and News Feed search results, on October 17, Facebook announced it is rolling out search ad placements to all Facebook advertisers.

CNN Readies Digital News Service Platform: Just The Facts. In an effort to compete with the tech giants that are making moves in the news business, CNN prepares to launch a digital news service platform.

Facebook Introduces Customizable Holiday Ad Templates: Just The Facts. On October 10, Facebook announced two new features designed to provide additional advertising opportunities to marketers ahead of the busy holiday shopping season: new customizable Stories templates and enhanced Instagram Direct messaging functionality.

Facebook’s New Interactive Ad Options: Just The Facts. In October, Facebook introduced three new types of interactive ads, including video poll ads, augmented reality ads and playable ads.

Facebook Debuts 'Threads' App For Instagram: Just The Facts. “Threads” from Instagram, the latest creation from Facebook, will increase sharing and help users stay connected.

Taboola And Outbrain Merge In An Effort To Compete With Google And Facebook: Just The Facts. The merger of native advertiser’s Taboola and Outbrain could offer inroads for advertisers trying to compete with Google and Facebook.

Instagram Did Away With Like Counts — Will Facebook?: Just The Facts. Instagram hid their likes and Facebook is considering doing the same, which may change how brands measure their popularity.

Facebook Launches Automated Lead Generation For Messenger: Just The Facts. Facebook’s new lead generation feature for Messenger could offer marketers another outlet for acquiring valuable first-party data and increasing customer-facing actions.

The Launch Of Facebook Dating: Just The Facts. Facebook Dating is now available in the U.S., appearing as a new tab within the Facebook mobile app.

4 Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Approaches To Effectively Deploy Nonprofit Supporters. Peer-to-peer fundraising can leverage the contacts and influence of donor bases to increase nonprofit revenues and goals, using social, mobile and face-to-face strategies.

Facebook News Tab To Launch This Fall: Just The Facts. Facebook’s latest “news tab” will offer trustworthy news and could include licensing agreements with The Washington Post and Bloomberg.

Facebook Special Ad Audience: Just The Facts. Facebook introduces “Special Ad Audience,” a targeting tool that helps brands in special categories reach their ideal consumers without using personal attribute data stored within Facebook.

Facebook Ad And Page Post Format Change: Just The Facts. In order to align the mobile news feed with the new Facebook design, Facebook has introduced several changes to ads and page posts.

Retailers Innovating To Strip Market Share From Google, Facebook, Amazon. There are significant signs of retailers fighting to get a piece of the digital ad pie with promises of tight audience targeting and ultimate trackability.

How Often And When To Post On Social Media. Social media is always on, but its users aren’t. So it’s important to know what days and times work best for your brand’s social engagement.

Facebook Top Fan Targeting For Pages: Just The Facts. Facebook has slowly rolled out “Top Fan” targeting features this year. The new organic post publishing option is now available to all pages with more than 10K followers in the US.

The Rules Of Engagement For Social Comments. Identifying when to engage, ignore and delete social comments can be tricky for any business, so we’ve drafted some best practices to follow when taking on the world of social media.

Facebook Fan Subscriptions And 30% Revenue Collections: Just The Facts. Facebook’s latest video content updates include a new revenue share opportunity: Fan Subscriptions. Once a page is approved, a content curator can earn revenue from paid follower subscriptions.

Facebook’s Business Page Updates: Just The Facts. Facebook will remove select information sections – including Mission, Company Overview, Biography, Affiliation and Personal Interests – from all business pages.

Retailers Innovating To Strip Market Share From Google, Facebook, Amazon. There are significant signs of retailers fighting to get a piece of the digital ad pie with promises of tight audience targeting and ultimate trackability.

Facebook Custom Audience Reach Estimates Are Back: Just The Facts. After a year-long hiatus, Facebook is in the process of reintroducing reach estimates for Facebook custom audience targeting.

Anti-Trust Investigation Into The Big 4: Just the Facts. The current inquiry into the antitrust violations by big tech has been taken up by the House Judiciary committee, but the investigation is unlikely to yield conclusions anytime soon.

Facebook Comment Ranking Update: Just The Facts. Facebook’s latest comment ranking update is an effort to improve relevancy and provide a high-quality user experience.

Facebook Cryptocurrency: Just The Facts. Facebook is launching its cryptocurrency, which will be available to users later this year throughout its many platforms, including WhatsApp and Messenger.

First-Party Data Can Provide Consistency Amid Social Platform Changes. For brands to maintain control over their messaging, owning first-party data is the best approach.

Instagram Popularity Is Up, Facebook Is Down: Be Where Your Audience Is. As Facebook bids users adieu, Instagram welcomes them with open arms.

The Facebook F8 Conference: What Did The Social Media Giant Announce? Facebook, Inc. announced numerous new business ventures, including new messaging tools, at the F8 2019 Conference last month. 

Where Do Consumers Go When Facebook And Instagram Are Down? When Facebook and Instagram go down, consumers migrate to other channels of communications. Brands should follow consumer movement and maintain a presence in multiple contact points.

Facebook Testing Upvotes And Downvotes For Comments: Just The Facts. Facebook is testing a new option that allows users to upvote or downvote comments based on relevancy and popularity.

Pinterest’s IPO Filing: How Google And Facebook Played A Part, And Pinterest’s Plans To Bounce Back. Pinterest submitted its IPO filing just last month, after being negatively impacted from Google’s and Facebook’s site changes in 2018.

Facebook Relevance Metrics Updates: Just The Facts. Facebook is introducing three new relevance metrics that will offer advertisers a more robust look at their ad reach.

Facebook Tests Ad-Serving Expansion On Facebook Watch: Just The Facts. Facebook is testing an option that would provide publishers with the option to deliver ads on Facebook Watch from their own ad technology.

Facebook And Instagram Cross-Posting: The Facts & Important Considerations. Facebook has been implementing cross-posting options for users to share posts to and from Instagram. Cross-posting will encourage more content on both sites with more potential for engagement.

Facebook’s Brand Safety Certification: Just The Facts. Facebook released their brand safety certification in the Facebook Marketing Partners program to give marketers more control over where their ads populate on the platform.

Facebook Merges Messenger, WhatsApp And Instagram: Just The Facts. Facebook has plans to merge Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram to form a massive communication infrastructure while allowing each site to continue as a standalone platform.

Facebook Moments Shutdown: Just The Facts. Facebook is shutting down their Moments app. Users will have just a few months to export their photos and videos.

Facebook Beta Testing Ads in Search Results Pages: What to Know. In a swift move to compete with Google Ads, Facebook has reintroduced search ads, which are currently in beta testing for select industries.

Facebook Collections Ad Testing: What to Know. An attempt to enhance their advertising options, Facebook is dabbling in co-branded Collections ads that use more advertisements, an attempt to cater the shopping experience to the user.

Facebook First-Party Pixel: What You Need to Know. Facebook will begin offering businesses a first-party cookie option with their pixel. What does this mean for marketers?

Facebook Ads Update: A New Way to Market and Sell During the Holidays. Facebook introduced new updates to their advertising services just in time for brands to market their products for the holiday season.

Facebook in 2018: Usage and Advertising Stats Still Rising. Facebook’s usage and advertising revenue are on the rise, despite a confusing few months. While the platform may provoke some controversy, their usage and income haven’t significantly wavered.

Facebook Removes Discriminatory Ad Targeting. To eliminate any discriminatory ad targeting, Facebook is removing 5,000 targeting options from their advertising tools. See what Facebook is removing to navigate your social media marketing campaigns.

The Great Disruptor: Is Amazon On Track to Break Up the Google/Facebook Duopoly? Advertisers and industry experts are starting to wonder if Amazon can break up the Google/Facebook duopoly after Amazon advertising revenue racked up $2.2 billion in just one quarter.

Facebook Ad Manager Enhancement: What to Know. The Facebook Ad Manager app now includes a plethora of powerful, creative-centric tools to help marketers optimize their ad campaigns from anywhere in the world, not just in front of a computer.

Stop the Panic! Facebook Is Still Growing. Facebook’s Q2 earnings report was disappointing to Wall Street, but great for marketers. MAUs are up. DAUs are up. Ad revenue is up. Mobile spend is up. And they’re improving transparency and privacy.

Facebook AR Ads: What to Know. Facebook announced new augmented reality ads to encourage purchases because “better marketing equals better shopping.”

Facebook in 2018: 6 Growth Signs that Indicate Facebook Is Too Big to Fail. From formally connecting brands and influencers to launching a new dating feature, Facebook is moving forward with their scaling user and advertiser bases in tow.

Facebook in 2018: 3 Reasons Facebook Is Still in the Hot Seat. Facebook can’t catch a break. In May, personality data for 3 million users was made public while facial recognition and data collection practices are being questioned.

Facebook in 2018: 866 Million Pieces of Content + 583 Fake Accounts Removed in Q1. From fake accounts to hate speech and spam, Facebook is cracking down and sharing their results with their first-ever community standards enforcement report.

Facebook in 2018: 7 Highlights from Zuckerberg’s 2nd Day on Capitol Hill. From rejected content to Facebook’s surveillance practices, we combed through the Zuckerberg testimony transcripts to pull out the information most essential to know.

Facebook in 2018: 5 Highlights from Zuckerberg’s Senate Hearing. Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of the Senate on a wide range of topics ranging from election meddling to privacy concerns. Here are the highlights.

Facebook in 2018: 3 Expectations. Three expectations related to Facebook, including advertiser use, marketing performance and ongoing perception.

Facebook in 2018: 4 Fundamental Changes. From tighter privacy & reduced data access to changed targeting capabilities & transparency requirements, Facebook changes have sweeping implications.

Facebook in 2018: 4 Top Issues. In this first post within our “Facebook in 2018” series, we address top issues facing Facebook today as the platform, its advertisers and users try to achieve harmony.

Engage or Pay: 3 Super-Sized Facebook Campaigns You Can Learn From. With Facebook’s recent algorithm update, earning engagement is more important than ever. Here are 3 brands with super-sized Facebook campaign success.

Building & Buying Love: 10 Ideas to Survive Facebook’s Algorithm Update. Facebook changed their algorithm to prioritize posts from friends & family plus those that generate strong engagement. We share the how, the why and what you can do win.

10 Tips for Setting Up Successful Facebook Lead Ads Campaigns. Facebook makes it easy for you to set up a Facebook Lead Ads campaign.  But a successful campaign requires a bit more strategy and thought. Here are our tricks of the trade.

Facebook Acquires New Conversion Tracking Platform. Facebook is making a big leap into the world of accountable advertising and analysis today with the acquisition of Atlas Solutions, a Microsoft ad-serving platform that provides better insight.

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