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First-party data is any data that comes directly from a consumer interaction and is willingly given over by the consumer, usually for the purpose of access to more information or future content personalization. First-party data can include a long list of data points including name, address, email address, phone number, purchase history and behaviors demonstrated on a website. For advertisers, first-party data is extremely valuable because it can help marketing campaigns to efficiently target and engage audience segments. Most consumers are open to sharing their data if it means more quality interactions with brands. 

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about first-party data:

Big Brands Increase Digital Ad Spend To Drive Results & Transparency. Digital ad spend continues to prove its worth as consumers’ expectations surrounding the media and brands shift during the pandemic.

The Blank Spaces On Packaging Can Offer Brands And Retailers Valuable Real Estate And Connections With Consumers. The blank spaces on packaging are another opportunity for brands to advertise, particularly as ecommerce increases deliveries.

What Is MRC Location Data Accreditation? Foursquare recently became the first company to receive MRC location-data accreditation, but what is it?

Loyalty Programs Evolve During COVID-19. In order to keep up with the growing impact COVID-19 has had on consumers’ spending habits, many brands are launching, updating or expanding their loyalty programs.

Big Brands Shift To DTC Strategies As Consumer Behaviors Evolve. Evolving consumer behaviors during the pandemic and the value of first-party data has driven several big brands to launch DTC ventures.

Google’s New Product, Job & Recipe Activity Cards: Just The Facts. Google’s updated activity cards allow users to retrace previous online shopping, job and recipe-related searches, improving the overall journey for users.

What Is Social Listening? By performing social listening, brands can gather useful data on consumers, industry trends and overall brand perception.

Facebook Allows People To Opt Out Of Political Ads: Just The Facts. Facebook recently announced a major voting information effort that includes the ability to opt out of political ads.

Deleting Consumer Data Under CCPA Compliance Guidelines. IAB Tech Labs has developed a standard method for publishers to delete data for consumers in compliance with CCPA regulations.

App Use Increase Offers Opportunities For Brand Engagement While Consumers Self Isolate. App use is up while people are in self-isolation, which could impact internet usage moving forward.

The Rise Of First-Party Data Facilitates Modern Digital Marketing. As third-party data becomes increasingly unpopular, DMPs, which facilitate targeting with third-party data, may also be on the way out.

Google Chrome To Phase Out Third-Party Cookies: Just The Facts. Google Chrome announced it will replace third-party cookies by 2022.

Data-Driven Marketing Is Boosting Sales At Vail Resorts. Vail Resorts has made data-driven marketing a priority and the approach has increased sales.

L’Oreal’s Data-Driven Marketing & Digital Focus Continues To Boost Sales. L’Oréal is leading the way in e-commerce sales due to investment in its customer data platform.

Amid Political Advertising Shifts, First Party Data Reaches Audiences. Social media platforms and tech companies amend political ad policies to combat veracity issues. 

Consumers Have High Expectations For Brands Collecting And Using Data. Consumers are more willing to give over their data if the data collection is transparent and the result is personalized content from trusted brands.

Facebook Launches Automated Lead Generation For Messenger: Just The Facts. Facebook’s new lead generation feature for Messenger could offer marketers another outlet for acquiring valuable first-party data and increasing customer-facing actions. 

General Mills New Mobile App Helps Collect Box Tops And First-Party Data. General Mills introduced a new Box Tops for Education mobile app that allows consumers to scan their grocery receipts and earn money to donate to schools of their choice.

P&G Shifts To Propensity Marketing, Leveraging Massive First-Party Database. With a database of more than 1 billion global consumers, P&G has shifted from generic demographic targets to “smart audiences,” and its boosting revenue while bringing marketing spend down.

First-Party Data Can Provide Consistency Amid Social Platform Changes. For brands to maintain control over their messaging, owning first-party data is the best approach.

Walmart’s TV And Video Media Agency, Vudu: Just The Facts. Walmart’s TV and video streaming platform, Vudu, launched new advertising options, backed by Walmart’s first-party retail data.

Facebook First-Party Pixel: What You Need to Know. Facebook will begin offering businesses a first-party cookie option with their pixel. What does this mean for marketers?

First-Party vs. Third-Party Data: Consumer Engagement for the Win. Both first-party and third-party data usage are growing for marketers, despite headlines that may imply otherwise. But no matter what data you’re using or how you’re using it, consumer engagement shou


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