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Paid search campaigns, including search engine marketing and remarketing, help brands drive conversions by efficiently placing content in front of prospects when they’re searching for information.

The DMS Approach to Paid Search

Starting with Google, we determine the best channel mix based on your target demographic and budget.

Align your campaign with your objectives:

  • Landing pages. A clear call to action and simplified form fields can deliver strong results. We recommend A/B testing to improve your conversion rates.
  • Dayparting. Traffic trends help identify the best days and hours for your campaign to run with minimal wasted money.
  • Phone numbers. Click-to-call (CTC) technology places your contact numbers directly within ad copy and landing pages.
  • Mobile mindset. Using mobile friendly landing pages and CTC phone numbers with mobile-specific bid adjustments allows for the best user experience.
  • Continuous monitoring. Use your budget wisely by assessing and adjusting keyword bids to increase your high-quality traffic.

Are you approaching paid search the right way?


Google Remarketing

Google remarketing displays your branded ads to prospects who have already shown interest in your brand, products or services.

How Google Remarketing Works:

1. A user visits your site.
2. Google remarketing pixel fires to “cookie” the user.
3. If the user submits an inquiry, they aren’t added to the remarketing list. If they don’t submit an inquiry, their user info is added to the remarketing list.
4. The user is recognized as they navigate to sites on the Google Content Network.
5. Branded ads are shown to the user.
6. The user is removed from the remarketing list once an inquiry is submitted.

Are you approaching paid search the right way?


Paid Search Results

Properly managed paid search campaigns can show conversion rates significantly higher than all other online channels.

Adding CTC technology can boost inquiry volume and contact rates. Maximizing search real estate can benefit click-through and conversion rates.

Are you approaching paid search the right way?


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