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As the world becoming more and more digital, gaming is taking up a prominent space in the digital marketing industry. Gaming is a significant part of many consumers’ lives and it even offers advertising potential and can dive into consumer health and wellness.

Here’s the recent news we’ve covered about gaming:

3 Timeless Marketing Lessons Inspired By Nintendo. Nintendo’s monumental success and impactful strategies can provide inspiration to marketers and advertisers. Here are three marketing lessons inspired by Nintendo.

Console Wars: Video Game Brands Get Creative & Compete For Audience Engagement. Experiencing accelerated growth as a result of the global pandemic, major video game brands are launching creative efforts to engage audiences and capture market share.

The Gadget Boom Of 2020 Poses A New Opportunity For Advertisers To Reach Consumers During Peak Holiday Season. Due to increased time spent at home and evolving consumer interests, gadgets - both traditional and relevant to today’s climate - are in high demand.

Avatars Becoming Ubiquitous in Digital Marketing Strategies. Once just for gaming, avatars are increasingly being used on social media and in advertising campaigns.

Consumer Spending Habits Shift In Response To New Norms. Radical changes in daily life that have resulted from COVID-19 have shifted consumer spending and could transform future buying habits.

As Twitch Users Move Beyond Just Gamers, Digital Marketers May Find Opportunities. The most popular channel on Twitch right now isn’t about gaming at all, and could offer new outlets for digital marketers.

Ready Player One: The Booming Global Video Game Market. Social distancing catapulted the $165 billion video gaming industry into record growth in 2020. Brands are taking note of growing gamer audiences and marketing opportunities via in-game advertising.

Chipotle Turns Video Gaming Tournament Into Virtual Event. Chipotle’s “Challenger Series” video gaming tournament has transitioned into a virtual event, as most of the population continues to practice social distancing.

Angry Birds Takes On AR. Months before its second movie release, Angry Birds is back with a new augmented reality game to add to the franchise.

eSports: The New Industry Leveraging Digital Gaming. eSports has drawn in millions of fans in the past few years. What does the rise of this new industry mean for digital marketers?

Pokemon Go… To Sleep: Just The Facts. Pokemon Go turned walking into entertainment, and now it’s tackling sleep. Pokemon Sleep, which tracks users’ sleep cycles, will encourage healthy lifestyles by promoting adequate rest.

Jordans Available On Fornite Deliver Urban Style For New Game Mode. Nike reveals new Jordans, available only on Fortnite in the Downtown Drop mode.

Soccer Scores Big In The U.S.: A Look Into The Audience Causing The Sport’s Rising Popularity And Marketing Potential. Soccer is growing in popularity as Americans gain more Major League Soccer teams in local markets. With a popular and heavily-watched sport, comes the opportunity for marketing.

Twitch’s Video-Based Platform: What to Know About Marketing Opportunities. As Twitch expands its capabilities and positions its platform as an outlet for all creatives, not just gamers, the marketing potential on the site grows exponentially.

eSports: The New Industry Leveraging Digital Gaming. eSports has drawn in millions of fans in the past few years. What does the rise of this new industry mean for digital marketers?

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