Gen X News For Digital Marketers

Gen Xers are born between 1965 and 1979. This generation reads newspapers and watches TV. They spend an hour a day on Facebook and are loyal to their favorite brands.

Here’s the recent news we’ve covered about Gen Xers:

Gen X Spending Habits Include Bargain Shopping Online. Gen X shoppers adapted their buying habits in 2020, and bargain shopping online became more popular.

Digital Advertising Across Generations: A Look At How COVID Changed What Audiences Want & Need. Different generations often exhibit different preferences when it comes to staying home, online usage and the benefits of technology.

Shifts In Consumer Habits & Values Emerge As Pandemic Persists. Recent studies show that consumers are prioritizing digital experiences, availability, essential items and convenience in regards to their shopping habits and overall values.

The Life Experience Of Gen Xers Is Reflected In Their Superior Self-Isolation Behaviors. Gen Xers grew up fending for themselves and making the best of boring situations, which may have uniquely prepared them for life in a pandemic.

Consumer Spending Habits Shift In Response To New Norms. Radical changes in daily life that have resulted from COVID-19 have shifted consumer spending and could transform future buying habits.

Boomers And Gen Xers Are Embracing Technology At A Faster Rate Than Millennials. Technology usage across generations is continuing to grow across all generations, but Boomers and Xers see the most growth.

90s Fashion Appeals To Gen Z & Offers Engagement For Digital Marketers. The 90s are back, and it’s not just to make Gen X’ers and Millennials feel nostalgic — younger generations are the target market.

The CBD Market: Who, What, Where, Why & How. The CBD market has grown exponentially, rising from the unknown to become a top health and retail story.

5 Best Advocacy Campaigns: Combining Authenticity With Effective Hashtags. For brands and nonprofits leading advocacy campaigns, social media, user generated content, hashtags and capitalizing on viral reach can be effective tools to raise money and awareness.

Easter Marketing: Young Consumers Hold Buying Power For Spring Holiday. 85% of consumers under 35 years old are planning to celebrate Easter this year, so many brands are leveraging the holiday to promote their must-have products. 

Marketers Celebrate The Anniversaries Of Iconic Brands That Tap Into Generation X Nostalgia. As Generation X ages, marketers capitalize on Xers nostalgia by celebrating the anniversaries of iconic brands and re-introducing retro fashions and products. 

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