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Gen Z is the youngest named generation, including individuals born between 1995 and 2015. This audience is incredibly impacted by technology and loves social media. They stream their favorite shows and spend at least three hours a day online.

Here’s the recent news we’ve covered about Gen Z:

Mental Health Awareness Month Sparks Meaningful Initiatives & Messaging From Major Brands. As consumers continue to prioritize their mental health and wellbeing, brands have opportunities to connect with audiences through messages and initiatives that resonate.

4 Alcohol Brands Launching Digital Campaigns Ahead Of Cinco De Mayo. As consumers seek fun, convenient and timely product offerings for Cinco de Mayo, alcohol brands are relying on innovative digital initiatives to stand out from the crowd and connect with audiences.

From Thongs To Pajamas: Consumers Head Online For Lingerie & Loungewear In 2021. As Valentine’s Day approaches, lingerie and loungewear brands, like Adore Me, Pajamagram and ThirdLove, have an opportunity to connect and engage with audiences seeking sexy, cozy and comforting gifts.

Top News For Consumer Finance Advertisers. COVID-19 accelerated major shifts in consumer finance behaviors, needs and preferences. Here are the articles related to trends in consumer finance advertising published by DMS Insights in 2020.

Millennials & Gen Z: A Profile Of Auto Insurance Customers. While homeowners have been a key demographic among auto insurance advertisers for many years, it's vital that car insurance brands develop a keener understanding of the growing non-homeowner audience.

Why Is TikTok Marketer Of The Year? TikTok grew up in 2020, becoming indispensable for some advertisers and a valuable platform for young people looking to share their views.

Digital Advertising Across Generations: A Look At How COVID Changed What Audiences Want & Need. Different generations often exhibit different preferences when it comes to staying home, online usage and the benefits of technology.

Brands Resonate With Consumers By Promoting Social Responsibility In Latest Digital Advertising Campaigns. Top brands are responding to consumers’ increased desire for businesses that support relevant social causes and prioritize purpose-driven marketing.

Financial Brands Connect To Gen Zers To Engage Parents & Build Early Loyalty. Financial brands and fintech apps like Chase, Step and Mozper create lasting relationships with this Gen Z to build loyalty with their parents.

Brands Level Up With Animal Crossing: New Horizons Partnerships. The re-launch of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a solution for brands looking for new marketing platforms amidst COVID-19.

Lacrosse Wins Big With Major Brands & Younger Audiences. With increased viewership in recent years, strategic brand partnerships and rising popularity among younger consumers, the game of professional lacrosse has reached new heights.

Ready Player One: The Booming Global Video Game Market. Social distancing catapulted the $165 billion video gaming industry into record growth in 2020, and brands are taking note of growing gamer audiences and marketing opportunities via in-game advertising.

Ice Cream Marketing Goes Vintage For Summer. Many ice cream brands have launched fun campaigns to get kids — and adults — in the mood for everyone’s favorite summer treat.

Cornhole & Other Non-Traditional Sports Get Off The Bench & Reach New Audiences. The COVID-19 related national sports hiatus may be the catalyst for accelerated popularity of non-traditional sports among consumers.

Golf Marketing Tees Up For Success & Draws In New Audiences During Social Distancing. Marketing efforts to reach new golfers hit an upswing, as the $84 billion golf industry attracts new audiences.

Mada Fashion Styling App Pairs Style With Data Science. Style meets science in one of the latest mobile shopping apps to hit the market.

Surging Skincare Sales And Ecommerce Growth Reshape The Beauty Industry. The rise of the global skincare market, coupled with the societal and economic shifts resulting from COVID-19, could dramatically change the future of the $6 billion cosmetics industry.

Discounts And Downturns: The Power Of Digital Coupons On Consumer Spending. 31 billion digital coupons were redeemed by consumers in 2019. Economic turmoil, high unemployment rates and the motivation to save could propel motivations for accelerated coupon use.

Consumer Spending Habits Shift In Response To New Norms. Radical changes in daily life that have resulted from COVID-19 have shifted consumer spending and could transform future buying habits.

What’s Gen Z Watching, And How Does It Impact The Future Of TV. Roku predicts half of homes will have dropped cable by 2024, which could be strongly influenced by the viewing habits of Gen Z.

Meme Marketing Resonates With Younger Audiences. Meme marketing may appeal to younger audiences, but it is necessary for brands to understand how to deploy memes for maximum engagement.

The Subscription Industry Hones In On A New Audience: Kids. As the subscription industry continues to experience explosive growth, brands are taking note of the marketing opportunities and profitability of targeting a much younger audience.

5 Disruptor Brands That Offered Innovation And Change In 2019. In 2019, there were many brands that shook up their industries or introduced innovative new perspectives. DMS highlights five of these disruptor brands.

Snapchat’s New Trailer Reaction Lens: Just The Facts. In December, Snapchat introduced a new augmented reality movie preview ad format called a “trailer reaction lens” in collaboration with Paramount Pictures for their upcoming film Top Gun: Maverick.

Brands That Implement Social Responsibility Will Connect With Gen Z. Gen Z is poised to become a powerful consumer group, and brands that adopt socially responsible business practices are likely to benefit.

4 Benefits Of Video Advertising. Video advertising can be used across channels to help build better relationships with consumers and hype new brands.

Dior & Gucci Are Outfitting Their Brand Marketing With AR. AR is changing the ways consumers experience fashion. Luxury fashion brands Dior and Gucci have incorporated augmented reality (AR) into their marketing strategies via new app “try-on”.

90s Fashion Appeals To Gen Z & Offers Engagement For Digital Marketers. The 90s are back, and it’s not just to make Gen X’ers and Millennials feel nostalgic — younger generations are the target market.

TikTok X American Eagle Collaborate With Lil Wayne To Reach Younger Consumers. A strategic partnership between American Eagle and TikTok hopes to capitalize on a collaboration with Lil Wayne and TikTok’s Gen Z users.

The CBD Market: Who, What, Where, Why & How. The CBD market has grown exponentially, rising from the unknown to become a top health and retail story.

Gen Zers Prefer Personalization Over Privacy, Listen To Social Influencers. Gen Z consumers are highly motivated by influencers and crave interactive content to engage with brands.

Easter Marketing: Young Consumers Hold Buying Power For Spring Holiday. 85% of consumers under 35 years old are planning to celebrate Easter this year, so many brands are leveraging the holiday to promote their must-have products.

Generation Zers: What the New Target Audience Wants. Many brands are now targeting the youngest audience around, Generation Z. With Gen Z’s love of the online world, see how digital marketing can reach and influence these individuals.

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