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Google is constantly updating their crawling methods, user experience and page designs. This search engine powerhouse has an enormous influence on searchers’ internet experiences and the way they digest content through both organic and paid content.

Here’s the recent news we’ve covered about Google:

Google Faces Lawsuits Over Play Store Practices: Just The Facts. Google is the subject of another antitrust lawsuit, this time related to the tech giant’s app store, Google Play.

Google Extends Date For Sunsetting Cookies To 2023: Just The Facts. In a recent reversal, Google extended the deadline for sunsetting third-party cookies on its Chrome browser until at least 2023.

Google Changes Cryptocurrency Advertising Policy: Just The Facts. Google recently announced that it will initiate an update to the advertisement of cryptocurrency related business and services.

Google Ecommerce Suite: Just The Facts. As ecommerce continues to thrive, Google introduces a suite of tools they’re working on to create seamless online shopping experiences.

Google’s Page Experience Update: Just The Facts. Google is combining  existing search signals with Core Web Vitals for a search ranking update that will be rolling out in the near future.

Google Analytics Without Cookies: Just The Facts. Google announced new features that make it easier for brands to gain insights with Google Analytics, despite limited third-party cookies and identifiers.

New Certification For Health Insurance Advertisers From Google: Just The Facts. Google is establishing stronger trust among consumers and more transparency among health insurance advertisers with its newest certification program.

Google Product Reviews Algorithm Update: Just The Facts. Google Search can help brands align their messaging with the issues that matter in the moment.

Google Dynamic Exclusion Lists: Just The Facts. Google prioritizes brand safety with launch of dynamic exclusion lists that automatically update for easier management by advertisers.

Easter Candy Advertising: Brands Promote Sweet Treats Through Innovative Campaigns & Partnerships. Targeting consumers seeking sweet treats this Easter, major candy brands are leveraging digital initiatives, strategic partnerships and popular social platforms to connect with their audiences.

Google Makes Hotel Listings Free: Just The Facts. As travel picks up, Google recently announced that it will make it free for hotels and travel companies around the world to appear in hotel booking links on Google.

Journalism Competition And Preservation Act Of 2021: Just The Facts. A new bipartisan bill, called the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act, will give news organizations more bargaining power with Google and Facebook if passed.

What Are The New Lead Form Extensions In Google? Google lead form extensions, available within search, video and Discovery ads, could improve engagement and conversions.

Google Question Hub: Just The Facts. Through Google Question Hub, publishers can identify unanswered questions from searches and create relevant content based on the gaps in Google Search.

Google Won In 2020 Through Consistent Innovation & Positive User Experience. Google leveraged its insights, data and steady stream of innovation to help both digital advertisers and consumers navigate a challenging year.

Google Ad Market Antitrust Lawsuit: Just The Facts. Google faces another antitrust lawsuit, this time related to their role in ad market pricing.

Digital Advertisers Create Stronger Engagement, Personalization & Transparency By Leveraging First-Party Data. Brands are adjusting their digital advertising strategies to prioritize first-party data in order to connect with and convert audiences.

Consumers Start Holiday Product Searches On Google And Amazon. In 2020, where and how people searched revealed opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers as we enter the new year.

Facebook Antitrust Lawsuit: Just The Facts. The FTC and 47 states sued Facebook in a case that could lead to Instagram and WhatsApp spinning off on their own.

Shopping By Voice Still Presents A Growing Opportunity For Marketers To Reach Consumers. The number of consumers shopping via voice is expected to slowly increase through 2022, and marketers must prepare for the possible spike in demand.

Google Search Offers A Glimpse Into The Issues That Matter To People Around The World. Google Search can help brands align their messaging with the issues that matter in the moment.

Google Plans To Turn YouTube Into Ecommerce Hub: Just The Facts. The new ecommerce features, while still in the testing stage, could allow YouTube users to view and purchase items shown in videos directly within the platform.

Google Display & Video 360 (DV360) Enhancements: Just The Facts. More connected TV viewers and choices in streaming content means more opportunity for digital marketers. Google recently announced improvements to it’s Display & Video 360 platform.

Apple Search Engine: What Will It Be? There is speculation in the tech industry that Apple is considering launching a search engine, but will it be a Google competitor or a part of the Apple ecosystem?

Google Custom Audiences: Just The Facts. Google has combined custom affinity and custom intent audiences into one streamlined solution called Google audiences, which is now available.

Google News Licensing Program: Just The Facts. The Google news licensing program was launched to promote high-quality news and could help publishers and advertisers reach new audiences.

Google Adds ‘Nearby Product’ Features: Just The Facts. In response to recent consumer shifts that show a preference for same day shopping and pick-up, Google has added several features that highlight nearby products.

Google Search Terms Report Changes: Just The Facts. Pointing to privacy concerns for Google users, Google is updating search terms reports, which may offer less transparency for advertisers.

Google’s New Product, Job & Recipe Activity Cards: Just The Facts. Google’s updated activity cards allow users to retrace previous online shopping, job and recipe-related searches, improving the overall journey for users.

Google Expands Audio Advertising Options: Just The Facts. As podcasts become increasingly popular, Google is introducing new audio advertising options for advertisers.

YouTube Lead Forms: Just The Facts. Google has added lead forms to YouTube, increasing the ways in which brands can reach consumers across the web.

Changes To Google AMP: Just The Facts. Google changes the rules for publishers looking to gain a spot in Top Stories, which could mean the end of AMP.

Ecommerce Round Up: How Social Media Platforms And Tech Brands Are Implementing Online Shopping. Ecommerce options are evolving across platforms as shoppers increasingly move their buying online.

Google Converts Paid Ads To Free Product Listings: Just The Facts. In a move to compete with ecommerce giants like Amazon, Google is swapping paid ads from shopping search results to free product listings.

Former Google Ad Chief Launches New Search Engine Neeva: Just The Facts. Despite the mixed results of search engine start-ups in the Google era, Neeva is poised to take off as a different approach to search.

Google Keen: Just The Facts. Google launches Keen, an app for friends and family to share their interests, and a possible rival for Pinterest.

Brands Fight For Diversity & Inclusion By Giving Back In Big Ways. Brands across a multitude of industries have created impactful initiatives in an effort to support the Black community and give back to organizations fighting against racial inequality.

Google Ditches Clickbait: Just The Facts. In an effort to curb sensationalist or misleading ads, Google has created a clickbait ad policy.

Google Discovery Ads: Just The Facts. Google Discovery ads are now available for advertisers globally and serve across all Google products, including YouTube.

Google Identity Verification: Just The Facts. Google recently announced an extension of the identity verification program which will be required for all advertisers.

What Is Mobile-First Indexing? Google is officially shifting to mobile-first indexing, changing website ranking on SERP to be determined by mobile browser performance instead of desktop.

Facebook And Google Go Granular With Recent Ad Revenue Reporting. For the first time, Facebook and Google are sharing the revenues from Instagram and YouTube.

Consumers Are Reluctant To Use Smart Speakers For Purchases. Although some consumers are comfortable making purchases on smart speakers, the practice is growing at a slower pace than predicted despite the popularity of smart speakers for other tasks.

What Is Dwell Time? Dwell time is one factor that can help marketers make adjustments to their online user experiences.

Google Chrome To Phase Out Third-Party Cookies: Just The Facts. Google Chrome announced it will replace third-party cookies by 2022.

What Is Microcasting? Microcasts capitalize on the popularity of podcasts with short “casts” that appeal to targeted audiences.

Digital Advertising Spending Will Reach New Heights In 2020. In 2020, predictions suggest that digital advertising will account for more than half of the U.S. and global ad spend.

Determining The Importance And Effects Of Consumer Reviews. Marketers have watched as consumers rely more and more on review platforms as a way to discover new businesses, form opinions on brands and share feedback based on personal experiences.

Google Updates Financial Services Advertising Guidelines: Just The Facts. Google continues to update and evolve their advertising, most recently revising their financial products and services policy.

Amid Political Advertising Shifts, First Party Data Reaches Audiences. Social media platforms and tech companies amend political ad policies to combat veracity issues.

Google’s BERT— Just The Facts. The latest Google search update, BERT, is the biggest revolution in the Google search system since RankBrain.

CNN Readies Digital News Service Platform: Just The Facts. In an effort to compete with the tech giants that are making moves in the news business, CNN prepares to launch a digital news service platform.

Google Ads Testing New Lead Form Extensions: Just The Facts. Google Ads is offering a beta test of lead form extensions to some advertisers.

The Latest Google Changes Include Google Discover And Search Updates. Google has released several search, image and video updates over the last several months.

TikTok Competitor Firework May Be Acquired By Google: Just The Facts. The tech world is buzzing about a possible acquisition of Firework – a video platform app similar to TikTok – by Google.

Google Shopping Introduces New Features: Just The Facts. On October 3, Google announced several major updates to its Google Shopping tool, including an updated Google Shopping homepage with an option to buy products from local stores, enhanced shopping options via Google Lens and price tracking.

Google Launches Recommendations Feature For Your Next TV Binge: Just The Facts. Google is offering recommendations for TV shows and movies tailored to user ratings and previous search habits.

GM Focused On Seamless, Smart Innovations With Google Partnerships. The recent hire of Deborah Wahl as new Chief Marketing Officer at GM places focus on seamless consumer and product experiences.

Optimized 6-Second Ads Encourage Ad Recall. A recent study highlighted the effectiveness of six-second bumper ads, a tactic marketers are deploying as a part of multichannel campaigns.

Google’s Long Game: No-Click Searches. In the beginning, Google won our hearts with simplicity. Today, Google’s simple complexity drives search loyalty. But it’s becoming evident Google’s long game is resulting in zero-click searches.

Digital Travel Ad Spend Scales As Economy Stays Strong And Competition For Travelers Rises. Travel is predicted to become the fifth-largest vertical in terms of digital ad spend next year.

The Mobile App Install Marketplace Matures As Brands Use Data For Effective Targeting. The mobile app install marketplace, and in-app marketing, offer opportunities for brands to target consumers, scale revenues and learn more about their users.

Google Optimize Multi-Page Personalized Experiences: What Do Consumers Want? What Do Marketers Need? Audience-driven personalization, like those offered through Google Optimize, can help boost conversion rates when used properly.

Parallel Tracking For Google Display Ads: Just The Facts. Google display ads are the latest ads to require parallel tracking, and July 31st is the cut off for advertisers and providers to make the switch.

Paid Search Remains Popular Channel Across Verticals. In Q2 2019, digital marketers across verticals continued to use paid search to power their marketing campaigns.

Retailers Innovating To Strip Market Share From Google, Facebook, Amazon. There are significant signs of retailers fighting to get a piece of the digital ad pie with promises of tight audience targeting and ultimate trackability.

YouTube Invests In Augmented Reality For Beauty Influencers. YouTube introduced augmented reality that allows viewers to try on beauty products that influencers use in their video content.

Search Behavior Can Be A Useful Predictor Of Consumer Intent. How consumers search online can offer a wealth of useful data for marketers looking to optimize their search strategies.

Google Ads Campaign Updates: Just The Facts. Google recently introduced a number of enhancements to its smart bidding strategy including campaign-level conversion goals, the ability to maximize conversion values, and more.

Google Domain Diversity Change: Just The Facts. Announced June 6, the Google Domain Diversity Change is restricting brand domains from showing more than twice within top Google search results.

Google Food Delivery: Expanding For Brand Visibility. Google is partnering with ChowNow and delivery.com to expand culinary listings and continue to be a one-stop shop for all things search.

Google Mobile-First Search Indexing: Just The Facts. Google will begin mobile-first indexing as of July 1st, making the mobile website experience more important than ever.

Google Search Redesign: Just The Facts. Google is redesigning their mobile search results page to ease consumer search. 

Google Maps Ads: Just The Facts. Google Maps is potentially adding ads to its platform to monetize the service.

Google & McClatchy Form A Partnership That May Benefit Digital Marketers. An extension of the Google News Initiative, the Local Experiments Project partners with McClatchy publishing to provide innovative, digital access to local news.

Google RankBrain Vs. Google Neural Matching: Just The Facts. Marketers focused on enhancing their SEO results are encouraged to develop content that addresses the needs of their target audiences throughout the user journey.

Google Search Icons: Just The Facts. Google is testing a new search results navigation menu, complete with icons and branded colors.

Google Ad Grants Are One Of Several Digital Marketing Options For Generating Interest In Nonprofits. Google Ad Grants provide in-kind advertising dollars to nonprofits — one of several digital options for nonprofits looking to grow revenue and recruit volunteers.

Google Dynamic AMP Emails: Just The Facts. On March 26, Google announced a new, dynamic email format providing “all-new email experiences” intended to bring email out of the 1990s.

Pinterest’s IPO Filing: How Google And Facebook Played A Part, And Pinterest’s Plans To Bounce Back. Pinterest submitted its IPO filing just last month, after being negatively impacted from Google’s and Facebook’s site changes in 2018.

Google March 2019 Core Update: Just The Facts. Google’s latest core algorithm update was released on March 12, and the industry is tracking data to identify its impact.

Google’s New Hotel Booking Site: Just The Facts. Google dives deeper into the travel industry with their latest addition, Google Hotels, which allows consumers to intuitively review and book hotel reservations.

Google First Price Auctions: Just The Facts. Google Ad Manager will soon be adopting a first-price auction system, which will allow all bidders access to programmatic ad inventory at the same time.

Google Image Shopping Ads: Just The Facts. Google Ads now populate in Google Image results and while advertisers cannot opt of out this placement, they may see an uptick in traffic.

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? Look On Google Earth. Google Earth and education publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt have collaborated to create a new version of the famous Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? video game.

Google Click Share Joining Search Campaigns: Just The Facts. Google is expanding click share to search campaigns in an effort to aid marketers’ understanding of campaign performance and potential.

The Final Shutdown: Google+ Bids Users Adieu. Google+ admitted defeat last year, but they’re back in the news. After a bug left user data exposed, Google+ has advanced their shutdown date.

Google 15-Second Non-Skippable Video Ads: Just The Facts. Google is introducing 15-second non-skippable ads, available to advertisers and marketers on YouTube and Google video platforms.

Google Search Page Enhancements Are Improving UX But Pushing Mobile CTRs Down. Google has frequently stated their desire to enhance user experience for mobile searchers. When you keep your end user in mind, you’re likely to reap the rewards.

Google Ad Experts: Meddling In Google Campaigns Unless Advertisers Opt Out. Last week, an unspecified number of Google advertisers received emails from Google announcing a new pilot program in which Google Ads Experts alter the fine-tuned details of Google Ads campaigns.

Google Chrome Ad Blocking Expansion: Just the Facts. Google Chrome’s ad blocking will soon expand past North America and Europe, making global consumers privy to a higher quality user experience when surfing the web.

The Walt Disney Company + Google Ad Manager: What to Know. Disney has dropped Comcast’s FreeWheel and switched to Google Ad Manager in hopes of providing a streamlined advertising option.

How Google Campaigns Fit into the Customer Journey. While known to be great at closing sales, Google is also a proven opener. Even paid search campaigns support the entire user journey, with prospective customers searching first on non-branded terms.

Longer-Format Google Search Ads: Will It Matter? Google recently announced responsive search ads, longer-format search ads, modernized text display ads and enhanced responsive display ads. But will they perform better than the old formats?

The Great Disruptor: Is Amazon On Track to Break Up the Google/Facebook Duopoly? Advertisers and industry experts are starting to wonder if Amazon can break up the Google/Facebook duopoly after Amazon advertising revenue racked up $2.2 billion in just one quarter.

Google Weekly Roundup – August 1. Each week, Google releases updates for improving user experience and conversion rates. As marketers, you need to stay up to date with Google’s activity to maintain your brand’s performance.

Google Weekly Roundup – July 25. Each week Google releases updates and invents new methods for improving user experience and conversion rates. Here are the big stories that may influence digital marketing strategies and performance.

Google Weekly Roundup – July 18. Here are the big stories, announced by Google during the week starting July 9, 2018, that may influence digital marketing strategies and performance.

Google Knowledge Panel: What to Know About Verification. Businesses can now be verified on Google to edit their Knowledge Panel, Search and Maps results and more.

Google Weekly Roundup – July 11. Knowing and understanding advancements and changes made by Google is essential to help you maximize your digital marketing, paid search and organic search opportunities.

Google Weekly Roundup – June 27. Here are the big stories, announced by Google during the week of June 18, 2018, that may influence digital marketing strategies and performance.

Google Weekly Roundup – June 20. Stories from Google week of June 11: transparency for consumers, pride celebrations, keeping prospective college students in Google results page, dad-related searches, Google Assistant capabilities.

Google Weekly Roundup – June 13. Catch up with Google’s latest news from the week of June 4. From iHop to scratch-and-sniff stamps, being in the know for these micro-moments can help your brand drive traffic to your site.

Amazon Alexa vs. Google Assistant: Differences in AI Marketing. As Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant gain even more popularity, your brand should be considering marketing on at least one of these technologies.

Are Google’s Advertising Changes Selfless or Self-Serving? You Decide. Chrome Ad Blocker & Google Auto Ads are intended to better connect site visitors with relevant content. But as an advertiser, there are additional implications to consider.

Anti-Trust Investigation Into The Big 4: Just the Facts. The current inquiry into the antitrust violations by big tech has been taken up by the House Judiciary committee, but the investigation is unlikely to yield conclusions anytime soon.

Leveraging Position Zero: Steps to Optimize Your Content to Drive Traffic from Google Quick Answers. Quick Answers can enhance brand visibility, but placement requires strong answers & proper formatting. Learn how to optimize your content & drive traffic to your site.

The Horror of Google Penalties and How to Avoid Them. There are certain rules of survival in horror movies. Similarly, Google has its own set of rules. Learn how you can avoid Google Penalties.

Optimizing for Conversions? Don’t Rely Solely on Google Attribution. Unless you are pushing offline conversion data from your CRM back to AdWords and/or DoubleClick, Google Attribution looks ONLY at pre-lead data and does not incorporate post-lead conversion milestones.

The Google Fred Update: 5 Crucial Facts to Know. The newly released Google Fred search engine algorithm update is already in motion. In this post, we’re sharing 5 important facts to help you understand & react to Fred.

5 Ways to Combat the New Google Layout and Boost Your Website Traffic. After all the changes Google has made recently, including the removal of the right rail, it may seem like you have no influence over your website’s rankings.

Google’s Local 3-Pack Changes Are Here. Perspectives from DMS SEO and paid search experts on the Google Local 3-Pack and location extensions showing on Google Maps.

Bing Performance Is Lagging Behind Google. Recently, we’ve seen a dramatic downward shift in Bing’s performance, resulting in significant gaps between the conversion rates of Google and Bing. With CPAs up to 4x greater for Bing campaigns.

Google Announces More Mobile-Focused Enhancements. The Google team introduced exciting new products designed to help marketers succeed in today’s mobile-first world: longer text ads, individual device bids, responsive display ads, ads in maps.

Two Months Later Part 2: SEO Didn’t Get Hit as Hard as Anticipated due to Google Removing Right Rail Ads. Google removed the right rail of paid ads from search engine results pages (SERPs). After two months, we report minimal impact on paid search or SEO.

Two Months Later: The Impact of Google Removing Right Rail Ads on Paid Search Campaigns. We forecasted a slight decline in impressions. And we were right. We anticipated rising CPCs, but they’ve been minimal. Despite increased competition, we’re still securing top ad positions.

Google Removes Right Rail Ads: How Will this Impact Your Paid and Organic Search Efforts? Google announced a change to how results are displayed on desktop computers. The previous layout of up to three ads on top and a series of ads down the right rail has been replaced with four paid ads.

Google Universal Analytics – What You Need To Know. Google's Universal Analytics allows for tracking of users across multiple properties, including websites, mobile applications and other web devices – like gaming consoles.

Google Education – Q4 In Review. Google’s findings reflect much of what we already know: paid search is one of the most effective performance marketing channels available, but that effectiveness has caused the space to become crowded.

Google AdWords Product Update: What This Means For You. Last week Google announced a big change to their AdWords platform with the roll-out of Enhanced Campaigns. Enhanced campaigns are designed to help advertisers more successfully market to customers.

Four Google Analytics Features to Help Improve Your Website. Over the past year, the team at Google has rolled out a variety of new features and improvements to the Google Analytics package. These changes have made this free tool even more robust.

Three Reasons that Google+ Pages Are the Most Disappointing Christmas Present Ever. Playing with Google+ Pages for Businesses is like unwrapping the world’s most disappointing Christmas present. Here’s three reasons why.

Decloaking the Google WAP Mobile Universe: Why Your Mobile Campaign May Be Missing 65% of the Market. The rapidly growing mobile market offers a great platform for brands to extend their brand message and engage prospective customers. So, it’s not surprising that we’re seeing a huge growth in mobile.

Measuring the Impact of Google’s Search Update: Panda. Google has done it again. Recently, Google conducted the “Panda Update.” If you pay attention to tech news, you may know this reshuffling of search rankings as the “Farmer Update.”

What Is Intelligent Tracking Prevention, And How Is It Evolving? Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) is a privacy feature to protect users against third-party tracking. Firefox has a similar feature, and Chrome is developing one in their Privacy Sandbox. 

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