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Halloween has become a retail boon for brick-and-mortar and online businesses, with spending in 2018 estimated at more than $9 billion. As consumer confidence has grown post-recession, shoppers perceive Halloween as a fun and affordable holiday that can be celebrated via decor, costumes and, of course, treats. 90% of Americans buy candy for Halloween, spending $2.6 billion. But costumes generate the most revenue, with Americans spending $3.2 billion and 20% of Millennials buying costumes for their pets. Many brands find success with spooky, scary Halloween-themed advertising campaigns. The visual, family- and photo-friendly nature of Halloween also makes it a popular holiday on Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms.

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about Halloween:

Alternative Halloween Experiences Connect Brands & Parents. Brands are connecting with parents this Halloween to provide tools, resources and activities for safe but spooky alternative celebrations.

CPG Brands Compete For Cart Space With Pumpkin Spiced Products. As consumers seek comfort, CPG brands Kraft, Hostess and STōK have introduced pumpkin flavored products to grocery shelves to attract audiences, boost engagement and drive sales this fall.

Brands Resurrect Halloween With Product Launches & Digital Campaigns. Brands like ColourPop, Hostess and Reese’s are connecting to consumers this Halloween with engaging content campaigns and nostalgic product launches.

Halloween Candy In July, Because It’s 2020. Candy brands introduce new options this year, way ahead of schedule, in the hopes of spurring sales with Halloween plans still unknown.

7 Frightfully Amazing Halloween Marketing Campaigns Companies use Halloween as an opportunity to target their audiences with holiday-themed marketing campaigns.

Trick or Treat: Halloween Spending Strong But Down in 2018 Halloween is an American favorite and last year, the holiday achieved a record high $9.1 billion worth of spending. So how is Halloween of 2018 expected to fare?

Trick or Treat Your Consumers? 7 Halloween Campaigns that Got It Right As Halloween evolves into one of the most indulgent consumer seasons and brands from every corner of the U.S. economy hop on the bandwagon, here are seven Halloween campaigns that got it right.

Embracing Halloween to Engage Your Audience Top brands engage their audiences by honing in on topics relevant to consumers and prospective consumers. To do this, marketers must be aware of the major moments (ex. Halloween) and micro-moments.

How to Use Variable Testing to Win Your Office’s Halloween Costume Contest It’s not easy to select a winning Halloween costume. If you’re resolute about having the best costume at your upcoming festivities, we recommend the utilization of variable testing.

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