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A heritage brand is a trusted, often iconic brand, that has been around for decades. Consumers tend to have happy, nostalgic feelings for heritage brands. These feelings are often capitalized on in marketing campaigns like Coca-Cola’s new “New Coke” partnership with eighties-era Netflix show Stranger Things, or the recent nineties throwback activations from KFC and New Balance. As access to countless brands increases and shoppers grow more fickle, heritage brands must effectively use storytelling, consumer data and digital marketing strategies to retain relevancy.

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about Heritage Brands: 

Pest Control Companies Promote Content To Acquire Customers. Pest control companies use content marketing on websites and social channels to drive traffic to online platforms and increase customer acquisition.

Who Fried It Better? Chicken Sandwich Wars Kick Off 2021. Major fast food chains are reigniting the chicken sandwich competition by launching new product offerings, giveaways, social media activations and more.

Brands And Retailers Offer Holiday Magic With Virtual Holiday Experiences. Resilient and creative brand activations are moving the magic of the holidays online through virtual stores and events for shoppers.

Don't Worry About Your Thanksgiving Dinner: It's Insured. CPG brands and grocery retailers are forming strategic partnerships to offer Thanksgiving dinner insurance.

3 Life Insurance Brands Make Emotional Connections And Offer Digital Solutions. Life insurance brands appeal to human emotions to connect with consumers, while touting digital solutions that make enrollment easier.

18 Days From Cars To Ventilators: The GM Pandemic Pivot Creates New Brand Purpose And Employee Commitment. A year of disruption leads to inspiring philanthropy from GM, as the heritage auto manufacturer prepares for a bright future with electric and autonomous vehicles.

The Best Holiday Commercials For 2020. This year’s holiday advertisements will probably look a little different, but we found six classic and innovative commercials that still resonate in 2020.

Dickies Launches First Digital Marketing Campaigns As Brands Scale Digital Media Spend. Many businesses are increasingly embracing digital marketing campaigns as they strategize taking their brands to the next levels of success.

Keebler And Other Heritage Brands Turn To Digital For Modern Marketing Campaigns. During the rise of digital, many heritage CPG brands have transitioned large portions of their marketing spend to digital media, creating fun, relevant campaigns.

5 Dangers Of Stereotyping In Strategic Marketing Campaigns. When brands stereotype, they run the risk of alienating prospective customers and losing opportunities to tell genuine stories.

Window Wars: Brands Must Differentiate To Attract Consumers. Window brands must effectively differentiate with fresh marketing campaigns to generate high-intent leads that drive business growth.

Making Health And Safety Claims: Lysol Demonstrates The Correct Path. Two different Lysol surface cleaners were recently approved as effective against the virus that causes Covid-19, but brands need to tread carefully when making health claims.

Popular CPG Brands Consider Changes To Name And Images That May Be Racially Insensitive. In light of evolving awareness recently raised by nationwide racial justice protests, several CPG brands consider changing their branding.

Ice Cream Marketing Goes Vintage For Summer. Many ice cream brands have launched fun campaigns to get kids — and adults — in the mood for everyone’s favorite summer treat.

Brands Embrace Diversity By Offering Products In Different Skin Tones. After decades of companies offering only one or two skin tones, brands selling everything from lingerie to art supplies are embracing the full spectrum of color.

Gender Diversity In Marketing Is An Important And Growing Consideration For Advertisers. Brands cannot rely on old gender stereotypes in their advertising, especially when it comes to targeting younger audiences.

135-Year-Old American Kennel Club Goes Digital. More and more legacy brands are recognizing the benefits of creating multichannel, digital campaigns in order to expand their audience reach.

Nostalgia Inspires New Candy Campaigns. Multiple candy brands have launched for the first time in decades as candy makers tap into nostalgia.

Toys R Us Is Back: Just The Facts. Toys R Us will launch an ecommerce site and six new brick-and-mortar stores in time for the winter holidays.

Fritos Gets Back In The Advertising Game And This Time It’s Digital. It’s been 48 years since Fritos last launched a major advertising campaign, and now they’re back with Frito pies and football parties.

Wrangler Debuts Its First-Ever Global Campaign. Wrangler captures the cowboy spirit with their new, first-ever global advertising campaign.

Oreo Partners With Alexa For Their Mystery Oreo Promotion. Oreo releases a new limited edition cookie, The Mystery Oreo, with a contest for audiences and Alexa offering hints to solve the mystery.

Jeep, Fox, The New York Times Among Brands Considered Most Patriotic. A recent survey found Jeep, Ford and Coca-Cola topping the list of brands perceived by consumers as most patriotic, while patriotism itself grew across generations.

Hilton Leverages Their History And Cause Marketing To Celebrate Hilton Employees. By harkening back to John and Yoko’s “Bed-In for Peace,” the new cause marketing campaign from Hilton, “Room 702,” leverages nostalgia to celebrate Hilton’s present day employees.

Marketers Celebrate The Anniversaries Of Iconic Brands That Tap Into Generation X Nostalgia. As Generation X ages, marketers capitalize on Xers nostalgia by celebrating the anniversaries of iconic brands and re-introducing retro fashions and products.

Big Box Stores And Niche Toy Manufacturers Enter The Toy Subscription Box Market To Leverage Sales And Increase Brand Awareness. In a post-Toys R Us world, toy and game sellers and manufacturers will look for alternative revenue streams, including monthly subscription boxes.

Toy Store Experiences: Nostalgia and Innovation Appeal to Shoppers this Holiday Season. In a post-Toys R Us market, Amazon, Target, Walmart and small businesses fill the void for holiday toy shoppers, with innovations, nostalgic appeals and experiential shopping.

KFC Chicken & Waffles Commercial Highlights Unlikely Partnerships & 80s Dance Moves. Unlikely combos and 80s nostalgia make for a winning commercial for KFC, a brand well-versed in clever marketing.

Brands Can Create Emotional Connections That Last A Lifetime. By tapping into consumer’s emotions and memories, marketers can create lasting brand recognition and increase loyalty.

Stranger Things X New Coke Targets The Streaming Generation. New Coke is back as a part of a strategic integration with Netflix and Stranger Things to capture the fast growing commercial-averse TV watcher — and capture a little nostalgic fun.

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