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Hulu, an up-and-coming streaming service, entered the competitive streaming marketplace in 2008. The service, majority owned by The Walt Disney Company, initially only offered access to network shows subscribers may have missed. The introduction of original programming like The Handmaid’s Tale in 2017, helped earn recognition for the service as a viable and inventive streaming option comparable to Netflix and Amazon. Hulu offers ad and ad-free tiered subscription options and reached 25 million subscribers in 2018

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about Hulu:

Brands Launch New Subscriptions, Reflecting Consumer Behaviors Influenced By COVID-19. Apple, Colgate and Huggies are among the latest brands to spotlight subscription services that reflect consumers’ evolving pandemic-related lifestyles.

Brands Are Using Freemiums To Engage Consumers And Boost Customer Acquisition. When scaling customer acquisitions, brands often offer freemium deals that can include free items, services or memberships.

Hulu Launches Direct Response Ad Format: Just The Facts. Hulu has developed an interactive way for consumers to connect with brands through its streaming service. 

Apple And Disney Now Major Players In The Streaming Wars As The Competition Heats Up. As the popularity of Netflix slows and major competitors enter the streaming space, the streaming wars get serious.

What Is A Binge Ad? As audiences get smarter and more discerning about when and where they want to see advertising, streaming channels get innovative with binge ads.

4 Benefits Of Video Advertising. Video advertising can be used across channels to help build better relationships with consumers and hype new brands.

This Year’s Emmy Campaigns Are Hotter And Pricier Than Ever — Reflecting Changes To The TV Landscape. The Emmys are coming up and networks are sparing no expense to promote their programming, looking for top-of-mind brand awareness.

Sleep Number Takes Advantage Of Hulu’s Interactive Ad Unit. Sleep Number is the first brand to try out Hulu’s new interactive ad unit that combines email with video campaigns.

Farmers Insurance Episodic Ads On Hulu: Enticing Consumers With Storytelling. Farmers Insurance released episodic advertisements on Hulu’s streaming service, enticing consumers to pay more attention while also promoting brand awareness.

Hulu’s Programmatic Marketplace: What to Know. Hulu plans to make TV advertising more efficient with their introduction of a new programmatic marketplace starting January 1. Here’s what you need to know.

Brands Debut New Advertising Spots During Oscars Broadcast: This year’s Oscars made history, and several brands were there for the excitement with commercials debuting on the star-studded night.

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