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LinkedIn is the preferred social media platform for businesses, employers and job seekers, with a reputation for lead quality and comprehensive business-to-business interactions. Founded in 2003, LinkedIn’s more than 500 million members access career and networking opportunities, while posting, sharing and reacting to original and relevant business content from industry leaders. LinkedIn continues to update and evolve their solutions for digital marketers and brands who use the LinkedIn platform for engagement and advertising.

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about LinkedIn:

Best Times To Post On Social Media. As consumers continue to utilize social media for news, product discovery and connectivity, brands and advertisers must adjust their strategies to increase user engagement and activity across platforms.

LinkedIn Creator Mode: Just The Facts. Creator mode will give LinkedIn influencers new opportunities to engage audiences, spotlight content and grow their followings.

LinkedIn’s New Healthcare Hub: Just The Facts. By providing in-depth audience insights, tools and resources, LinkedIn is hoping to advance healthcare marketing through its new HealthCare Hub.

LinkedIn Retargeting And Audience Network Updates: Just The Facts. LinkedIn improves their capabilities so advertisers can better target the professional audiences they need to reach.

The Latest At LinkedIn: Live Stream And Stories. LinkedIn prepares to add new features to its social media platform including live streaming and stories. 

Audiences Continue To Flock To Social Media Platforms. In the age of constant phone-checking, social media platforms continue to grow or remain steady with audiences.

2019: The Year Of Social Advancements. 2019 went out with a bang, as marketers effectively capitalized on the constant stream of innovation within the digital marketing industry.

LinkedIn Launches Enhanced Targeting Tools: Just The Facts. On October 1, LinkedIn announced the release of new tools to enable marketers to better target and understand results of their paid advertising campaigns: more robust audience forecasting, Boolean logic and enhanced demographic reporting capabilities.

How Often And When To Post On Social Media. Social media is always on, but its users aren’t. So it’s important to know what days and times work best for your brand’s social engagement.

LinkedIn Adds New CTA Buttons: Just The Facts. LinkedIn has added several enhancements and additions to LinkedIn Pages, which may offer more targeted analytics and enhanced user preferences.

Adobe’s Partnership With Microsoft Pairs LinkedIn And Marketo: Just The Facts. Adobe recently announced a new partnerships with Microsoft, which will pair LinkedIn and Marketo and place Adobe in competition with Salesforce.

LinkedIn Interest Targeting: Just The Facts. LinkedIn, striving to offer marketers more in-depth solutions, recently released their Interest Targeting, which allows marketers to target users by their professional interests.

LinkedIn Launches New Personalized Product Pages. Expanding upon the “Company Pages” feature recently implemented, where members are able to follow companies, LinkedIn now provides an added service that will allow users to submit reviews.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads: The New Feature In Campaign Manager. LinkedIn Dynamic Ads allow brands to personalize ad content to every consumer.

Bing Ads Leverage LinkedIn Data: What To Know. For marketers, Bing Ads announces a new advertising option that leverages LinkedIn profile data, a result of Bing’s 2016 acquisition of LinkedIn.

Nov. 14 Update to LinkedIn Campaign Manager: Objective-Based Advertising. LinkedIn issued a beta-release of their Campaign Manager overhaul, which offers objective-based advertising for more targeted advertising opportunities.

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