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Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft is one of the most recognizable and influential technology brands of all time. Microsoft’s groundbreaking innovations and well-documented rivalry with Apple lead to the personal computer and many subsequent technologies that are now in nearly every home around the world including Microsoft Windows software, gaming consoles and mobile phones. The Bing “decision engine” was launched in 2009, followed several years later by Bing Ads, which was recently renamed Microsoft Advertising. In April 2019, Microsoft became the third company to pass a market cap of $1 trillion.

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about Microsoft:

People With Disabilities Have Money To Spend But Are Often Overlooked. Advertisers that are authentic and inclusive can capture the attention of people with disabilities, a group long overlooked in advertising strategies.

Console Wars: Video Game Brands Get Creative & Compete For Audience Engagement. Experiencing accelerated growth as a result of the global pandemic, major video game brands are launching creative efforts to engage audiences and capture market share.

Microsoft Asset Performance Ratings: What Are They? Microsoft introduces Asset Performance Ratings for Responsive Search Ads in Bing, giving advertisers more insight into their ad performance.

Microsoft Audience Network Planner: Just The Facts. The Microsoft Audience Network Planner allows advertisers to research audience segments and possible campaign performance without having to run costly test campaigns.

Microsoft Audience Network Targeting Solutions: Just The Facts. In September Microsoft launched the open beta of two new audience targeting solutions, both proven to enhance campaign performance in pilot tests.

Microsoft Introduces Responsive Search Ads: Just The Facts. On September 6, Microsoft introduced a responsive search ad open beta for all of their advertisers, enabling advertisers to streamline and scale ad copy testing.

Microsoft Advertising Introduces Impression Share Metrics: Just The Facts. Microsoft introduces prominence metrics, position-based impression share metrics which offer marketers more accurate campaign performance insights.

Microsoft Advertising: Just The Facts. Bing Ads is welcoming a new name: Microsoft Advertising. While the advertising platform is changing names, its values are holding true as they continue to update and release robust advertising options.

Adobe’s Partnership With Microsoft Pairs LinkedIn And Marketo: Just The Facts. Adobe recently announced a new partnerships with Microsoft, which will pair LinkedIn and Marketo and place Adobe in competition with Salesforce.

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