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Millennials are consumers born between 1980 and 1994. This niche audience came of age as common technology emerged, so they are typically early adopters of digital services. This generation is also known for being environmentally conscious and struggling with debt.

Here’s the recent news we’ve covered about Millennials:

Dating Apps In A Post-Pandemic World: New Players & What To Expect. Major dating apps are expanding their platforms to promote vaccine signups and reflect the latest trends among users.

3 Primary Factors Motivating Young Homeowners To Refinance. DMS spotlights top consumer trends and major influencing factors impacting homeowners seeking refinance loans in the first half of 2021.

Alcohol Advertising: Spirits Brands Leverage Latest Celebrations To Connect With Target Audiences. Spirits brands are connecting with consumers during times of celebration through strategic digital initiatives that resonate with today’s audiences.

Younger Consumers Drive Uptick In Life Insurance Sales. Life insurance sales are on the rise, facilitated by the desire of younger consumers to protect their families and the digital strategies that appeal to them.

5 Facts About The Impact Of BNPL On Ecommerce. The explosion of ecommerce growth over the last year has led to increased adoption of BNPL by consumers, particularly Millennials.

Millennials Continue To Drive Refinance Mortgage Loan Demand In 2021. Recent mortgage borrower data indicates that Millennial consumers are the leading segment driving the refinance loan volume this year.

How 3 Men’s Underwear Brands Used Digital Media To Promote Function, Comfort & Self Expression For Valentine’s Day. Underwear brands like MeUndies, SAXX and Paper Project are deploying online advertising and ecommerce experiences to connect with target audiences in anticipation of Valentine's Day gifting demand.

From Thongs To Pajamas: Consumers Head Online For Lingerie & Loungewear In 2021. As Valentine’s Day approaches, lingerie and loungewear brands, like Adore Me, Pajamagram and ThirdLove, have an opportunity to connect and engage with audiences seeking sexy, cozy and comforting gifts.

Millennials & Gen Z: A Profile Of Auto Insurance Customers. While homeowners have been a key demographic among auto insurance advertisers for many years, it's vital that car insurance brands develop a keener understanding of the growing non-homeowner audience.

Digital Advertising Across Generations: A Look At How COVID Changed What Audiences Want & Need. Different generations often exhibit different preferences when it comes to staying home, online usage and the benefits of technology.

Brands Resonate With Consumers By Promoting Social Responsibility In Latest Digital Advertising Campaigns. Top brands are responding to consumers’ increased desire for businesses that support relevant social causes and prioritize purpose-driven marketing.

Brands Eye Homeschooling Families As Growing Consumer Segment. Homeschooling is growing as a result of the pandemic, and learning platform brands are providing services that align with the values and needs of diverse homeschooling families.

Shifts In Consumer Habits & Values Emerge As Pandemic Persists. Recent studies show that consumers are prioritizing digital experiences, availability, essential items and convenience in regards to their shopping habits and overall values.

Brands Level Up With Animal Crossing: New Horizons Partnerships. The re-launch of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a solution for brands looking for new marketing platforms amidst COVID-19.

Lacrosse Wins Big With Major Brands & Younger Audiences. With increased viewership in recent years, strategic brand partnerships and rising popularity among younger consumers, the game of professional lacrosse has reached new heights.

Ready Player One: The Booming Global Video Game Market. Social distancing catapulted the $165 billion video gaming industry into record growth in 2020, and brands are taking note of growing gamer audiences and marketing opportunities via in-game advertising.

Babytech Is A Growing Industry For Growing Families. Parents, especially Millennials, are turning to tech in all forms to find the best options for raising their families.

Father’s Day Marketing Sees Shift In Focus From Years Past. As the effects from the pandemic linger and consumers' ideas of what the “dad” role looks like evolves, brands have altered their marketing strategies for this year’s Father’s Day marketing campaigns.

Cornhole & Other Non-Traditional Sports Get Off The Bench & Reach New Audiences. The COVID-19 related national sports hiatus may be the catalyst for accelerated popularity of non-traditional sports among consumers.

Discounts And Downturns: The Power Of Digital Coupons On Consumer Spending. 31 billion digital coupons were redeemed by consumers in 2019. Economic turmoil, high unemployment rates and the motivation to save could propel motivations for accelerated coupon use.

Flower Delivery Businesses Prepare For Mother’s Day With Promotions And Partnerships. Consumers celebrate mom this Mother’s Day with flowers from innovative and forward-thinking flower delivery businesses.

Consumer Spending Habits Shift In Response To New Norms. Radical changes in daily life that have resulted from COVID-19 have shifted consumer spending and could transform future buying habits.

From Boomers To Gen Z, Credit Cards Reign As Preferred Method Of Payment. As consumers preferences shift, marketers must understand what motivates different audiences to use credit cards.

How Millennials Are Saving And Spending Their Money. Millennials are the largest living generation with the greatest purchasing power. Understanding how they are managing and spending their money can help digital marketers to capture and retain this influential market.

Meme Marketing Resonates With Younger Audiences. Meme marketing may appeal to younger audiences, but it is necessary for brands to understand how to deploy memes for maximum engagement.

The Subscription Industry Hones In On A New Audience: Kids. As the subscription industry continues to experience explosive growth, brands are taking note of the marketing opportunities and profitability of targeting a much younger audience.

Weight Loss Trends: Millennials Influence How Americans Perceive Diet, Nutrition & Exercise. Weight loss trends remain varied, but one thing that appears consistent is the use of social media platforms to influence diet and nutrition choices.

Boomers And Gen Xers Are Embracing Technology At A Faster Rate Than Millennials. Technology usage across generations is continuing to grow across all generations, but Boomers and Xers see the most growth.

Brands That Implement Social Responsibility Will Connect With Gen Z. Gen Z is poised to become a powerful consumer group, and brands that adopt socially responsible business practices are likely to benefit.

4 Benefits Of Video Advertising. Video advertising can be used across channels to help build better relationships with consumers and hype new brands.

Millennials + Insurance: 10 Takeaways For The Digital Age. Millennials present unique opportunities for insurance marketers.

Dior & Gucci Are Outfitting Their Brand Marketing With AR. AR is changing the ways consumers experience fashion. Luxury fashion brands Dior and Gucci have incorporated augmented reality (AR) into their marketing strategies via new app “try-on”.

90s Fashion Appeals To Gen Z & Offers Engagement For Digital Marketers. The 90s are back, and it’s not just to make Gen X’ers and Millennials feel nostalgic — younger generations are the target market.

The CBD Market: Who, What, Where, Why & How. The CBD market has grown exponentially, rising from the unknown to become a top health and retail story.

Buffalo Wild Wings Is Saving Relationships One NFL Fan At A Time With Football Prenup. Buffalo Wild Wings is playing cupid with the launch of its “Football Prenup” in hopes of preventing heartbreak this football season, while increasing visits to their sports-bars and driving sales.

5 Best Advocacy Campaigns: Combining Authenticity With Effective Hashtags. For brands and nonprofits leading advocacy campaigns, social media, user generated content, hashtags and capitalizing on viral reach can be effective tools to raise money and awareness.

Easter Marketing: Young Consumers Hold Buying Power For Spring Holiday. 85% of consumers under 35 years old are planning to celebrate Easter this year, so many brands are leveraging the holiday to promote their must-have products. 

Mercedes Targets Millennials With Instagram Stories. Mercedes targeted Millennials with a recent Instagram campaign, titled “Bucket List,” that showcased their vehicles’ new technology.

Marketing Refinance’s Newfound Popularity To Millennials. Refinances recently jumped 35% in popularity with Millennials representing a significant amount of interested borrowers.

Millennial Insurance: How Marketers Are Winning Over An Uninterested Market. Insurance companies are taking innovative approaches when it comes to marketing their products to Millennial audiences.

Millennials Are Travel Agents’ Golden Ticket As Tourism Growth Slows. Millennials show the most potential to spend on vacations and traveling in the upcoming year, a statistic that travel marketers shouldn’t ignore.

4 Simple Strategies For Marketing Mortgages To Millennials In 2019. Marketing to Millennials doesn’t need to be scary. As a loan officer, you can offer valuable knowledge through cohesive content, social events and AI chatbots.

Pet Insurance Marketing: Streamlined Digital Campaigns Appeal To Millennials And Their Well-Loved Pets. With pet insurance projected to grow significantly and pet pampering on the rise – particularly among millennials –marketers can grow their brand’s user base with multichannel digital campaigns.

Happy National Cooking Day: Celebrate Good Eating with a Look at How Marketing Brings Millennials to Food Brands. On National Cooking Day, we dig into how and why some foodcentric products – like Meghan Markle’s new cookbook – and certain food brands generate revenue and resonate with millennials.

Three Keys To Reaching Millennials. Marketing mortgages to Millennials can be tricky, because they aren’t like other generation that came before them. Here are three things to keep in mind when engaging Millennial consumers.

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