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From baby care to back-to-school supplies, moms are often the ones wielding the shopping cart, and increasingly their phones, with 62% of moms who have phones using shopping apps. Moms exert more than $2.4 trillion in spending power and make 85% of household purchases, making it imperative that marketing strategies meet moms at the correct stages of their parenting lives. 83% of new moms are Millennials, a generation with an assertive view of how they want to be marketed to. And, among all moms, a stay-at-home mother of a newborn will have different shopping needs than a working mother of a teenager. Marketers need to avoid a monolithic approach to this smart and powerful marketing segment. 

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about moms:

Brands Know Moms Matter, On Mother’s Day And All Year Long. Authentic and empathetic brand messaging can help moms feel appreciated on Mother’s Day, and many brands are starting early this year.

Brands Launch New Subscriptions, Reflecting Consumer Behaviors Influenced By COVID-19. Apple, Colgate and Huggies are among the latest brands to spotlight subscription services that reflect consumers’ evolving pandemic-related lifestyles.

Brands Eye Homeschooling Families As Growing Consumer Segment. Homeschooling is growing as a result of the pandemic, and learning platform brands are providing services that align with the values and needs of diverse homeschooling families.

Puppies And Babies Bring Smiles To Consumers During Tough Times. Whether bringing a laugh or touching hearts, puppies and babies are known for helping brands build goodwill with consumers.

Mobile-First Marketing Strategies Remain A Priority For Brands. Despite a recent surge in desktop use, mobile engagement remains a priority for businesses, as several brands release mobile-friendly activations.

Babytech Is A Growing Industry For Growing Families. Parents, especially Millennials, are turning to tech in all forms to find the best options for raising their families.

Marketing To Moms During Coronavirus Requires Understanding And Authenticity. Brands that want to connect with moms during coronavirus should deliver authentic, solution-oriented campaigns to this active and engaged demographic.

Flower Delivery Businesses Prepare For Mother’s Day With Promotions And Partnerships. Consumers celebrate mom this Mother’s Day with flowers from innovative and forward-thinking flower delivery businesses.

The Subscription Industry Hones In On A New Audience: Kids. As the subscription industry continues to experience explosive growth, brands are taking note of the marketing opportunities and profitability of targeting a much younger audience.

Disney Partnership Inspires Girls. Sport England initiative “This Girl Can” partners with Disney to inspire girls and promote health and wellness.

Parents Turn To A Mix Of Options For Their Toy Shopping Needs. Big box stores, independent retailers and direct-to- consumer brands offer parents an array of options when shopping for toys.

P&G’s Newest Data-Driven Innovation: Pampers Smart Diapers. Pampers has partnered with Verily and Logitech to create what it calls “the world’s first all-in-one connected care system” for babies.

Post Babies R Us Registries: Streamlined And Creative Alternatives. When Babies R US closed, consumers were left wondering where to go for their baby registries, but many options have filled the space left by the shuttering of the mega retailer.

Mother’s Day Spending: How Consumers Say “I Love You, Mom”. Mother’s Day Spending is projected to increase this year, hitting a new record of $25 billion.

KFC’s Latest Marketing Campaign: $11,000 to Parents Who Name Their Baby Harland. KFC’s latest marketing campaign encourages the use of an old-fashioned name for a grand prize of $11,000, which represents the 11 herbs and spices that make KFC chicken so good.

Innovative Marketing from 6 Top Baby Brands: From Diapers & Food to Toys & Nose Suckers. From realism to humor, there’s no one way for baby brands to market themselves. We identified six examples of on-target baby-focused campaigns.

Best Mom Campaigns: Mother’s Day in Marketing. Check out the brands who used Mother’s Day to their advantage, encouraging goodwill and spiking sales.

IKEA’s Pee Strip Ad: Brilliant or Gross? IKEA decided to go bold in their recent mom-targeted campaign. But is it brilliant or gross? We polled people to find out.

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