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The NFL will celebrate its centennial in 2020, marking a hundred years of joy and sadness for fans of the gridiron. The game has changed a lot since 1920, when players didn’t wear helmets, let alone score multimillion dollar contracts and endorsement deals. Though the NFL season is only 17 weeks long, in 2018 the league generated more than $15 billion, with a goal to reach $25 billion by 2027, making it the most valuable sports league in the U.S. The NFL also dominates in viewership, averaging 16 million regular season viewers per game and claiming 46 of the top 50 telecasts in 2018, with NFL streaming also up 86% in 2018 over the year prior. Super Bowl LIII was watched by 100.7 million fans across all viewing platforms and was a must-advertise event for brands from Budweiser to Bumble

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about the NFL.

Major Brands Poke Fun At 2020 In Social Media Campaigns. In an effort to create relevant and fun content, several brands are bashing 2020 in new digital advertising campaigns.

Major Brands Are Skipping The Super Bowl To Invest In Purpose-Driven Digital Campaigns. This year, many brands long known for advertising at the Super Bowl are sitting it out and turning their attention elsewhere.

Advertisers Reveal Plans For 55th Annual Super Bowl. Super Bowl LV, set to air February 7, is already lining up major advertisers from Turbo Tax to Toyota.

As Live Sports Return To TV Screens, Digital Marketers Rev Up Campaign Efforts To Reach Fans. Despite the uncertainty surrounding in-person events during the pandemic, marketers have found unique ways to get their brands in front of consumers through partnerships, creative ad spots and more.

Effective UGC Campaigns Hint At A New Wave Of Digital Marketing. UGC has grown significantly in recent years, positioning itself as a beneficial approach to marketing, due to its authentic and real-life appeal for consumers.

Super Bowl LIV Commercials Include Big Names And Big Laughs. Once again, brands big and small created Super Bowl commercials that were funny, sweet and memorable.

Procter & Gamble Lets The Fans Decide In Super Bowl Ad. Procter & Gamble will have a variety of ads in the Super Bowl including one that lets fans decide the outcome.

Super Bowl Advertising Ramps Up As Brands Reveal Plans. With Super Bowl LIV right around the corner, brands are revealing details of their commercials for the big game.

Football Fans Are Engaged And Excited For College Bowl Season. College football and bowl games offer brands opportunities to reach dialed-in fans excited about anything to do with the very lucrative NCAA football season.

NFL X TikTok: A Partnership Designed To Inspire Younger Audiences. The NFL partners with TikTok to celebrate the NFL’s 100th season and appeal to younger audiences.

Kicking Off The NFL’s 100th Season With New And Old Partnerships. Various brands have partnered up with the NFL in celebration of its 100th season.

Buffalo Wild Wings Is Saving Relationships One NFL Fan At A Time With Football Prenup. Buffalo Wild Wings is playing cupid with the launch of its “Football Prenup” in hopes of preventing heartbreak this football season, while increasing visits to their sports-bars and driving sales.

Nike Acquires NFL Star Russell Wilson’s Startup, TraceMe. Nike has confirmed the acquisition of TraceMe, a startup company originally founded by Russell Wilson, and its fan engagement platform, Tally.

Super Bowl-Inspired Marketing: What Brands Launch Around The Event, Not Air During It. Not every brand can cough up $5 million for a 30-second spot that airs during the Super Bowl. See how these marketing campaigns leveraged the Super Bowl’s popularity without buying expensive TV spots.

Serena Williams, Budweiser And The NFL Make A Big Impression At Super Bowl LIII. Serena Williams, beverage giants, and the NFL generated the most chatter in the commercial wars of this year’s Super Bowl.

From Carrie Bradshaw To Ridley Scott, Super Bowl LIII Commercials Are Innovative, Funny And Bold. Super Bowl LIII is shaping up to be another great year of fun and funny commercials featuring celebrities from the TV and sports world.

The Super Bowl Experience: How Game Day’s Marketing Stretches Past Stadiums And Big Screens. With Super Bowl LIII just around the corner, brands have been working on their marketing campaigns for months. Experiential marketing with hands-on approaches are leading this year’s promotions.

Super Bowl LII: Anticipated Trends & Advice to Help Your Brand Stand Out (Even if Your Budget Isn’t as Super as Your Game). With Super Bowl LII right around the corner, we decided to write a blog post focused on helping marketers stand out ― even without a super-sized budget.

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