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Pepsi or Pepsi-Cola has been around in various different formulas since 1898. Pepsi ranks behind only Coke and Diet Coke in popularity in America, carving out more than 8% of the market share as of 2018. In addition to the famous cola wars that have defined much of Pepsi’s marketing the last 40 years, Pepsi is known for advertising campaigns featuring famous celebrities like Cindy Crawford and Nicky Minaj, digital activations and recently a branded clothing line.

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about Pepsi:

CPG Brands + Performance Advertising: A Winning Combination. As CPG brands continue to reach out to consumers across digital channels, performance advertising becomes indispensable.

Ecommerce Platforms Help CPG Brands Find Audiences. Snack food brands use dynamic ecommerce platforms to optimize online sales from shoppers looking for comfort.

CPG Snack Brands Deploy Social Media Campaigns. Snack food brands use social media activations to gain attention from shoppers looking for comfort & entertainment. 

Big Brands Increase Digital Ad Spend To Drive Results & Transparency. Digital ad spend continues to prove its worth as consumers’ expectations surrounding the media and brands shift during the pandemic.

Big Brands Shift To DTC Strategies As Consumer Behaviors Evolve. Evolving consumer behaviors during the pandemic and the value of first-party data has driven several big brands to launch DTC ventures.

As Live Sports Return To TV Screens, Digital Marketers Rev Up Campaign Efforts To Reach Fans. Despite the uncertainty surrounding in-person events during the pandemic, marketers have found unique ways to get their brands in front of consumers through partnerships, creative ad spots and more.

Brands Replace Live Experiential Activations With Virtual Social Engagement. Capitalizing on connecting with consumers where they are, brands like Dunkin’ and Stella Artois are trading experiential activations for virtual engagement, leveraging the power of social media.

The Most Memorable Brand Wars Of 2019. In 2019, many brands have duked it out to captivate their audiences in exciting ways.

Brands Turn To Digital Activations To Bring The Holiday Magic. Big name brands are turning to digital activations to increase holiday sales and consumer engagement during the busiest buying season of the year.

Pepsi Ups Their Profile With Apparel And Accessories. Pepsi enters the lifestyle market with the launch of House of PepsiCo, an ecommerce site selling apparel and accessories.

The Cola Wars – Which Brand Dominates? Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been battling it out for years to see who would come out on top in the soda industry.

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