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The political atmosphere is aggressive and constantly changing. Political figures leverage social media, email, paid search ads and numerous other platforms to get in touch with voters. The 2020 presidential race is expected to spend nearly $10 billion in advertising.

Here's the recent digital marketing news we've covered about politics:

Facebook Ad Review Process: Just The Facts. Facebook recently published an overview of the social media platform’s ad review process.

Brands Encourage COVID Vaccine With Digital Promotions & Giveaways. In an effort to educate, raise awareness and stop the spread of COVID-19, major brands are running digital giveaways and promotions for vaccinated consumers.

Journalism Competition And Preservation Act Of 2021: Just The Facts. A new bipartisan bill, called the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act, will give news organizations more bargaining power with Google and Facebook if passed.

Facebook Ends Ban On Political Ads: Just The Facts. Facebook has lifted its ban on political ads, reversing a policy introduced after the November 6 election.

Michelle Obama And Social Media Platforms Take On Voter Registration. Social media platforms, former first ladies and voter organizations partnering with corporations are encouraging Americans to vote.

Will TikTok Be Banned In The U.S?: Just The Facts. Recent comments from government officials indicate that TikTok could be banned in the U.S.

Facebook Allows People To Opt Out Of Political Ads: Just The Facts. Facebook recently announced a major voting information effort that includes the ability to opt out of political ads.

List Building And Digital Engagement Drive Political Fundraising Campaigns. Political campaigns must have sophisticated digital marketing strategies to target voters across channels.

Women’s Clothing Brand M.M. LaFleur Supports Women Running For Office. M.M.LaFleur, a high-end women’s workwear brand, pledged to lend women who are running for office the clothes they need for the campaign trail.

Digital Advertising Spending Will Reach New Heights In 2020. In 2020, predictions suggest that digital advertising will account for more than half of the U.S. and global ad spend.

Spotify Suspends Political Ads: Just The Facts. Spotify hits the brakes on political ads, citing their lack of a review process robust enough to effectively validate the spots.

Amid Political Advertising Shifts, First Party Data Reaches Audiences. Social media platforms and tech companies amend political ad policies to combat veracity issues.

Proactive Email List Building Drives Record Political Fundraising. Political fundraising has been forever impacted by the internet and digital marketing. Campaigns with the strongest ROI will incorporate a diverse mix of digital media, stretching far beyond Google and Facebook, to take advantage of niche outlets with targeted audiences.

#Thankunextgen! Ariana Grande Encourages Voter Registration. Ariana Grande partners with HeadCount to encourage voter registration, using social media and mobile to spread the word.

5 Best Advocacy Campaigns: Combining Authenticity With Effective Hashtags. For brands and nonprofits leading advocacy campaigns, social media, user generated content, hashtags and capitalizing on viral reach can be effective tools to raise money and awareness.

CEOs and Celebrities Get Out the Vote. Midterms are November 6th, so we take a look back at influential voting campaigns from Rock the Vote to Levi’s.

Potential Pell Grant Expansion Continues To Gain Momentum But Incites Debate.  A new bill introduced June 26 to expand Pell Grant eligibility to short-term programs is gaining traction on both sides of the political aisle, increasing the likelihood of it being passed. Despite bipartisan support, even garnering backing by the Trump administration, it is inciting some debate.

Political Ad Spending To Reach New High In 2020. Ad spending for the 2020 election is expected to reach almost $10 billion, up from just $6.3 billion in 2016. 

Digital Fundraising: How Obama Mapped A Course For Future Candidates. In 2008, Barack Obama’s historical campaign for president broke fundraising records, embraced a massive digital outreach and changed political campaigning forever.

The Solar Energy Industry Experiences Rapid Growth Despite Varying Opinions. While solar is still a heavily debated topic, the solar energy industry has experienced a wave of growth and profitability, with several predictions of a bright future ahead.

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