Reddit News For Digital Marketers

Reddit, the American social news site, was founded in 2005 and allows users to submit content and start discussions online.

Here’s the recent news we’ve covered about Reddit:

Reddit Increases Visibility Through New Content Sharing Integration With Snapchat. In its first native content sharing integration, Reddit hopes to increase brand awareness and broaden its audience reach through a partnership with Snapchat.

3 Key Ways To Leverage Reddit For Enrollment Marketing. Reddit may be somewhat of an enigma for many enrollment marketers, unsure of how to engage with the social media giant’s vast community. In this article, we dive into three key ways to leverage Reddit for enrollment marketing.

Kicking Off The NFL’s 100th Season With New And Old Partnerships. Various brands have partnered up with the NFL in celebration of its 100th season.

Absolut Tackles Reddit With Video Ads: Achieving 2.5x More Engagement. Absolut saw 2.5x more engagement with Reddit videos than video ads on similar platforms. As Reddit expands its advertising offerings, more brands may flock to the social news and media site. 

Reddit Introduces Cost-Per-Click Ads: Just The Facts. Reddit launched their cost-per-click advertising options last month, expanding their suite of marketing options available for advertisers.

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