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Snapchat, founded in 2011, is a visually-based social media platform that allows users to send and receive photos and videos. This app was the first to popularize augmented reality filters. Snapchat has roughly 186 million daily active users, as of January 2019.

Here’s the recent news we’ve covered about Snapchat:

Snapchat Spotlight: Just The Facts. In a bid to compete with TikTok, Snapchat rolls out Spotlight, a new vertical video feed.

What Is Snapchat Vertical Navigation? Snapchat’s latest feature updates compete with TikTok and create new opportunities for digital advertisers to connect with a growing audience.

Snapchat Brand Profile Pages: Just The Facts. Snapchat introduces brand profile pages offering retailers opportunities to reach consumers increasingly reliant on ecommerce options.

Snapchat Action Bar: Just The Facts. Snapchat recently unveiled a slew of updates including an action bar that should make navigation easier for new users.

Snapchat Launches App Stories: Just The Facts. Snapchat launched App Stories which allows users to share their stories to third-party apps, with advertising opportunities for partner brands possible in the near future.

‘Swipe Up To Call’ Now Available For Snapchat Ads In U.S.: Just The Facts. Snapchat announced it will be expanding Swipe Up To Call ad options in the U.S., after a soft launch overseas.

Snapchat’s New Trailer Reaction Lens: Just The Facts. In December, Snapchat introduced a new augmented reality movie preview ad format called a “trailer reaction lens” in collaboration with Paramount Pictures for their upcoming film Top Gun: Maverick.

2019: The Year Of Social Advancements. 2019 went out with a bang, as marketers effectively capitalized on the constant stream of innovation within the digital marketing industry.

Amid Political Advertising Shifts, First Party Data Reaches Audiences. Social media platforms and tech companies amend political ad policies to combat veracity issues.

Dior & Gucci Are Outfitting Their Brand Marketing With AR. AR is changing the ways consumers experience fashion. Luxury fashion brands Dior and Gucci have incorporated augmented reality (AR) into their marketing strategies via new app “try-on”.

Reddit Increases Visibility Through New Content Sharing Integration With Snapchat. In its first native content sharing integration, Reddit hopes to increase brand awareness and broaden its audience reach through a partnership with Snapchat.

Adidas Becomes First Retailer To Sell Directly Through Snapchat Video Game. Adidas and Snapchat teamed up to launch a mobile video game that lets users buy Adidas cleats directly.

Snapchat Simplifies Ad Creation With Launch Of Instant Create Tool: Just The Facts. On July 31, Snapchat introduced their new Instant Create tool, designed to simplify and streamline the creation process for certain types of ads on the popular social media platform.

Snapchat Snap Select Video Advertising Program: Just The Facts. Snapchat recently launched a new video advertising program, Snap Select, allowing marketers to buy inexpensive, targeted ads without using an auction.

5 Best Advocacy Campaigns: Combining Authenticity With Effective Hashtags. For brands and nonprofits leading advocacy campaigns, social media, user generated content, hashtags and capitalizing on viral reach can be effective tools to raise money and awareness.

Snapchat Influencers In-App Store: Just The Facts. Snapchat released a shopping feature that allows Influencers to open in-app stores, which further monetize the social media platform.

Snapchat Premium 6-Second Ads: Just The Facts. Snapchat is offering six-second, non-skippable premium video ads for marketers looking to hold greater control of their advertising. 

Snapchat Audience Network: Just The Facts. While Snapchat’s active user count is no longer growing, the social media app is taking on new ways to expand the business.

Warner Bros. Partners With Snapchat For Voice-Activated AR Lenses Promoting DC Comics Superhero Movie Shazam! In an effort to promote their newest release Shazam!, Warner Bros. becomes the first movie studio to use voice-activated AR lenses as a promotional tool.

Snapchat and Amazon: A New Mobile Commerce Pairing. In another move to monetize, Snapchat has partnered with Amazon to send users directly to Amazon’s e-commerce platform.

Snapchat and Nielsen Ad Targeting: What to Know. As Snapchat and Nielsen work together, the platform’s ad targeting should improve, pairing relevant content to interested consumers, potentially increasing conversion rates.

Snapchat Shopping Puts the Catalog in and on Your Face. Shopping just got easier. With Snapchat’s new filters, users can shop within the app as they take pictures.

Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories: The Race Begins. The world of social media is forever changing, and those who don’t evolve are lost in the dust. Likely with that in mind, on August 2, Instagram announced a major transition.

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