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Social media campaigns help brands engage and interact with their consumers while driving sales.

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Targeted Social Advertising 

Effective social media campaigns can be targeted based on geographic area, interest, educational attainment, employment and more. Lookalike targeting with audience amplification lets you target those with the greatest propensity to convert.

Are you growing your follower base and engaging niche groups?

Let Digital Media Solutions look under the hood of your social campaigns to see if they’re set up for success. Click here to get started. 

Social Retargeting

According to Google, only 2% of site visitors convert on their first visit. Social media retargeting uses native and display ads to nurture non-converting site visitors with branded content crafted to drive them back to your site for conversion.

Are you staying in touch with the 98% of your site visitors that have yet to convert? 

A social advertising audit by Digital Media Solutions will determine if you are following retargeting best practices. Click here to get the audit started. 

Prospect Re-Engagement

Social media can help you reach out to stale leads by targeting specific email addresses. Digital Media Solutions has boosted inquiry and conversion rates with campaigns targeted to leads that originally raised their hands a year ago or more.

Are you getting the greatest yield from your prospects? 

If you’re ignoring your dated leads, you could be falling short on performance. Click here to talk with Digital Media Solutions about refreshing your social media strategy. 

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