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Sports generate huge TV advertising revenues, with the Super Bowl raking in more than $370 million in 2018 and the Olympics $960 million. The rise of digital media has created advertising opportunities across channels, including social media, apps and streaming. A recent deal between YouTube and Major League Baseball (MLB) appeals to younger fans interested in watching games online, while partnerships between athletes and brands continue to highlight sports as a delivery method for advertising and engagement. 63% of Americans describe themselves as sports fans and football is America’s favorite sport.

Here’s the recent digital marketing news we’ve covered about sports:

Brands Partner With NBA To Create Innovative Gaming Activations. Brands that want to reach ad-averse consumers are partnering with the NBA to create fun gaming activations.

5 Examples Of Strategic Partnerships That Are Making In Impact During 2021 BHM & Beyond. This Black History Month brands are partnering with nonprofits, charities, artists and Black-owned brands and going beyond performative advertising.

Advertisers Reveal Plans For 55th Annual Super Bowl. Super Bowl LV, set to air February 7, is already lining up major advertisers from Turbo Tax to Toyota.

Consumers Demand Variety, Don’t Want All COVID-Focused Ads. The pandemic continues, but consumers are weary of the same crisis-themed ads. Innovative campaigns are driving engagement by taking a lighter tone and supporting communities and causes.

Catch & Keep: New Audiences Get Hooked On Fishing During COVID-19. Outdoor and fishing brands reel in new and diverse audiences as interest in the activity soars during COVID-19.

As Live Sports Return To TV Screens, Digital Marketers Rev Up Campaign Efforts To Reach Fans. Despite the uncertainty surrounding in-person events during the pandemic, marketers have found unique ways to get their brands in front of consumers through partnerships, creative ad spots and more.

Credit Card Wars & The Battle For Long-Term Loyalty.  Changes in consumer behaviors have reignited the credit wars. To retain customer loyalty, credit card brands are pivoting their campaigns with shifting consumer values.

Effective UGC Campaigns Hint At A New Wave Of Digital Marketing. UGC has grown significantly in recent years, positioning itself as a beneficial approach to marketing, due to its authentic and real-life appeal for consumers.

A Roundup Of Brands Making Consumers Happy During A Time Of Uncertainty. Due to shifting consumer behaviors that developed during quarantines, some brands are seeing their popularity soar.

Lacrosse Wins Big With Major Brands & Younger Audiences. With increased viewership in recent years, strategic brand partnerships and rising popularity among younger consumers, the game of professional lacrosse has reached new heights.

Cornhole & Other Non-Traditional Sports Get Off The Bench & Reach New Audiences. The COVID-19 related national sports hiatus may be the catalyst for accelerated popularity of non-traditional sports among consumers.

Golf Marketing Tees Up For Success & Draws In New Audiences During Social Distancing. Marketing efforts to reach new golfers hit an upswing, as the $84 billion golf industry attracts new audiences.

ESPN — And Bored Athletes — Try To Stay Busy During Quarantine. ESPN, athletes and sports fans are finding ways to stay busy since all professional sporting events were canceled.

Virtual Concerts, Sporting Events, Playdates & More: New, Innovative Ways To Connect With Consumers. Industries from music to alcohol to sports have recognized the need for virtual initiatives in order to connect consumers and spread meaningful messages during an uncertain time.

We’ve Come To This: NBA HORSE. With all professional sports on hold indefinitely, the NBA is putting on a HORSE competition with stars of basketball shooting from home.

Influencers Use Social Media Platforms To Encourage Social Distancing. Kylie Jenner, NBA players and popular brands remind young people how important it is to self isolate and maintain social distance during the coronavirus crisis.

3 Slam Dunk March Madness Campaigns. The excitement surrounding the March Madness tournament offers marketers the opportunity to increase consumer engagement and expand their audience reach.

3 Effective Marketing Campaigns Promoting Mental Health Wellness. For organizations and campaigns that offer support to people struggling with mental health issues, a multichannel approach can offer the best results.

Digital Advertising Spending Will Reach New Heights In 2020. In 2020, predictions suggest that digital advertising will account for more than half of the U.S. and global ad spend.

Super Bowl Advertising Ramps Up As Brands Reveal Plans. With Super Bowl LIV right around the corner, brands are revealing details of their commercials for the big game.

Football Fans Are Engaged And Excited For College Bowl Season. College football and bowl games offer brands opportunities to reach dialed-in fans excited about anything to do with the very lucrative NCAA football season.

Alcohol Brands Promote Healthy Drinking Habits Through Social Campaigns. Alcohol brands are taking note of consumers’ desire for companies who integrate wellness-related products and social responsibility into their marketing goals.

Buffalo Wild Wings Is Saving Relationships One NFL Fan At A Time With Football Prenup. Buffalo Wild Wings is playing cupid with the launch of its “Football Prenup” in hopes of preventing heartbreak this football season, while increasing visits to their sports-bars and driving sales.

How Technology Is Impacting The Way Fans Watch MLB’s World Series Games. The ability to engage and live-stream games through different platforms is transforming the way audiences watch sporting events, like the World Series.

Tennis Favorites Court Massive Endorsements. Nike and other sportswear brands partner with future tennis hall of famers dominating the sport and next gen players with exciting on-court personalities.

Tiger x Nike: A Partnership That Has Stood The Test Of Time. Nike released a new commercial across their social channels celebrating the recent Masters victory of golf icon Tiger Woods. Their long partnership has been lucrative for star and brand alike.

Women’s Soccer: It’s Time For More Big Brands To Take Notice. With a target of 1 billion viewers set by the FIFA president, the 2019 Women’s World Cup puts women’s soccer in the spotlight as the sport becomes more valuable for brands targeting women and families

Run For Good: Saucony Launches Instagram Relay Race. Saucony launched their very own relay race through social media this month in an effort to donate $50,000 to various charities dedicated to health and sports.

Kentucky Derby: The Power Of The Race’s Audience And Marketing Potential. Hats and horses. The Kentucky Derby is an iconic southern sporting event that welcomes a diverse audience and incredible marketing potential.

Soccer Scores Big In The U.S.: A Look Into The Audience Causing The Sport’s Rising Popularity And Marketing Potential. Soccer is growing in popularity as Americans gain more Major League Soccer teams in local markets. With a popular and heavily-watched sport, comes the opportunity for marketing.

4 Weird Insurance Policies: Targeted Plans For Niche Consumers. Some insurance providers focus on niche audiences and deliver catered specialty policies, including UFO policies and sports-related coverage.

From Carrie Bradshaw To Ridley Scott, Super Bowl LIII Commercials Are Innovative, Funny And Bold. Super Bowl LIII is shaping up to be another great year of fun and funny commercials featuring celebrities from the TV and sports world.

MLB Subscriptions & Memberships Attract A New Kind Of Baseball Fan. As attendance ebbs and flows at major league baseball (MLB) games, ball clubs are implementing new ticket sales strategies to attract more fans.

eSports: The New Industry Leveraging Digital Gaming. eSports has drawn in millions of fans in the past few years. What does the rise of this new industry mean for digital marketers?

2018 FIFA World Cup: The 6 Best Campaigns. Big brands like Coca-Cola, New Balance and Hyundai jumped on board marketing for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. See how these entities leveraged a worldwide sporting event to reach new audiences.

Are You Ready For Some Football… Marketing Lessons? Now that there’s a chill in the air and football on every station, it’s fun to look back at great football movies and the quirky and useful marketing value they can offer.

Heineken Leverages Humor and Heartbreak. To promote their sponsorship of soccer’s UEFA Champions League, Heineken released a painful, yet funny, TV spot that showcases just how many distractions there are when fans try to watch a game.

2018 Resolutions ― Based on the Authors of Our Most Popular Sports Quotes. The votes are in. The top 5 sports quotes + January resolutions tied to each athlete

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